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Double Trouble: Scorp and Ru

Helloo there you lovely helper!! Welcome to the latest edition of your favourite blog, Double Trouble. The series where Dhanush and PinguMaliz hunt out the besties of Help Force, interview them, and test how much they know about each other. For this week we’re interviewing an awesome dynasty duo, they are both cabinet secretary in HF and amazing friends. Of course, I am talking about Scorp and RU!

Welcome To the Double Trouble Scorp and RU!

Ru and Scorp: keeps yapping about something, ignoring Dhanush

Yap highlights:

Ru: I have a thing against salmon

After eating it raw in the flight


Scorp: why would you eat it raw


Ru: You both left me on reas

I am yeeting

You both

Go fetch me someeee maple syrup


Scorp: sit your ass down

finish this interview first


Dhanush: I started this interview like 7 mins ago 😀

Scorp: yes but we didn’t acknowledge it did we

Dhanush: Yall didnt 😭


Ru: Hiii guysss we welcome you all to this interview .. Happy to have you here to celebrate and enjoy the very chaos we do on daily basis

yay finally the answer we wanted…

Scorp: Don’t break the fourth wall smh

nvm Scorp ruined it

Ru: What wall

Scorp: Mi lord let the record show that the defendent is incredibly stupid

Ru: MY LORD.. Let the court be the eyes of who shames me unnecessarily and jail him for bullying

Dhanush is swimming and drowning

In the pool of scorprucafe coffee

He loves it

Dhanush learn how  to swim underwater.. you might know

Thats where our coffee tastes the best


Dhanush: Im here to order Tea in ur Cafe not Coffee

Scorp: people who order tea in my cafe end up disappearing mysteriously


Ru: okay.. You should not let your inner demon see who stands in front of you..

I, Mew, belongs to mew and be forever loving to mew


Alright Imma just Move on Then I guess..

How do you guys Feel being here together?

Ru: @scorp jerk

Veryyyy niceee

How do you both feel being here dhanush and pingu

Are we on record?

Damn do I have to like put my sober mode on?

Ru 😀 Your on the other side but im feeling scared to interview both of you :’D (send help)

Ru: Why scared

You have been with us for-


See you know me since 2020

You can chuck scorp idc

Scorp: I’m actually glad to be here, Ru is one of the people who never got the honour of doing a Double Trouble with me and it was always such a tragedy 🙁

Ru: Amen ♥️

Glad to be here

Scorp he is scared of us

Scorp: as he should be

Ru: I-

Im just Glad im finally able to do the interview with both of you! 

Alright so how about you start us of by telling how did you guys first meet each other?

Ru: Good question

This guy is still typing

Scorp: why can’t you type huh

did you forget how we met


Scorp: :sus:

Ru: I wanna know what you have to say

Scorp: From the very start I knew this woman was going to singlehandedly pull down the average IQ of the group of people I call friends. How did I know? Well, I had joined HF on a troop rank just to see what it was like. And this idiot DMed me, 2ic of the last army I was in, EIC of the news org back then, asking if I wanted to attend a costume event. But thankfully I did not dismiss her as an idiot and she turned out to be pretty awesome and one of the best friends I’ve ever had 😀

Ru: Woman- Where the respect for the royal highness smh

I do not care WHAT.. ic you were smh.. I am hosting a fun event 😭 just come for fun

Anyway, yes.. I messaged him as a new ausia troop to attend the fun event with us so he can get to know all of us

Scorp: My coffee has been hidden again, probably by my mother :/

Ru: And ofcourse we get know him and how the heck is he so good as a troop from the start.

And then, we just been super close since then..

What Rank were you Ru when Scorp joined Hf?

Ru: Ahhhh

Dude idk

Scorp: Marshal

Ru: I should be Admiral? 

Fine Marshal

I see..So How did you guys get so close to each other? Were your starting dms always about Ru dming scorp for events or yall had any actual conversations?

Ru: I don’t think our dms were ever event related?

Were they?


Scorp how was our early convos?

This is where it all started

Scorp: yeah

this ss was about me trying to find a new pfp

The event dm thing was just a one time thing, that’s how our conversations started, but after that it was mostly actual convos

Ahh nicee!! What was your first Impression you got from each other?

