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ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital – The leadership is proud to announce that the war between HF, WV, IW and TCP against SWAT ended yesterday with our VICTORY! After many invasions that SWAT tried to ignore, and others in which we helped other armies to win, our enemies broke the war terms, therefore forfeiting the conflict.

A few days ago, SWAT attempted to pull out of the war by “surrendering” to Strawhats, an army that is just an extension of SWAT. It took a few days of discussion but eventually the CPA admins declared unanimously that our enemies has broken our war terms. As this was clearly an engineered situation to get out of the war, all their remaining land will now be shared between the four winning armies.

We would like to thank Water Vikings, Ice Warriors and Templars for the support, as well as any Helper that fought for the Motherland in this war! The victory wouldn’t be possible without all of our members and staff’s efforts. Special thanks to our wonderful designers, Winter Storm and Sharky, and meme creators!



– Force Treaty –


I. All contents of this treaty are to be active for three months (December 11th, 2022)
II. Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) admits total defeat in the war against the Water Vikings (WV), Templars of Club Penguin (TCP), Help Force (HF), and Ice Warriors (IW). This announcement must be in the SWAT main discord server, be visible and accessible to all SWAT troops, and pinged with @everyone. This message cannot be deleted as long as this treaty is active.
III. All servers previously invaded by members of the AA will remain under the control of those who invaded them.
IV. The following servers controlled by SWAT will be transferred to the Help Force
a. HF will gain control of 123, 124, and 109
V. SWAT will be barred from declaring war on, raiding, or allying HF. Should this term in particular be broken, the invasion will be deemed invalid, alongside article VIII being invoked.
VI. Should SWAT attempt to merge or rebrand with/into any army, the above terms will remain in effect for said merged or rebranded army.
VII. Should SWAT shut down and reopen, this treaty will remain in effect for the newly reopened SWAT
VIII. Should SWAT break any of the above terms, the treaty is to be renewed for an added three months, and any servers under control of SWAT will be transferred to the AA, which will then be divided up by the respective alliance members
IX. Should AA rename or otherwise reform between these armies within the allotted time of this treaty, all power enforced by the AA is to be transferred to the new alliance.
X. Should Ganger90 attend an event for WV, TCP, HF, and IW, wearing the “Clown Hair” (!ai 474), “Clown Suit” (!ai 247), “Red Nose” (!ai 2112) and “Clown Shoes” (!ai 354), and repeat every 2 minutes “SWAT IS MID”, the terms of the treaty can be brought to negotiation. However, this will not guarantee changes to the treaty. Events for all four members of AA must be attended.


Help Force Best Force

The Greatest Essay

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – My comrades!!! We have a special treat for you this week – a nearly two thousand word essay written about the one and only Greatest, Elp himself. The author will remain anonymous for fear of their safety and/or sanity. Please read without consideration.

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[BREAKING] Glorious Commander Not So Gracious

Scorp’s Office, Zipline – What a drastic turn of events! The evidence submitted by a generous, anonymous contributor has brought some gruesome details to light that directly involve the only US Commander of the Help Force, Snowy. The glorious commander is not as gracious as we thought she is! I will be covering this whole situation with live updates to provide you with nothing but the truth!


This is a live coverage timeline, with the latest updates at the top.

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Sapphires Shop and new Promotion System

Hello Helpers! We hope you’re all as excited as we are because today we’re bringing you some big, long-anticipated news. With CPR closing and a new era on another Club Penguin server starting, we decided it’s the perfect time to begin with the Sapphires Shop and a Promotion system revamp!

Sapphires Shop

From now on, you will be able to exchange all your sapphires for rewards. There are a lot of prizes to choose from, and we are sure that everyone will find something for themselves. Bot money, roles, external emote perms, we have it all! To access the shop, simply use Pavle’s $shop command. Some rewards require only a few events to attend, while others are a lot harder to unlock.

