HF Island Puffle Party – Week One

Hey Helpers!

The Puffle Party has finally come to Help Force Island! A special thank you to Janez and Jayden for organising the party and keeping Help Force Island lively and fun! The Puffle Party has brought many new things to Help Force Island including exclusive items, a new catalog, room decorations, mascots, pins and even a brand new species of Puffle!

New Party!

The Puffle Party first made it’s appearance in HF Island on September 17th. With it we was saw almost every room be transformed into a Puffle themed paradise, along with the addition of three new rooms. The new rooms are accessible from the Puffle Wild and the Ski Lodge. Each new room has collectible items! You can only carry one item in your bag at a time however. If you take the item to the tree stump in the Puffle Wild, you might just get an exclusive item, meet a familiar face, or even a new breed of puffle!

A glimpse at the new Town decorations…

New Catalog!

Another addition to the Puffle Party was a new catalog! Of course, the catalog was full of all kinds of Puffle related items such as the Pet Shop apron or the “I love my Puffle” shirts that come in almost every color. With every catalog there also comes hidden items! Can you find all of the secrets hidden in the catalog?

That’s all for this overview of the Puffle Party! Make sure to check back in a week for the next update! Thank you for reading!

Don’t forget to comment your favorite part about the Puffle Party! Make sure to thank Janez and Jayden for keeping Help Force Island amazing!

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  1. CHICINNNN THATS SI AMAZING..!! I love it so much..!! Great job oh my.!.!☺️😍☺️😍

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