[EU] Invasion of Marshmallow!

Heya Helpers!

This Monday saw one of the most exotic Invasions Help Force has ever seen as 42 helpers, or dare I say, tourists, embarked on a journey around several rooms on the island and claiming Marshmallow for our own! Another no-show from RFCP meant that HF could stroll around the island as they pleased, but instead of set rooms, the Helpers were introduced to another new tactic: Run. This tactic is designed to help the transition between neighboring rooms easier, using tactics between rooms whilst travelling through them. This work exceptionally well on multiple occasions and meant that HF went on a mini tour with Tour Master Tistle leading the way! Stay tuned Helpers as this may well return as a future event soon!

MAX: 42+


[EU] Battle against RFCP!

Hello Helpers!

Saturday’s event saw the biggest event Help Force have held since back in the CPO days as 62 keen and ready helpers took to the stage on CPATG for a huge battle against RFCP. This battle was so huge in fact that after 10 minutes of a lag-fest in the Snow Forts on CPATG it was decided that the battle was to be moved to CPR in order to support troops and make tactics visible. This agreement involved choosing new rooms due to the ongoing party, and therefore was scheduled to start 30 minutes later than the original battle. The biggest fear here was losing people during the transition, but this wasn’t true, as every single helper from CPATG moved across and reformed in the Ice Rink afterwards!


[EU] Invasion of Permafrost!

Howdy Helpers!

On Wednesday, Help Force logged onto Permafrost CPR with the aim to dominate the server and claim it for our own! But we were greeted by some unexpected visitors whilst carrying out our very simple invasion! A group of around 5 RFCP troops came to spectate our event to make it extra fun and easier to make word tactics! Thanks! Regardless of their appearance, they did not phase the Helpers as we continued on our fantastic recent maxes with a strong 35+ event! Another job well done, onto the Invasion of Crystal tomorrow! FULL REPORT

How To: War

Hey, what’s up Helpers? In today’s post we’ll be going over everything you’ll need to know about war.

War Environment

  • What is a war? A war is a period of time in which an army battles another consistently until one chooses to surrender. Wars consist of multiple scheduled battles and invasions.
  • The most crucial things are attending the battles, keeping the chat excited, and recruiting new members to join.
  • During a war, we also invade different servers owned by the opposing army(s). Servers are the territories which armies fight over. They are the main incentive for each battle.


[US] Green Takeover Event

Hey Helpers! Today we logged on CPR for a Green penguin St. Patrick’s Day event!

We started in Blizzard town, but the large login queue prompted us to log on to Marshmallow instead. The event was very short, but was overall very fun! Make sure to comment if you came for a promo!

Max: 33+


[EU] Operation: Refine

Howdy Helpers!

This Tuesday, Help Force logged in to CPR Blizzard for a special Operation, Operation: Refine! This event was lead by General Hannah who had to contend with many interruptions, including a mascot visit and an extensive log on queue. Despite these obstacles, this event was a success! The EU division comfortably succeeded in maxing sufficient numbers for promos saw tactics displayed of the highest order!

MAX 25+


HF & Christmas Trivia

Howdy Helpers!! Help Force recently hosted their Trivia along with a Tactics event on Mammoth in CPATG!

The event was hosted at a US time and although USA timezones haven’t been our strongest, every helper who did come came with great enthusiasm, with tactics and formations beautifully done to hyped up troops during the trivia. 

The trivia went amazingly well! There were 2 rounds, an HF round and a Christmas round with several questions based on general knowledge. Once again, everyone was hyped and eager during the trivia.

A huge thanks to everyone that came! Be sure to come to other events throughout the week! <3

Here are a few pictures were taken during the event:

MAX: 16+