Ru: When he first joined, scorp got a hype because everyone from CPA knew this guy. I did not. I thought everyone is just making him feel full of it tbh. I did not get his hype and I wanted to know this guy from inside out unrelated to CPA and everything. So as you can see, I don’t give a shit about his cpa history. I know him otherwise too for which most of us may not know. I love him really and always rooting for him.

Scorp: Well it wasn’t just hype was it 😀

Ru seemed very friendly and pleasant to talk to. Like I said, at first I thought she’s kinda dumb, but as we talked more I realized she’s incredibly smart

in this same convo [as the ss], I remember she bragged about how her DMs are always so full of people venting to her, or trying to talk, and literally in that moment someone DMed her to vent

Ru: Ohh yeaaahhh

Scorp: in hindsight, it’s kinda funny how most girls dms are full of boys tryna flirt but this one was putting out fires and helping people instead, it was like a fucking pokemon center

Ru: I like to have real convos.. I feel like we all become way too real with convos and become friends and it is not just “event dms”

Haha so moving along! What are you favorite memories together In and out HF?

Ru: we can share good ss of us.. Although dhanush has anyway witnessed half of our funny moments

Oh we always kept bonnie and damon pfps

Scorp: I’ll see what screenshots I can find

Ru: Where did our ss things go

We had so many

Scorp: I have all the horny Ru ones

Dhanush: Even I have those💀

Ru: Pch

You guys 💀

We have better memories fr

Scorp: I wouldn’t really want to pick a favourite memory, but this one shows the amazing person Ru is. On my birthday last year, I decided it was pointless to spend money buying a cake and inviting my relatives, since the people I actually like in my family live too far away. So I just went to an expensive restaurant with my parents and sister and had a nice meal. Now when I told Ru about this the next day, she was like NOOOOOO YOU CAN’T HAVE BIRTHDAY WITHOUT CAKE and the bitch fr stole my address and sent me two pastries for my birthday 😀

Ru: Oh yeah I remember.. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE CAKE ON BDAY. It is mandatory!!!

this was from the time when we pranked Ru

Amy and I pretended to be each other and Ru was very confused

Beasto fell for it pretty hard too, he was tryna flirt with Amy and didn’t realize it was me 🤣

Ru: 😭😭😭 oh god

I had nightmares

I was like I can’t be brainded in this situation. I might tell things here and there which either of them are not supposed to hear

Scorp: she was paranoid for days



Ru: @Beasto you fell for it tooo

Scorp: he wasn’t exactly too smart either, back then 🤣

Alright so moving on..What is one thing both of u have hosted together that is ur favorite

Ru: OH-

Music Festival

We might tickets for it somewhere



Being the runners of our cafe was so much fun

Scorp: The two best things are the Unwind Music Festival, and ScorpRu Cafe

Ru: Glad we agree

Scorp: the music festival was a vc party where Ru and I played songs, and everyone joined and just vibed along, even if they didn’t understand the hindi lyrics

Ru: Unwind was English songs na

Scorp was incharge of food

I was incharge of music

Scorp: ScorpRu cafe was a youtube channel where we just posted event recaps sometimes, it wasn’t as active as today’s channels cuz honestly, back then YouTube stuff was just a huge waste of time compared to other things we could’ve been doing that actually helped the army

I used it more to post secret videos for staff member eyes only, such as battle leading guides

Omg yes I remember that!! Speaking of ScorpRu Cafe we would like to know how did you guys even come up the Idea of it..

Scorp: Well yk… I had braincells… and there was Scorp, there was Ru, and I had a lot of coffee so we opened a cafe

btw, Amy was a part of the ScorpRu cafe thing too, she helped out a lot with whatever she could

Ru: Other than that.. I believe every CP event with scorp was fun. Also co hosting the core ausia along with desi was one of the core memories I share.

Me and scorp helped each other alot whether it be recruiting or retention.

