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Welcome to a new blog segment where I interrogate ask troops and staff in HF some questions of what they’re iconic by! Everyone has a certain thing they’re known by, and it can either be endearing or insulting. FOR EXAMPLE WHY TF AM I THOUGHT OF AS A HIPPO >:( There’s plenty of other better looking animals! They say its all love, but that’s just lies I tell you. I wouldn’t start off this series by asking someone about why they are related to something they despise. So in today’s post, I am interviewing a friendly junior staff!

Ally joined the Help Force on June 8th, 2021. Yeah, her 1 year anniversary was in this month! Smh she didn’t even give a party for it. Anyways, you can always find her roaming around in the server having seal pfps🦭, or perhaps sending you seal videos. She has been in HF for almost a year now and is currently a hardworking Lieutenant General! ❤️ Let’s consult and discuss with her, about her obsession and how she got related with that adorable sea animal.

HELLO CHIMKIN ❤️ How are you today?

hEnlo im grate and unhungry wbu :D’

Unhungry 😭 I’m doing amazing, thank you! You are often associated with seals, how did this happen in the first place?

seals have an 18s memory span i dont remember this isnt an excuse because i completely forgot why

Hopefully you will peacefully forget that we will cook you tonight then 🎶
I agree that seals are very precious things, but what is your opinion on them? Because every time you see a seal you freak out 🤣 I don’t blame you though

Dont cook me plis i don taste gud 😭
but they’re cute floofy marshmellow cloud smol beans cutie marshmallows tempuras cute floofy blob :D’

We never know until we try 🚶 and you have eaten yourself before? I see- 

nO >:( i have eaten chicken nuggets before though
I’ve noticed people think of you every time whenever they see the “:D” emote (trusted resources) Is there a reason you use it a lot?

uuuuuuuuuh :D’ it’s happy :D’ positivity :D’ smile ✨ :D’

Also very suspicious sometimes when you use it, like you’re planning something


I will take that as a yes :D, hopefully its something related to food
Speaking of food, you are the only Junior Staff that sends food pics. Can be well known to be a pizza hoarder or something, even sending FRIED RICE.. yumm 😭 What do you have to say in your defense about this maam, because I don’t think its a good thing to be thought of as a person that sends numerous food pictures.

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh ask snowy

LOL framing and passing on your problems, I see. It seems you might need to be investigated along with snowy later or something.. well she is a commander so her having food doesn’t matter


Amazing rebuttal 👏This is all the questions for today! Thank you lots for joining me today on this blog Chimkin! 🌺Would you like to say anything to your penguin friends before we end here? :D’

seals are amzazing and ty for having mee :D’

Well that was interesting, hopefully Chimkin goes to court or something for either food theft or sus behaviour and her plans with snowy of partnership about their delicacy feasts. I certainly agree about seals being cute though, thats definitely one thing! 😂 Annnnd, that wraps it up! A very special thanks to Chimkin for being involved heavily in this blog and all the readers for wasting their time and reading this :> More excitement, more blogs, and certainly more iconics coming soon!

Help Force Marshal

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  1. Wow chikmkein sure is sus. Also the hippo thing is undoubtedly all out of love, also hippos are cute so it’s pretty much a compliment <3

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