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Shad’s Office~Welcome to another GLORIOUS edition of The Help Force Beacon! In this edition we will have some more Random Facts for you as well as the 3rd Chapter to my wonderful story of the week and following up with Talking with Troops. So please click Read More to continue with this article…

Random Facts

Random facts, random facts, Shad knows a lot of random facts! Shad and his facts!

  • DID YOU KNOW…that in 2011, Iceland use Facebook to rewriteit’s constitution as 2/3 of its population is on it.
  • DID YOU KNOW…that the word “school” comes from the ancient Greek “Free Time”
  • DID YOU KNOW…that the most overdue book was returned 288 years late.
  • DID YOU KNOW…that in ancient Greece, throwing an apple at someone was done to declare one’s love.
  • DID YOU KNOW…that the worword “bride” comes from an old proto-germanic word meaning “to cook”.


Story of the Week

Chapter 3

“Everyone stay in your vic and keep your head on a swivel! Gunners, keep your eyes out for any enemy contact!” Elp shouts over the radio. “Vic 4 can you read me?!” No response. “Vic 4 can you hear me, how copy?!” Still no response. “Shad, get your team together! we need to get this area swept and get to vic 4!” Says Elp.

“On our way!” I reply as I order my team to start getting down. As I turn my back on Virt he kicks me off the truck and grabs his pistol. He pulls out his phone and messages someone. He stands up and I buttstroke him in the knee cap with my M4. He falls over and is down for a moment. “What was the about?” Asks Rorange. “I have no idea. Let’s get moving.” I reply.

As we go around the truck sweeping the area looking for anymore mines, I look around the area looking for any movement. We start closing in towards Vic 4. “Vic 4, this is Shad can you hear me”. Still no response. We approach the truck and I open up the door. The inside of the truck is just a mess.

“Team! Start checking everyone for pulses! Rorange, check the gunner!” I demand. I rush to the passenger side. “Kiara! Respond if you can hear me!” I shout towards her as I check her pulse. “I feel no pulse”. I stay worried. “I got a pulse over here”. Says MessMess. “Alright slowly pull him out and put him on your shoulders. “I have no pulse up here either.” Says Rorange as he starts to panic. “Stop panicking! It’s what we do. Grab the weapons and any radios you see. We have to move. Team grab these 2 and carry them back. Once you pick them up on your shoulders we will head back.” I shout. I relay the message to Spotty so we can start setting up the report. We run back to the truck and lay them in the trucks with the medics.

“THEY’RE HERE!” shouts Solar. I look towards the north and I start hearing gunfire. “Take cover!” Screams Ayan. I run towards Spotty’s truck to help her with the report. “We need to get a couple of these trucks moving to the evacuation point!” I say over the radio. “Security vic and medic truck heading there now!” Shouts Elp on the radio. “I will stay back here and fight! Go ahead and go Medic truck!” I say. I help Spotty send up the report. “We have 5 minutes!” Says Spotty on the radio. I look back and I see a truck get hit with a RPG. “Vic 14 are you ok?!” I shout. “Everyone is ok” responds Crystal. “Get out of there and move to Vic 13!” I respond. “We need to move! We are getting hit hard!” I say frantically. “Everyone mount up! We have to move!” Says Ayan. “Evac Cleared and ready to go!” Says Elp over the radio. I jump into the 1st vic and we move to the evac site. “Get in positions around the evac point once you arrive” says Elp.

The helicopter comes in and lands. I jump out and rush to the medic truck. I hear a pistol go off in the back of the truck and see Virt jump out. He points the gun at me. “What are you doing Virt?!” I say calmly as I raise my gun up to him. “What I have been waiting to do.” He says. “This army is filth. Yall are going to die in this war.” MessMess sneaks around the truck. I keep my eyes on Virt. “You need to calm down and believe in the Help Force.” I say. MessMess then shouts “Hey Virt!” Virt quickly turns around frantically. MessMess buttstrokes him across the face then grabs him and throws him to the ground. I walk over to him and tie his hands together. “Solar, I need you to come down from the gun and help get the team of Vic 4 to the chopper. MessMess get Virt up and we will escort him to the chopper. Good work.” We then get everyone loaded up in the chopper and get back to our trucks. “Good work everyone. We need to get to our base quick.” As I say that we hear a huge explosion coming from the direction of the base. “WE ARE UNDER ATTACK AND NEED BACK UP IMMEDIATLY!” we hear over the radio. “Let’s move now! Go go go!” Ayan screams

-End of Chapter 3. Please join next week for another Chapter.-

Ask Shad

This week it seems as we don’t have any questions for this edition. Remember anybody can ask me anything and I will answer it here in the section.

Talking with Troops

This week I have the pleasure of speaking with TrentonInNewJersey!



Lets get down to it, how long have you been in HF?

About 2 weeks

That’s cool! Who was it that recruited you?

I searched up Help Force CPO on google and joined the server from there

That’s awesome. How did you hear about Help Force?

There was a recruitment segment

That’s cool. Do you like it here so far?

Yes, I participated in my first stamp segment today

That’s awesome. What is it about the Help Force that you like?

I can get help with stamps also everyone in the help force is nice

Glad to hear that! Is there any goal that you have while in Help Force?

To get a high rank

Alright. Well do you have anything you would like to say before we end this?

Thanks for this interview and thanks help force for making CPO better for everyone

Alright! That ends the Talking with Troops section. If you would like to be featured in this then please leave comment below and I will pick someone random to talk to for this article!

“Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others” -Danny Thomas


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