Wynn’s Retirement Post

ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital – It is surprisingly hard to write a retirement post. How do I sum up the two years I spent here as a staff member, with one of them as a leader? I’m not one of those who write their entire CPA history since joining the first army, but I’d rather make this post my last speech to all true HF’s members. 

Most of you probably don’t know, since it’s not on the web yet, but Snowy and I chose to call our generation The Redout. If you have never heard this word before, a redout is a fortification outside of a larger fort meant to defend it. In my country, it also symbolizes patriotism and a brave stand against an enemy. We realized this symbol perfectly described how we felt when we took over the army, which was tired after a long war and had witnessed many staff retirements and people simply going back to their real lives after covid. 

I won’t lie, I’m very proud of finding this name. It describes distinctly not only the leadership but also the whole staff and the troops who never gave up on the army, who worked tirelessly and helped with achieving amazing things. Those who brought us up to gain first and second position on the Top Ten multiple times, who fought in the war and in the tournaments, who stayed even after CPR shut down, and through all the difficulties with CPAB. I want to sincerely thank you for your determination and devotion to the Help Force. I wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for you.



As I said, I’m not going to write a story of my life here but I want to share with you some of my memories, the ones that I’m the most proud of. We achieved great things together, and many of you are a part of them. 


The first part (which was absolutely amazing), but most especially the second. Those of you that are veterans from last year know that I wasn’t leading back then. I chose to put it here as it was the first time I was given a chance to lead such important and big battles. Later it occurred to me that this was the moment when I started to believe in myself as a leader, and noticed I’m being trusted by both the leaders and the staff. 


Once again, thank you everyone who voted for me, it is a huge honour. And thank you, Ayan, for a wonderful bio. I’m reading it right now and I’m still as touched as I was back then. If somebody told me in 2020 that you are going to write such a paragraph or call me a friend, I would have sent them to hell.


There is nothing to add here. Moving from 5th to 1st after just two months of leading was a great feeling.


I believe we were this close to winning the tournament and I know the new set of leaders have the potential to achieve it next March. 


Most of the wars are on the list of my favorite HF memories, and this one is not different. I’m happy I had an opportunity to lead during the war. We managed to achieve great maxes, conquer a lot of land and win (cheers to our allies).  



In recent days I’ve often been asked if I’m sad about retiring. Many people were also quite surprised about the decision. I’m not sad. I’m full of hope about the next set of leaders and excited to take new roles both in HF and in the CPA community. Leading was a thrilling adventure, an opportunity to learn a lot or challenge myself, and in my new roles it will be no different. A year ago I was given a chance to lead, something I have never expected before. Now I want to let others start their own adventure. New leaders will be promoted soon but don’t worry, I’m not leaving completely, but joining the Board of Trustees. 

I know that the next generation of leaders will continue our legacy of growing the army and I look forward to seeing everything they will achieve. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be able to lead all of you, but all things must come to an end.

Here I would like to personally thank several people that impacted me the most on my journey (the order is alphabetical): 

Ayan – You are a good friend and a great mentor, I can’t imagine a better one. You helped and taught me a lot on many levels. Having your trust is an honour. 

Alex, Des, Maya, ROOBOO – I know HF is in good hands. I’m really proud of each of you and extremely grateful for both being good friends and devoting so much of your time to this community. You are definitely among the people who shaped it the most during the past year (and even longer). 

High Command and Staff, current and former – HF would be nothing without you, I hope you know that. Your immense amount of work and the spirit are what keeps it alive. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to DM me. You were the best team I could ask for and we’ve been through a lot together. 

Janez, Jayden, Lyuki, Nix, RU, Scorp, Snowflake – All of you really shaped my experience here and made it memorable. Thank you for being great, supportive friends.

Nell and Ved – Thank you for guiding me through everything when I was staff and giving me this opportunity. It was a good ride that I will be missing. 

Snowy – You were an amazing coleader, a friend, and a strong, brave person. I have so much to thank you for, you never failed me. 

Trustees and Secretaries – Thank you for all the advice, ideas, and still supporting the army even after retiring. Some of you were really a huge help to me (Joe and RU, I love you).

Army leaders (especially ACP, with CSY), CPA staff (especially Max, Spotty, Orange, Vanish) and others – we may be not talking daily, but you significantly impacted me at some point of my leadership and for that, thank you, you guys are amazing.

With that, I’m ending my retirement speech and my service as a Help Force Commander.
See you around!

Help Force Best Force


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  1. hope you have a great time on the retirement island
    i will miss you

  2. This is the Wynn we all simp for

  3. Love me long time!

  4. One of the best commanders HF has ever had, alongside the likes of Ayan and Tistle. You will never be forgotten Wynn!

  5. Wynn for the Win, always and forever!

  6. Wynn is the best, is so sad that I only knew that after she was gone 🙁

  7. I am here for wynns love

  8. caw

  9. Thank you for everything, Wynn. You were a great leader and you’re a wonderful friend. I wish you all the best with everything IRL.

  10. happy retireingment

  11. ;EH::hfsalute:

  12. This is so sad, can we get 50k likes on this video? ;-;

  13. Wynn is the best, so sad I only discovered that after she left:(
    We will miss you Wynn ♥

  14. you were one of the best commanders of HF wynn

  15. I’m just speechless. Thank you for every little moment from day one. You’re truly remarkable and unique. Much loveeee <3!

  16. I may not have known you for those 2 years but the 6 months I’ve known you, you’ve been one of the amazing commanders and we’ll miss you <3 :hfsalute: enjoy retirement.

  17. the end of the J’s :’)

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