Hannah’s Retirement

eLLO Helpers, on Sunday 11th October I will be officially retiring from my leadership position in Help Force.

Hannah’s Raccoon Retirement Event

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Tistle’s Retirement Post

I Tistle, am hereby officially resigning from all Administration and Leadership duties from The Help Force Army on the 31st of August, 2020.

Quite a startling introduction, isn’t it. Many of you I’m sure will not have seen this coming, possibly an unpleasant surprise to some. A number of factors have resulted in me making this decision at this time, all of which I will cover in this retirement post. I want to make sure that my time in Help Force’s leadership is concluded properly, not by getting controversially couped or abandoning the army and hardly waving goodbye, but a proper retirement post. A retirement event. Something that I can remember in months and years down the line as an experience worth enduring, worth all the time and effort I put into the community over the long year I spent in the Staff team.
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“The 13” [RESULTS]

In the hotly anticipated “The 13”, the original list of 45 candidates has been narrowed down to an ordered list of the most influential people in the Help Force. With plenty of votes coming in from the troops, staff members, as well as veterans, here are the results.

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Addressing DCP’s Allegations

Hello everyone.

As you all know, Help Force won the recent Legends Cup battle against DCP. A narrow but overall incredible win which for many seemed suspicious. Naturally, given the magnitude of this victory, there are allegations against HF for the extreme rise in our max at the battle. Many accusations were thrown, such as multilogging, biased judges, using allies, even weak throws like bringing in lots of veterans and general cheating. This article exists to rectify every single one of these claims. Since Mythbusters is one of my favorite shows, I thought I’d take up busting one of my own.

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“The 13” [Inductions] – 2020

Shalom Helpers.

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Help Force cease-fire on ACP as World Conflict halts

With recent news coming from ACP and RPF having ceased fire on their current war, Help Force have been pushed to terminate their enemy status with ACP.

Disclaimer: This post includes mature language 


News has arrived within the last hour from ACP and RPF, with armies agreeing to hold their fire on one another and settle the current global war for the time being. This has meant that despite HF only declaring war on ACP less than 48 hours ago, it has been forced to stop because of these events. HF’s only action since declaring war has been a server invasion of Northern Lights which maxed 42, and will not proceed to attack and raid enemy servers with the world war on pause.

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War Declaration On ACP

Help Force has decided that we can not stay on the sidelines any longer.

Disclaimer: This post includes strong language


With all the on goings in the community, we are picking our side. We’ve stayed neutral as long as we have due to not being able to choose a side. The decision was hard, but the things ACP have said about us are unforgivable.

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Know your Enemy – RFCP


Some of the content in this article discuss mature topics, in addition to screenshots of a VERY sexual nature to highlight the points this article makes. These sections are obviously not appropriate for younger audiences, so please be aware of that before reading on.

Hey Helpers. I’ll just go by Gabriel here for now, and I’m here to give you information on your current foe: Recon Federation of Club Penguin. Personally, I heavily buy into the idea that you must know and understand your enemy to truly face them. Hopefully, this will help with that.
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War Declaration on RFCP – Operation: Sniper

Help Force have announced war upon Recon Federation of CP as tensions have tightened across CPAM and CPW. We have not simply declared a war for no reason.

NOTE: Some images have content that can be very easily considered inappropriate for those of a younger age. Please be aware of this before reading.
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Addressing Our New Leadership

Hey Helpers,

I’m sure you’ve seen the recent on-goings with Spotty and Lottie’s leave from the Force. Before you make your decision to stay or leave, be sure to read this. The Staff had every right to do what we did.
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