The Help Force Vibes – Javi

Welcome back to the vibiest-est blog out there! If you haven’t read the first blog where I interviewed Chimkin aka Ally aka Blob, this is your chance to do so! Or if you are too lazy like me, which I don’t blame you for, this is a blog where I scavenge around to find helpless penguins to interrogate and ask questions about a couple of things of what they’re known for! There is almost nobody more in this world that I want to interview about their chaotic self than one of our two generals!

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The Help Force Vibes

Welcome to a new blog segment where I interrogate ask troops and staff in HF some questions of what they’re iconic by! Everyone has a certain thing they’re known by, and it can either be endearing or insulting. FOR EXAMPLE WHY TF AM I THOUGHT OF AS A HIPPO >:( There’s plenty of other better looking animals! They say its all love, but that’s just lies I tell you. I wouldn’t start off this series by asking someone about why they are related to something they despise. So in today’s post, I am interviewing a friendly junior staff! Continue reading

Spill The Tea – Racoco

Welcome to Spill The Tea! A column full of jokes, gossip, and entertainment! The tenth edition of this column, hosted by Delitager, brings Racoco to the spotlight!

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Song of the Week #6

Hey hey wonderful people!! I am back, with another fantastic song suggestion from the adorable, Wet Water! She has suggested a rather interesting song, called Honeypie by JAWNY.

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Song of the Week #2

Hello helpers, Plotter is here with another song of the week!! It is from our adorable junior staff member, Javi! She suggested a song of a very interesting genre that people rarely venture into. The song name is ‘Russian’ from Caravan Palace.

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