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ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – The Veteran’s Lounge is a column where I interview Help Force’s most impactful or interesting veterans. Through these columns, we find out more about their past and the things they’ve learned! In today’s release we have with us Morty, one of the oldest legends and founding members of the Help Force. Like seriously, this guy is ancient. Not to be confused with Mortimer Morty Smith Jr.

Morty’s career began all the way back in 2009. That’s almost close to when the concept of armies originally began. It would be safe to say that the Sensei in that graphic looks like a baby compared to the sort of experience Morty has. So obviously, this post’s gonna be epic and way better than the previous ones. Morty joined a small army called Snow Warriors in 2009 and became its leader in 2010. He recruited and grew the army for almost a year and a half, and even had some moderate success in the Legends Cup tournament back then.

Morty then became a part of the legendary Hot Sauce Army in 2010, and that’s when he gained some reputation in the community. In case you don’t know, the Hot Sauce Army is one of the most legendary names when it comes to armies that grew in size faster than lightning. Simply put, being in HSA would be an ace card of bragging for anyone.

Morty also led the Pretzels for a while, during the period when the creator was busy irl. Pretzels is another successful major army that earned a lot of reputation in the past. He was asked to lead the Watex Warriors and later lead the Ice Warriors when Iceyfeet retired but real life had got to busy for him to have the time to be the leader. Throughout his time, Morty formed several connections with the rest of the community. This immensely boosted Help Force when he led the army.

Morty currently serves as one of the Trustees of the Help Force. The Trustees advise the Commanders on several administrative domains, and aid in the inception of new ideas for the army. Considering that Morty contributed a lot in terms of new ideas during his time as a serving Staff/Leader of the Help Force, we can safely say he’s one of the innovative minds that forged HF. You can find out more about his contributions in the second paragraph on the Help Force Hall of Fame. Let’s get right into the interview for now!

Welcome to the Veterans Lounge Morty! Would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

I joined Help Force back in 2018 when we were just a stamp helping team. We did segments back then that consisted of members getting on CP Online and helping penguins get stamps. I was part of the USA team.

What would you say are the biggest differences in the army from back then and now?

Well back then since we were small in numbers there are more varied daily activities now. Also there were only a few armies to interact with. Now that we are so big there are more people to make friends with and have fun with.

Which activities were your favourite?

I liked the game show parties we would have like Family Force Feud game show LOL They were so much fun. Of course helping penguins get stamps was also a lot of fun especially the igloo raids.

What is the general theme/motto/moral you’ve tried to uphold in your time in the community?

Serving others will lead you to some great friendships. Always be true to yourself and others and with a lot of work you can create a home like HF. I am very proud to be a part of the group that started HF and made it able to grow into what it is today.

What is the hardest challenge you had to overcome in your career and how did you do it?

I think finding a group of people that are willing to give time and support to take an idea and elevate it to the next level. There has to be some kind of chemistry which seems to happen by pure chance. I had been in a lot of small and big CP armies before HF but never got that chemistry right until HF came along. Then with a lot of hard work by Ayan and Attacker and everybody else to refine it started a great family. The Help Force we know today.

Which words of wisdom do you think impacted you the most and would be helpful to the future leaders of this community?

Getting the right team is key to being a great leader. You should always keep communication open with staff and not to forget to keep it fun. Doing the politics with other armies is always tricky. Don’t let them get you into situations that go out of control. Of course sometimes you just have to be bold and go for it!

Thank you for the interview Morty!

That’s all for today’s Veteran’s Lounge, I hope you enjoyed the post! Don’t forget to check back in next Sunday for the new edition.

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