End of the Year Awards 2021 – RESULTS

ZIPLINE, Nelly’s Broccoli Garden — Howdy Helpers! It’s been more than a week since we brought to you the categories and the nominees for the End of the Year Awards 2021. After a few exciting days of tallying the votes, I’m finally here to show you the results!

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End of the Year Awards 2021 [VOTING]

This year went by in a flash and it feels like yesterday we were here voting for last year’s awards. As time goes by, our collection of memories expands. We are pleased to look back on our achievements, we learn from our mistakes and look ahead with hope. Every month brought us something new, from spectacular battles and hilarious takeovers to war declarations and dramas. Many people left and new ones joined but everyone had their personal impact on our community. At the end of the day, we have many important moments to commemorate and a lot of people to thank. It is now the time to vote for the best ones. We proudly present to you The Help Force End of the Year Awards for 2021.

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Merry Christmas Helpers!


Ornaments are shining, presents are wrapped and cookies are already waiting for Santa to arrive – must be Christmas! Hope you are all having a joyful time whether you are celebrating or not. Today, we want to invite you all to join HF’s Christmas Week and spend some of that amazing time with your friends from all around the world!

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Howdy Everyone! With Autumn coming to an end, cold weather taking over and HF Helpers falling into a deep sleep at Nap Segments there is only one thing we can do:

This time of the year, when everyone becomes nostalgic and prefers spending an evening indoors, we come with a proposition to add something fun to your day. Join HF this week as we remember some old cartoons, games and the vibes of our childhood.

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Administrative Announcement: To New Beginnings

ZIPLINE, Help Force Headquarters — Help Force aims for excellence in everything that is done, whether that is keeping the community fresh, or having proper administrative renovations. As we enter a new generation, we’re excited to announce a remodeled line of roles and duties.

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Updated HF Uniform: December 2021

Hello Helpers!

Till the successor of CPA: The Game gets released, we need to continue to depend on CPRweritten with our uniforms. The catalogue was recently refreshed again and that, of course, can mean only one thing – yet another update of the Help Force’s Uniform!

From now on, for all the Battles, Trainings and Operations we will be wearing the items listed in the post. It is necessary for everyone to equip with them and get ready to swing into action!

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The End of the World War VIII: Treaty of the Unnamed

There is no ‘way to peace’, there is only peace.

ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital – The war between the Vengeance Alliance and the Western Bloc is officially over as from this moment. After a month of waging war on the Bloc, battles at unusual times, and even more than one battle a day occasionally, both sides have agreed on ending the war and opting for peace.

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From The Trenches – War Recap

ZIPLINE, Scorpion Demon’s Office – It is in a rather great hurry that I am writing this post. For we are at war, helpers, and every single one of us is responsible for working hard to make our victory secure. But if you are interested in knowing exactly why we are working so hard, what we are fighting for, then read ahead.

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Spooktacular HF-lloween!

Ghostly Greetings Helpers! It’s surprising how 2021 has ended up so far especially with the fact that many of us are resuming back to our pre-Covid situations, be it school, university, or work. Knowing that most of you have started decorating your houses with a variety of Jack-O-Lanterns, hay bales, scarecrows, and autumn leaves adorning the porches, doorways, and your yards for parties, it all sounds a tad bit exciting, doesn’t it? So first of all, wishing each one of you a very FaBOOlous Halloween this year!

The surprises we are bringing you for Halloween this year are exciting and spooky as well!

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Hello Comrades! On October 25th, the unstoppable Vengeance alliance invaded Silver Empire’s server Ice Breaker, and we CRUSHED THEM IN BATTLE! Ice Breaker is ours now, and we continue our rampage of the Empire and their Western Bloc allies. A huge thanks to Nell, Wynn and our ally Army of Club Penguin’s staff member Sanya for leading this successful invasion!

Make sure you comment your Discord name and rank in the comments section below if you attended! 

MAX: 24+

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