Hello Helpers! This Saturday Help Force logged onto Zipline to practice formations and tactics. We also managed to help our members earn harder stamps and overall, the event was spectacular with perfect formations and ease to get those hard stamps, in other words, the event was a great success πŸ™‚

Here are some pictures that were captured at the event :

Max: 35


The Conclusion – HF v LT War

Hey there Helpers , This post is all about the War which started last Tuesday – 16th April 2019 between HF and Light Troops.Β 

Insights about the War from our point of View and the Common HF Point of View.
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Successful Defense of Zipline

Hey there Helpers , HF yesterday successfully defended Zipline [ Their Capital ] from LT, Pirates and the Coward Templars.

Even Though there was a contradiction coming from the Army League stating we didn’t win , because We Didnt “Follow” the Invaders is just a piece of tomfoolery.


The Help Force Beacon

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Shad’s Office~Welcome to another GLORIOUS edition of The Help Force Beacon! In this edition we will have some more Random Facts for you as well as the 3rd Chapter to my wonderful story of the week and following up with Talking with Troops. So please click Read More to continue with this article…