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Song Of The Week #17 – Rebel Child

Hello music maniacs, welcome to the latest Song Of The Week! Some of you might remember this series from when the previous authors ran it. Kudos to you for sticking around long enough to remember, you’re officially old. Since this is my first post, I will feature my own favorite song in this edition – Rebel Child by Dylan!

Please DM me at _dyl.an on Discord to feature your favorite songs in the next post!

Dylan describes “Rebel Child” as her theme song for owning who she is and where she wants to go. Unlike her other songs that delve into themes of relationships and heartbreak, this track is about her journey and sense of self. Dylan designed it to mirror the energy of a “good, strong strut”.

During her chat with iHeartRadio, she shared that “Rebel Child” represents a declaration of independence and a refusal to conform to expectations. She wanted the song to encapsulate her personal rebellion against societal norms and the music industry’s pressures, emphasizing her determination to carve her own path​​. For those looking to dive deeper into Dylan’s music, her “Rebel Child” not only showcases her powerful vocals and dynamic energy but also reflects her growth as an artist willing to break the mold and assert her individuality.

For me, the song is a manifestation of the energy I exude. The catchy hook, powerful bridge and the familiarity of the typical pop genre music has turned the song into my comfort zone. I am a huge fan of Dylan’s songs and this is her best one yet. As per tradition, here’s a playlist of songs that complement Rebel Child:

Please DM me at _dyl.an on Discord to feature your favorite songs next!

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