My Heart will go on…

Hello everyone,
It has been my immense pleasure to be a part of an amazing community like HF.
I still remember the day when i saw Help Force on CPO for the first time. 

At that time, i couldn’t believe that a group like Help Force existed on CPO that helped the users to earn stamps.I was a bit shy to ask for help so i quietly watched them as they helped people to earn stamps in town.I didn’t know much about earning stamps.I had once tried to earn igloo party stamp on CPO but couldn’t earn it as i was unable to gather enough people to help me.So, I was amazed to see how HF helped others selflessly.Finally,i asked Help force to help me and was later invited by Bestpenguin to join HF.
Help force missions

So far, i have spent wonderful moments with HF.It has been an incredible journey.I didn’t realize when Help force started to feel more like a family than a server.It became a place where i actually felt comfortable chatting and expressing my feelings.I am so grateful to all of you for including me in this family and giving me an opportunity to share these happy memories with all of you.

It is almost impossible to express all of those memories and feelings in words because no matter how much i say, it will always be insufficient to completely describe them.Even after a lot of thinking, consideration and discussion, the decision of getting retired was tough but i know its essential right now.

I hope you all will understand and support my decision.I will always be there if any one of you requires my help anytime and i will try to join back as an active member in summers, if possible.Help force forever!



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