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Heyyyyy amazing friendssssss! Today we logged onto CPR for the great Coffee Takeover after an on-spot change of plans which truly showed how amazing and how ready our leaders and moderators are to any battle, fight, occasion, incident, …..! We waddled through the Town and Coffee shop! Lead by our amazing leader and moderators Barnito, Nelly, and Monika, we had a really amazing time and it was super creative with formations and tactics!

Max: 34+

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Heyyyyy amazing friendssssss! Today we logged onto CPR for the great Pizza Takeover! We waddled through the Town, Pizza Parlor, and Plaza! Lead by our amazing moderators Taylor, Dawn, and Joe, we had a really amazing time and it was super creative with formations and tactics!

Max: 22+

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[AUSIA] Blue Crystal Puffle Takeover

Heyo Helpers! Today we logged onto CPArmies for the Blue Crystal Puffle Takeover led by Jayden, Ru, Riley, Crystal and Josh! Rooms included were Snow Forts, Stadium, Inside Mine, Beach and Iceberg! The event went really well and included some amazing tactics/formations, well done Helpers!

Max: 35+

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[EU] Vroom Vroom Takeover

Hello, everyone! Today, we hopped into our shiny cars and logged on Club Penguin Rewritten where we had an amazing car-themed event led by Monika, Nelly and Holly! Who said women can’t drive, haha? We used great tactics and formations at Town, Stadium and Docks, took some nice pictures and had lots of fun! We thank each of you for attending! See you next time!



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HF Insight: An Extra Special Interview!

Hey guys and welcome to

this weeks HF Insight, HFI for


The HF Insight will be about the previous Sunday along with the following Week. (i.e. Sunday-Saturday).

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Faces of the Force – Nafis

Hola Helpers! Welcome back to another edition of Faces of the Force! If you’re new or don’t know what FoTF is… Every week I interview an active member of the Help Force and write a post about them! Every active member has a chance! WHOOP WHOOP… I’m so honoured to present you this week’s Face of the ForceNafis!!

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[AUSIA] Practice Battle vs Army of the Orient Seas

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPArmies for a Practice Battle against Army of The Orient Seas. The Practice Battle took place on White House in rooms such as Iceberg, Docks & Stadium. The Battle was led by Barnito, Hannah & Nelly and resulted in a 2-0 win for Help Force. Good Job Helpers!

Max: 54+

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HF’s Ultimate Internet Safety Guide

Being online is a wonderful thing, it connects us to the world, lets us meet new people, and has many more wonderful perks. But meeting new people and connecting to the world is not always a good thing. At HF many of our users are under the age of legality i.e. 18. Being under that age makes you vulnerable to online safety as many people under that age don’t know what the outside world is yet. So, we want to make sure you stay protected! We want to make sure you stay safe! Below are some really good points that can help you be a safe person online!

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HF Island Puffle Party – Week One

Hey Helpers!

The Puffle Party has finally come to Help Force Island! A special thank you to Janez and Jayden for organising the party and keeping Help Force Island lively and fun! The Puffle Party has brought many new things to Help Force Island including exclusive items, a new catalog, room decorations, mascots, pins and even a brand new species of Puffle!

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Hola Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for our US Grape Balloon Takeover! This event included the rooms Town, Docks and Stadium led by Taylor, Dawn, Joe, Maya, Planet and Chickn! We did amazing formations and balloon related tactics and a variety of bombs as well!


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