Mission 1000 + Trivia

blog 1 part 2

A Very BIG News to Announce is that The Help Force has Made their Way and have Achieved the Feat of Completing their 1000th Stamp Helping Mission !!! Little late but here we are!

Who would have thought we would have gotten this far! Help force was formed on March 13th 2018. Starting with 25 members and now reaching up to 185 members which is absolutely astounding to see.

We hosted the mission during Segment 3 and we had 2 times the amount of penguins that come to the regular segments, and for that we thank EVERYONE who came to support and help us achieve this goal!

Help Force also organised its official event, a Help force based trivia! This was an awesome way for newer members to learn more about Help force and its history as well as how it all came to be. The trivia couldn’t have gone better, we had maxed 15 people which had lasted from the segment all the way to the trivia.

Here are some pics from the mission and the trivia 🙂blog 1

Keep going Help force! We hope we will the 10k Mission quite soon!

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