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CP Knowledge: Rookie

I hope I don’t mess this up. Welcome to another CP Knowledge post where I will be talking about Rookie.

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CP Knowledge: The Penguin Band

Hope you got your banjos and brown hats ready because in this post we’re going to talk about the Penguin Band.

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The Veterans Lounge – Morty

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – The Veteran’s Lounge is a column where I interview Help Force’s most impactful or interesting veterans. Through these columns, we find out more about their past and the things they’ve learned! In today’s release we have with us Morty, one of the oldest legends and founding members of the Help Force. Like seriously, this guy is ancient. Not to be confused with Mortimer Morty Smith Jr.

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CP Knowledge: Rockhopper and Yarr

Someone say, pirates? Look no further for in this CPKnowledge series, I’ll be talking about the Red bearded Penguin known as Rockhopper along with his friend Yarr. This pirate sailed more seas than you could imagine, along with his puffle friend Yarr.

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Top Five Web Posts – June 2022

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – As we wave goodbye to June, we take a look at the Top Five Web Posts of the month. Which post took the #1 spot?

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The Help Force Vibes – Javi

Welcome back to the vibiest-est blog out there! If you haven’t read the first blog where I interviewed Chimkin aka Ally aka Blob, this is your chance to do so! Or if you are too lazy like me, which I don’t blame you for, this is a blog where I scavenge around to find helpless penguins to interrogate and ask questions about a couple of things of what they’re known for! There is almost nobody more in this world that I want to interview about their chaotic self than one of our two generals!

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The Help Force Vibes – Chimkin

Welcome to a new blog segment where I interrogate ask troops and staff in HF some questions of what they’re iconic by! Everyone has a certain thing they’re known by, and it can either be endearing or insulting. FOR EXAMPLE WHY TF AM I THOUGHT OF AS A HIPPO >:( There’s plenty of other better looking animals! They say its all love, but that’s just lies I tell you. I wouldn’t start off this series by asking someone about why they are related to something they despise. So in today’s post, I am interviewing a friendly junior staff! Continue reading