The Merge

The Force Arcadium is a Discord server separate from Help Force which offers games to all different kinds of players. Until now, this separation was the most efficient way of keeping each server running. Through this post, we are introducing a merger, and by this, we hope to achieve a more active player base solely in Help Force.

Nothing relating to Club Penguin events will change in Help Force. Event announcements, staff, and tournaments will remain with the status quo. There will be a significant change, however; the games previously hosted in the Arcadium, like Roblox and Minecraft, will be coming to Help Force. New roles and gaming staff will be appointed. Keep an eye out for applications coming out soon for these positions.

In addition to the new roles, channels will be introduced as a way of keeping the Help Force organized. Each game will have its own dedicated channel, and they’ll all share a common announcements and updates channel. For now, we’re only starting with Minecraft and Roblox chats. Everyone is encouraged to suggest new games that can be added, as well as mention if you’re willing to help host any currently active games in Help Force.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to a Commander or in #help-desk with any questions. We look forward to gaming with you!





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