[US] Green Takeover Event

Hey Helpers! Today we logged on CPR for a Green penguin St. Patrick’s Day event!

We started in Blizzard town, but the large login queue prompted us to log on to Marshmallow instead. The event was very short, but was overall very fun! Make sure to comment if you came for a promo!

Max: 33+


How To: Stamps(Insanity)

Hey guys,

If you have ever gotten bored on CPR or even done something and randomly seen “stamp collected” with a logo of something on the top-right of your screen, well then you have found a STAMP!

With a few pictures we “borrowed” from the CPR Wiki, we shall explain to you what these stamps are and how to get the hardest ones


US Training Event

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CP Rewritten for a training event!

After a lot of recruitment and hard work, we did another event at a later time. This time, the event was much more successful! Keep up the good work everyone. Special thank you to our Marshal Moon for leading this event! (Moon, you were great) Click continue reading to see photos from this event!

MAX: 34+


US Army Training

Hey there Helpers! Today, we logged onto Mammoth and did a US training event!

Today was our first time trying a different time within the US timezone. As requested by those in Western US, the event time was pushed out 3 hours behind the usual US event time. The max was not as much as we hoped, but those that attended the event made it a great one! Read more to see some pictures from the event!

MAX: 15+



Help Force Battle Techniques

Hey Helpers! When in battle there are a few techniques that are used to create a strong defense. In the Help Force, the main techniques we use include Waterfall, Tornado, Explosion, and Bomb. To break it down this is what each technique means:

  • Waterfall: Run up and down whilst repeating a tactic.
  • Tornado: Run clockwise (in circles) whilst repeating a tactic.
  • Explosion: Run around the room from one area, whether it’s piling up in the corner or gathering in the bleachers, whilst repeating a tactic.
  • Bomb: Run around the room whilst repeating a tactic, most commonly used when Joke Bombing. Remember to press J once.