GoTW #24 – Yellowxannie

Hey there Helpers , Its time for this Week’s Gamer of the Week ! It has been grabbed by none other than – Yellowxannie ! He’s an Active user and a Friendly person . He also managed to get the Event leader after performing so well this Week in the Help Force .


The Attacker Story

Hello Help Force, as many of you I am one of the leaders of Help Force along with Ayan, Spotty, and someone else coming soon :). About a week ago I got into a situation with one of the members in our discord server and I was very immature and took the situation very poorly which has led me to step away from my leader abilities for a while and for that I’m really sorry. This is a little something that I wrote that is now being public to the community.


BREAKING : Aliens Violate Winter Treaty

Hey there helpers,

Earlier today, the Aliens decided to violate the Winter Treaty which was between Aliens, Fashion Army and Help Force Army. I’m here with all that you need to know!Last Saturday, a Help Force member by the name of Virtuuso attacked the MAC Discord server and the Fashion Army’s Server by mass Pinging.