Scorp: oh yes the AUSIA trio, when Jayden went inactive and later retired, me Ru and Desi were the three core AUSIA staff, who organized and carried most of the events

Ru: Amy is our mutual bestie.. And we love her. I think if it wasn’t for Amy, me and scorp would not be so close and just fighting all the time in start 😂

Scorp: eh?

kuch bhi

Ru: 😝😝😝

Jut saying.. Amy played a vital role is getting us more close than ever

Scorp: dude your wording is shit 😭

just say the three of us were besties, this sounds like she’s some matchmaker

But that reminds me of the third best thing we’ve done together

Ru: ✋🏻 ew matchmaker .. No.. NOT LIKE THAT DHANUSH..

Scorp: It was the Weed Farm that we ran with Stem, although it was a well kept secret 😀

Ru: Weed farm lmao

Everyone reading, please do not smoke. Smokin is injurious to health

Scorp: Don’t listen to her, having a smoke on rare occasions when you’re with friends who smoke is not a bad thing

Same applies to drinks

Assuming you’re not underage ofc

Ru: It is abad thing

Scorp: shut up

Ru: Don’t listen to scorp

Scorp: if your bros are smoking after a long day of work, it is your duty to accompany them (unless you yourself don’t want to, we’re not advocating peer pressure here)

Ru: I will accompany, but I won’t do it myself

Scorp: that’s your choice

that doesn’t make it bad

there is no good or bad

Alright moving on! If one of you came back as staff, would the other come back aswell?

Ru: Yeah


If scorp comes back, he doesn’t need me to come back

If I come back, scorp will come back

Scorp: well that’s not true

I need someone to do all the low IQ work 🤔

case in point, she returned to CS so I did too

Ru: 😭 You don’t need me to be there okay


Ukw.. Let them handle you

I will not interfere

Scorp: 🤣

Ru: I will just be like.. who scorp? He said that? Really? Damnn girl I am so sorry.. I hope you figure this out

But yeah dhanush

Jokes apart

We make each other better and also the army improves on many levels

So either of us decide to come back, the other person will come back as soon as they free up schedulea

Scorp: Ru and I have always formed a complementary pair of sorts when it comes to staff work, between the two of us we fill up literally every possible thing a staff member or even leader could do. I’d say she’s talented af in the community aspects of staff work, always gonna be deeply involved with everyone and making everyone feel like they’re part of a family. That’s something very few leaders can do, even though many have tried.

Ah that’s Amazing! We all Know RU is referred to as the Ausia Queen Because of her hard work and Activeness in Ausia Times…Now We also know how hardworking Scorp is too and the amount of time he has spent of HF…If Scorp was to be coined a name with respect to AUSIA what would it be?

Beasto: Ausia balls

Alright let’s just move on!!

If you both were to meet IRL where would you meet?

Scorp: probably some place like New York or San Francisco or LA

We almost met once, in Mumbai, but some stuff came up and couldn’t meet

Ru: Yeah we were about to meet but didn’t happen

I picture myself meeting him in India because it’ll take me time to adjust to the fact that he is going to come to US soon

Ooo do you both share any common goal?

Ru: Do we??

Scorp: currently we share the goal of not being poor in a new country

and ig we both want to adopt pets sometime

Ru: Oh yeah that

We wish to see each other the peak of success

One way or other from ups and downs

Scorp: yes

Ooh nicee! Moving on..What is an annoying thing/pet peeve that scorp has and annoys Ru? What about the other way around

Scorp: horny ru moments like these

Ru: 😭 when he doesn’t listen to me does exactly what I told him not to do

But then

I let it go and he keeps learning his lesson or figures his own way out

Scorp: It annoys me when she is overly nice and understanding towards people who don’t deserve it in the slightest

Ru: ^ that

That annoys him alot

Like I have seen him fuming over it

Trust me

Scorp: she’s like a sweet old tiny little forgiving grandma sometimes 🙄

Ru:😭 what am I supposed to do

Not forgive

Let it be?

Whyy.. Are there people with ill mind already in this world

I can’t afford to be another reason to increase that

Scorp: Dhanush ask the next question

or we will get bored to death with positivity

Ooh nice and what would be the thing you adore most about each other??

