Hey Helpers, this week we started to train for the upcoming Finals of March Madness. Today, we had the first training of the week as we completely focus on tactics, speed, and formations wearing a formal attire that is our uniform. We logged onto CPRewritten – Abominable as we waddled on to Town, Iceberg, and Icerink following the event leaders Wynn, Snowy, and Scorp. At one point, it felt like all of us are trained but at the same time, it felt like we need to improve more and more till we finally are ready to face off Finals this Saturday!
Have a glance at it below and make sure to join us for future amazing events! 💙

 MAX: 32+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Ahoy mates! Today we logged onto CPR to celebrate our great victory with a Pirate Party and AUSIA training. The event went amazing once again, proving that we indeed unleashed the AUSIA and are ready to win the tournament! Thank you Wynn, Scorp and Desi for leading amazing tactics. Thank you all for coming!

MAX: 41+

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Greetings everyone! On Sunday we logged onto CPR for the Zipline Winter Gala! At the event, we celebrated the announcement of HF End of the Year Awards! The event was a great success! Thank you everyone for coming, thank you Wynn and ROOBOO for leading and congratulations to all the winners!

MAX: 39+

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Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Practice Battle against our allies, Ice Warriors! The battle was led by Wynn and Snowy! Thank you everyone for coming, we put up a good fight! Congratulations IW and see you next time!

MAX: 21+

Comment below if you came!

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[EU] Penguins of Madagascar VS The Icy Army

Hello Helpers! Today we logged on Ascent of Club Penguin Rewritten for an amazing Practice Battle with our dear allies the Ice Warriors in preparation for the Christmas Chaos XI! we did some wonderful tactics and formations led by Wynn and Maya! Thanks for attending the Battle 😀 til next time

MAX: 19+

Comment below if you attended!

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Hello there amazing Helpers! Today we logged on Ascent of Club Penguin Rewritten to attend a training event in preparation for the Christmas Chaos XI! We did some cool and amazing tactics and forms in Town, Ice rink and Ice Berg led by Wynn and Beasto! Thank you all for attending the event 😀 Til Next time!

MAX: 13+

Comment below if you attended!

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ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital – The Help Force logged on to the our home server today for a U Lead event! We donned our special uniform for this event, which was the troops’ pick of their favorite instrument! The troops were fascinated about the intricacies of leading a Club Penguin event after witnessing all of those World War VIII battles. So we decided to give them a chance to lead! Altogether, the event was a great success, a huge thanks to all the troops who led. A special thanks to ROOBOO for organizing it! <3

Make sure to comment your Discord Name and Rank below if you attended!

MAX: 35+

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Howdy Helpers! Hope you had a wonderful day 😀 Today, Silver Empire tried once again to invade our land but we united forces and kept them away! We logged on CPRewritten, gathered our strengths and we successfully defended Ice Coast from the Silvers. Amazing job everyone! Hope to see you tomorrow too! It will surely be an interesting battle!

Max: 21+


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Greetings Helpers! Today we logged onto server Ascent of Club Penguin Rewritten to our cheesy pizza-themed event! Everyone got into their full on pizza outfits and did various cheesy tactics through Town, Pizza Parlor, Lighthouse and finally ended at the Docks. Massive thanks to Wynn, Jayden, Diwix, Desireus and Mandal for leading in today’s event! Thank you to all who attended as well, until next time!

Max: 25+

Comment below if you attended!

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Howdy Helpers! How are you doing on this fine day? I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and remember to relax too! We’re surely getting our part of the fun! Today we logged on CPRewritten on server Ascent to celebrate commander Nell’s birthday! cough that’s me hehe 😀 cough We put on our finest party items, best dresses, suits and even pizza outfits like Snowy xD, and went out to party! thank you Maya, Wynnie, ROOBOO, Snowy and Phoenix for leading! And a huge thank you to everyone for attending <3 I couldn’t have wished for a better way to spend my birthday 😀

MAX: 36+

Comment below your thoughts about our event!

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