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Band Force

Band Force

– Story by Scorpion Demon

It was a glorious gracious day in our glorious gracious motherland. Or so Elp said. The mines were being exploited. The grass, and everything else, was close to dying. All felt normal. However, the people were dissatisfied. Rumours were starting to spread that there was a lack of entertainment. Their dissatisfaction was such, that it grew into a mass emotion. The commanders Rooboo and Desireus tried their best, but they soon succumbed to this emotion as well.

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SWAT Memes Compilation – Best Of The Hundred

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – The time to compile the best entries from #swat-memes has come now that the war on SWAT has ended in a Help Force victory. While all the troops made an incredible effort showcasing their humor, some of the entries just outshone the rest. Here’s my personal list of the best ones!

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Nervous Wick

It was one of those boring, sleepy days in the Help Force. People were dozing off, helmets were left unpolished, and some staff members were nibbling on some stale popcorn as they longed for more interesting times. Fortunately the day did not stay like this, because what happened next would be quite memorable. For, my comrades, this is the day that the infamous Nervous Wick incident occurred.

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Stories From The Past – A Forgotten Picture

Zipline, Scorp’s Office – Another glorious gracious day in our glorious gracious motherland. Once again, I found myself perusing the old content on the website, in search of some ideas. Why bother coming up with something original, when your original content matches the old stuff anyways, right?

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Top Five Web Posts – August 2022

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – As we wave goodbye to August, we take a look at the Top Five Web Posts of the month. Which post took the #1 spot?

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The Raid

“Manti, that’s the last time I’m going to steal food and get caught. We’ll need to be more careful next time,” Nervous said slyly.

“There’s going to be a next time?” Mantiuxx asked, confused. Then he grinned. “I’m in.”

There was a next time. I remember their next time particularly well. Despite being retired, I tend to travel through the shadows of the glorious gracious motherland, keeping an eye on any big events. Nervous’ plan was quite meticulously thought out. Mantiuxx did his job well, he almost managed to surprise me with the level of perfection he did his job with. Of course, food is the only thing that could’ve motivated either of them to bring such amazing performances. Sadly, both of them forgot about one thing – the Lice knows it all.

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Help Force More Like

Zamb owns.

The Veterans Lounge – Morty

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – The Veteran’s Lounge is a column where I interview Help Force’s most impactful or interesting veterans. Through these columns, we find out more about their past and the things they’ve learned! In today’s release we have with us Morty, one of the oldest legends and founding members of the Help Force. Like seriously, this guy is ancient. Not to be confused with Mortimer Morty Smith Jr.

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Spill The Tea – Delitager

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – Welcome back to the spectacularly entertaining column Spill The Tea. In this post, I force Delitager, the writer of this column, to herself spill some tea about herself and her interests. I know, it is quite an amazing inversion of roles. This is why I’m the best thing that happened to this website, suck it Jayden.

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Top Five Web Posts – June 2022

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – As we wave goodbye to June, we take a look at the Top Five Web Posts of the month. Which post took the #1 spot?

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