Scorp: She is someone you can always rely on, always gonna be loyal, but at the same time won’t be afraid to call you out on your bs

Ru: Scorp is someone who will support me even if he disagrees in few things. It is because he trusts me. I couldn’t ask for more. I admire his hardwork and once he sets eyes on something he will definitely achieve that. Also, a great guitarist. I also like that he hasn’t let our time difference be a problem and still makes sure to communicate me until the end 

Ah thats amazing you both are very supportive to each other! If you guys could switch lives for a day.. what would you do?

Scorp: I’d find her a potential boyfriend, she absolutely sucks at it

and I’d also transfer all her dollars to me, I need them more

Ru: I- sir has evil plans

If I can switch rn? Like at this instant? Bro I’ll roam Mumbai.. Eat so much food. Call me selfish idc.

I’ll also not talk to his gf for a whole entire day because he stole my dollars. 

And then do something to piss aunty off badly and so that he gets grounded for a month 😌

If you were to be Spies.. What would be your code names?

Scorp: Cinnamon Roll and Salty Caramel

Ru: 😂 cinnamon roll and caramel.. The fuck why you calling us weird latte flavors bro

Call us the Legendary Agents. I am Agent Rosa. He can be Agent Jake.

Scorp: because it reflects our personalities

Rosa and Jake are just random

Have you both ever had a serious disagreement?? How did you guys manage it?

Scorp: I don’t really remember too well but I’m pretty sure most of the disagreements we had were about CPA stuff, so it was pretty easy to manage it by just taking some time away from penguins, giving space to each other and finding middle ground if needed

There are many fights that we haven’t resolved yet

For example, did you know Ru is one of those people who say you should drink less coffee because it gives you pimples?!

She literally worked in a cafe! What a fucking traitor to humanity

Ru: I agree with this cutie as we speak of it. It is not easy when two minds have to go ahead and run the army. I think we both just knew that it is our “Army Personalities” having arguments. It had nothing to do with our friendship. I would just screamed at my laptop “WHY CANT YOU UNDERSTAND, I AM SAYING THIS FOR OUR SUCESS BITCH”. I am sure he said the same thing off screen 😂

But then, we would just dm one another about random ass shit unrelated to our fights. WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY IS, we had an understanding. 

Fights unresolved? Oh so many 😂

Scorp let’s fight, it has been a while.


Now it also depends on your body 😭

Some have it one everyday, and still feel fine. 

It depends on caffeine content and body heat

Also I served teas and matcha alright

Do you have any inside joke or phrase which you guys care very much about?

Scorp: The only joke we have inside our friendship is Ru herself

Ru: Scorp is the joke all by himself. Look at him 😌

Other than that, we just laugh on everything we see 😂

There is not a specific inside joke that happened yet

Scorp: For the longest time we joked that RU and Amy are the same person

Because they have the same voice

Although RU has a fake accent now

Ru: I do not 

Scorp: but back then it felt the same

until one day I proved them wrong

Ooh there’s also the bit where RU sometimes types messages as if she’s horny af

sometimes I think she does it on purpose

Ru: I DONT WTF.. Thats just you and your cruel mind 😭😭😭

Scorp: shore

How & how much have you seen each other grow since the time yall met?

Scorp: We both literally completed engineering degrees during the time we’ve known each other, ofc it’s been a long journey and I’d say both of us have grown emotionally and skill wise too

from being two teenagers cooped up inside the house in the pandemic to slightly smarter teens making it big in their real life

Ru: The whole time. you know how you can just co exist. yeah that’s what we did I think.. and then that just has a lot of comfort in each others lives.

If there was one thing you could change about the other.. what would it be?

Scorp: Absolutely nothing man, she’s an awesome person

Ru: I wish i could make him rich so he can send me great stuff all the time. A lamborgini or a bmw bike will also do 😀

Other than that, nothing really

He has always been an amazing friend who bullies me 24/7

Scorp: bro would you even be able to handle bmw

its heavy asf and meant for people who aren’t 5’5 💀

Ru: HEY, don’t underestimate the power of a comman woman

Scorp: black storm metallic s1000 😳

Ru: Ahhh what a hottieeee

Scorp: bro we could have twin bikes

you take the white dull one

Ru: NO ABSOLUTELY NOT.. honestly.. I don’t mind. I will get it modifed 😛


oh wow its just 22k usd

I could steal one of these and say I got a scholarship

So before we end would you guys like to share anything to the readers??

