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Hello Helpers! Welcome to a new edition of WORLD OF CINEMA by myself, GeoIonut. In this edition I chose to interview one of the Arcadium hosts, Nell. It was an interesting interview, full of flavor and a lot of information 🙂


Hello and thank you for accepting my invitation to this interview. for the first time I would like to ask you the following question: What is your favorite movie and what makes it special to you?

What’s my favorite movie… that’s a really impossible question. I can’t choose a movie that I like the best, because there is no such thing. There are so so so many that I love. Instead, I can say that I sometimes obsess of a certain movie genre over a period of time. For example, right now I watch a lot of drama/thriller movies that specifically have doctors in them. So, to give an answer to your question, my favourite movie, for now, is Patch Adams with Robin Williams. It’s special because it shows a very sad side of medicine that not many people talk about. A lot of doctors treat the ‘disease’ and not the ‘patient’ as a sum of symptoms and past experiences. The movie teaches you to be more kind towards people and maybe approach things in life with a smile.

Patch Adams (1998) - IMDb


Can you name a film that you think is underrated? and Why?

Well, the movie that I mentioned earlier is definitely underrated. Another one that really hit me hard was ‘The boy in the striped pajamas’. The movie was appreciated but I don’t think people were that impressed. It should’ve increased awareness and ‘move’ people more. It’s a bit sad because it kind of makes you think of how empty people’s hearts are and how little we learned from the past.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008) - IMDb

What’s the last movie you watched, and what did you think of it?

 The last movie I watched was ‘Awakenings’ and I think it was gorgeous. It hit all the right notes. Really really good movie that teaches us that we should go back to the things that matter the most in life, family, friends.

Awakenings (1990) - IMDb


Imagine you want to watch a movie. How do you choose the movie you want to see?

Before I choose something, I usually check my list of movies that I want to watch. It might sound a bit weird, but I choose the movie that ‘vibes’ with me. I’m not sure how to describe it. It just something that I feel. Unless I have a movie that I really really want to watch, I look at my list, I search the internet, read a lot of reviews, watch trailers, and choose the movie that vibes with me best at the moment of time.

Is there a movie that influenced your way of thinking? If so, which one?

There are many movies that influenced me. The movies from earlier are some of them. Another good one that really touched me was ‘Dead poets society’. It helped me try to enjoy life more. Another movie that influenced me was ‘I, origins’. Really blew my mind and made me question our lives on this earth
Dead Poets Society (1989) - IMDb

These were all the questions. Thank you NELL for accepting this interview and I wish you all the best!

I hope you liked it, see you next time!

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