To ensure a stable economy system and a fair competition, we decided to reset all the sapphires. Everyone with 15000 or more was rewarded with an exclusive Sapphires Hoarder role!

Promotion System

Introducing the Sapphires Shop had to be followed by a few other changes. No one needs to decide between higher ranks or shop rewards because we decided to separate sapphires from the promotion system. You will still be collecting sapphires in the old way, but your rank won’t be determined by them. Instead, ranking up will now be subjective and considered a real achievement.


New System

The promotions won’t be happening when you have enough sapphires like before, but only once a week. On Mondays, all the people who were working hard in the past week will be promoted together, based on their efforts and actions. Sometimes, especially at the lower ranks, it will be possible to jump up two ranks, while for the top tier ones like Commodore, promotions may take longer. Note that breaking the rules will be taken into consideration as well.


Ranking Up

Staff will be checking the #promotions channel, weekly sapphires leaderboard, and event posts to see how active everyone was and then reward them accordingly. Don’t forget to react for your sapphires and comment on the event posts that will now be released at the end of each event. Recruiting, hosting, or being helpful and active in the chats may help you get promoted faster. The Gamer of the Week reward remains the same as it was.

The new era starts today! We hope you will all enjoy the shop and yes, it will be expanded in the future to reflect all of Help Force’s needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message a staff member!

Unleash the Power of Helping!
Help Force Commanders

HF’s Golden Helpers Award — 2021

The title of “Golden Helpers” is arguably one of the greatest honours a person can achieve in the Help Force. Being a Golden Helper means that you have influenced the community throughout the year. Through a vigorous voting procedure that includes both the ‘HF 13’ points sessions, we could narrow our list down to the top 5 nominees this year. With around eighty submissions in total, many notable people didn’t make it to the award list. Be it the staff effort by dignitaries like Desireus, Joe, Snowflake, Mandal and Rooboo or extensive GoTW win streaks by troops like Walver, and several other extreme recruiters, these achievements throughout the year have shaped the army to reach new highs.

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HF “13” Nominations Statement

Hello Helpers.

As you may have seen already, the nominations for the HF “13” award were released yesterday. It’s been brought to my attention that there are people who are concerned with the nominations on the list who could potentially win the award. The purpose of this statement is to be transparent and clear up any doubts that people may have about the nominees.

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HF “13” — Winter Session 2021 [VOTING]

ZIPLINE, Help Force HQ — As the winter comes to an end, and a new year brings a new life and a fresh start for many, the Help Force administration is excited to resume the induction process of the HF 13 title for this year.

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ZIPLINE, HF HQ – To all Helpers: CPR robbed us of our AUSIA Arena Semi-Finals. It is possible that they learned about two armies battling and shut down the servers.

We are not backing down! 

We will do anything we can to have our battle next weekend!
A plan will be set into action. A plan, that will go to the very extreme to make sure we WIN our battle next weekend. From this moment, we are going undercover on CPR. No Help Force blue jersey, no Help Force tactics. Our event channels will be locked for all new recruits and only our best troops will have access to our most sensitive, rewarding missions the Recruiting Squadron Segments and CSC Operative duties. If you think you deserve this role, message a Staff Member to get it.

YOUR ORDERS: Wear an intimidating black and white profile picture as a sign of your solidarity with our mission, with our army. Put #WontBackDown as your status. This mission will make Operation Blackout look like a beginner’s training assignment. We will step on the ice soon!

Our efforts from last week weren’t wasted. We will be continuing right where we left off on Saturday, and rise even higher than we would have done, had the battle occurred. We will use this time to prepare better, train harder and recruit more.
Stay vigilant, stay alert.

Help Force Commanders


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End of the Year Awards 2021 – RESULTS

ZIPLINE, Nelly’s Broccoli Garden — Howdy Helpers! It’s been more than a week since we brought to you the categories and the nominees for the End of the Year Awards 2021. After a few exciting days of tallying the votes, I’m finally here to show you the results!

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