Scorp: Nah

Ru: To all the Scorpio friends out there, if you haven’t listened to every audio message he sends, and if you don’t wake up to go through his 30-40 DMs in morning and reply to each and every one of them, you can’t call yourself his friend.

Thank you for the amazing interview Scorp & Ru ❤

Ru: Thank you for having us Dhanush, you are an incredible host ♥️

Woww what an amazing friendship we have here this week! This was a really fun interview, #bringbackscorprucafe, right? Just imagine the amount of awesomeness we would have!! And ruuu keep on spreading kindness you’re a big inspiration to all of us <3 Now normally, this would be the time for me to introduce this week’s Double Trouble Friendship Test, but I decided to go down a different path for this week… We have half a test, and also something else, just you wait and see… 🙂

What is your favourite meal of the day? Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

For Scorp

Scorp: I love all the meals equally 

Ru: For scorp I think it is dinner. He always likes to have good food in between days and he prefers to have it at night time as a satisfaction for the whole productive day.

For RU

Ru: I- 

I myself don’t know.. If I eat all three then that would be my daily accomplishment. I would go with breakfast. I love my breakfast because I make cute stuff.

Scorp: pretty sure she does too, but if she had to pick, probably breakfast or dinner

Do you prefer texting or calling?

For Scorp

Scorp: texting

Ru: For scorp? I think he would prefer texting. He dms me alot, but I also think that is because of we are so far away from one another.

For RU

Ru: Depends on my energy. 

I prefer audio messages over texting. 

I love talking on calls but if I am tired and have nothing to talk, I just like to listen. 

Scorp: for her, calling


What is your preferred way to spend a free day? 

For example, going to a social event (like a party), hanging out with a few friends, having a cozy night in with a movie or book, trying out a new hobby or activity etc.

For Scorp

Scorp: the best way to spend a free day is with my band, jamming or working on a new song

Ru: I think scorp would prefer to go practice with his band and play or make music

Either that or meet his gf and go on a cute date


Just be here, have his me time

For RU

Ru: I did all that in the last two weeks with my friends 😭😭😭

Okay so, let’s make a decision cause it is very random ofc

I would say I would hangout with few friends and just do random things. Listen to music or paint or just talk you know.

Scorp: she is tired af from her job these days so pretty sure she’d spend an entire free day sleeping n just chilling at home if she had no work

Who is more likely to forget their own birthday?

Scorp: me

Ru: None of us

No he remembers his bday.. He just doesn’t like to celebrate

Don’t worry, I exist.. I need him to celebrate his day

Who is more likely to win a trivia contest?

Scorp: me

Ru: Scorp

Who is more likely to actually be a spy?

Scorp: me

Ru: Him

Who is more likely to call in sick when they are not really sick?

Ru: Him

Scorp: me

Who is more likely to get a tattoo?

Ru: Me

Scorp: her

I hate them

Ru: I have been wanting to have one since like years nowww

But I have commitment issues

Scorp: explains your lack of boyfriend too

Ru: I draw henna and I also get the temporary ones all the time

I got the issues cause of them smh 😂😂

Who is more likely to have an insane amount of unread emails/notifications?

Ru: Me

Scorp: her

Ru: But I do reply

I swear

I reply to all

Just takes time

Who is more likely to win a nobel prize?

Ru: Both of us

Scorp: Neither

bitch we stupid asf

Ru: 😂😂😂

Scorp: we aint winning shit


Ru: Heyyy we are not cmon

We are bro you never know

We got so far in our life

If we place our eyes on the trophy then we might as well

We are just too wrapped in this global and life crisis




You’re right RU, sleep? What? No need for that. And Scorp, celebrate your birthday smh, it’s a special day and you deserve cake!! I can’t give you a score based on your answers, but if i were to go by feeling I’d give you a solid 90 %. I really admire your friendship <3 We hope you all liked today’s post and will see you next week when we get to know a new pair of besties!

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