GoTW #10 – Icycreamey

Better Late than Never… Sorry for the Late post. The Past week’s GoTW has been Grabbed and has Been defended by None other than Icycreamey. She has got this Title for the Second Time and it is a Pleasure to Have her in the Community. Well Done Icy



Admin Cup

Hey Guys, Help Force logged in yesterday in CPO to have their Admin Cup !!!

The newest administrator in the Help Force server – Attacker had challenged Ayan (The Owner) for a Card Jitsu Tournament. Voting took place and 2 teams were formed; The 1st lead by Ayan and the 2nd lead by Attacker.

Attacker’s Team won the Admin Cup when Attacker defeated Ayan in a tie-breaking match of Card Jitsu Fire. Well done to both teams!!


GoTW #9 – Amber

Hello Guys , Time for the Gamer of the Week Post !!! . This Week’s GoTW has Been Grabbed by Amber on CPO. She is a Very Active and a Friendly Player on CPO and also one of the Prominent contender for getting the Moderator Role in the Help Force Discord. Cheers!


Battle Training Help Force CPO

battle_practicesGreetings everybody! 2 days ago we had a battle training going on and we had all ended it with a warm smile! A HUGE thanks to both our founder and Expert Moderator KitKat89 and Attacker for leading this very successful training session!