Updated HF Uniform: February 2021

Hey Helpers! 

As you all know, CPRewritten is now our primary CPPS and all possible events will be held on this particular game. Knowing the Advanced Uniform cannot be obtained because of CPR’s catalogues being different and unavailable as well.

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The Sapphire System

Good day to everyone!

Hope you are doing well and happy to know that 2021 has begun in good spirits!

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HF’s Golden Helpers Award — 2020

The newly introduced title of “Golden Helpers” is arguably one of the greatest honors a person can achieve in the Help Force. Being a Golden Helper means that you have influenced the community throughout the year. Through a vigorous voting procedure that includes both the ‘HF 13’ points, we could narrow our list down to the top five inductees this year. With around eighty submissions in total, many notable people didn’t make it to the award list. Be it the staff effort by dignitaries like Rooboo, Monika, and Jayden or the recruitment streak by troops like Diwix, Snowflake, and several others, these achievements throughout the year have shaped the army to become successful.

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HF “13” — Winter Session 2020 [VOTING]

A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

Progressing with the awards culture at the end of the year, we present to you the winter session of the “HF 13” inductions. Getting a place on the list is one of the greatest honors one can achieve in our community. It recognizes the individuals who have made the biggest impact on the overall aspect of the Help Force.

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End of the Year Awards 2020 — The Results

ZIPLINE, Vedant’s Restaurant — After three days of voting, and a turnout of over sixty votes, we can now bring to you the results of the End of the Year Awards 2020.

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End of the Year Awards: 2020 [VOTING]

It is that time of the year again after a long atypical year of many many events, both in real life and in our community that has happened. We saw many events, situations, new faces and bid farewell to others. It is time to reminiscence them all and vote for the best ones. Many moments, many situations, many people we have seen through this year that are memorable and worth remembering. Here we present to you The Help Force End of the Year Awards for 2020. Continue reading

Lighten up. It’s Christmas!

Greetings Helpers! With most of 2020 not going as what we all planned in our daily lives, I do know most of you, at present,  have been busy with Christmas probably having to trim the tree, deck the halls, hang the stockings, wrapping the presents and so much more! So first of all, wishing each one of you a Merry Christmas, Hannukah, and amazing holidays!

May this Christmas be filled with happiness in all that you do and may this joy continue the whole year through! As always, I’ve got a few surprises for you all!

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Hannah’s Retirement

eLLO Helpers, on Sunday 11th October I will be officially retiring from my leadership position in Help Force.

Hannah’s Raccoon Retirement Event

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Tistle’s Retirement Post

I Tistle, am hereby officially resigning from all Administration and Leadership duties from The Help Force Army on the 31st of August, 2020.

Quite a startling introduction, isn’t it. Many of you I’m sure will not have seen this coming, possibly an unpleasant surprise to some. A number of factors have resulted in me making this decision at this time, all of which I will cover in this retirement post. I want to make sure that my time in Help Force’s leadership is concluded properly, not by getting controversially couped or abandoning the army and hardly waving goodbye, but a proper retirement post. A retirement event. Something that I can remember in months and years down the line as an experience worth enduring, worth all the time and effort I put into the community over the long year I spent in the Staff team.
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“The 13” [RESULTS]

In the hotly anticipated “The 13”, the original list of 45 candidates has been narrowed down to an ordered list of the most influential people in the Help Force. With plenty of votes coming in from the troops, staff members, as well as veterans, here are the results.

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