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The Help Force Vibes – Javi

Welcome back to the vibiest-est blog out there! If you haven’t read the first blog where I interviewed Chimkin aka Ally aka Blob, this is your chance to do so! Or if you are too lazy like me, which I don’t blame you for, this is a blog where I scavenge around to find helpless penguins to interrogate and ask questions about a couple of things of what they’re known for! There is almost nobody more in this world that I want to interview about their chaotic self than one of our two generals!

Javi, or also known as our daily demotion queen, has joined HF on March 1st, 2021 and is currently an HF general! She always makes being staff even more interesting than it already is with posting chaotic links and songs around in chat, sometimes even non-surprisingly chanting and telling about daily life and exams. Lets start on this interesting conversation we are about to have with bribing Javi with money to do this interview!

hello Javi, thank u for being here! How are you?

I’m ok nervous the hippo :)’
Thanks for having me :prayge:

I- awesome to hear javi the gambler
speaking of gambling, I have seen you have been having a little gambling addiction.. (oh boy) how did that start?

Ok so my gambling addiction is a long and nostalgic tale, it started after i warmed up to HF. I liked having mone, and just wanted to use the bot. At some point, i wanted all the roles in HF, so with the help for walver, i learned how to master blackjack and roulette (!roulette all red is my favourite thing to do). It ended up being a huge part of the reason I stayed in the help force, and i’ve had a lot of fun: from hiding my money from ao during gambling sessions, to plotting to rob him when he stole from walver (it failed, you were there and you couldnt rob because of your bad internet, smh hippo). I got a lot of help from Nelly Belly (she used to give me money if i lost mine), and she gave me 15m which would end up being accidentally gambled in blackjack to make 30m (i added an extra 0 lmao).
Overall, 10/10, would break another bot’s economy again :))))))))))

what a journey, and ofc walver is in that answer 🤣
Glad you warmed up to HF and now you can tell that story on this blog!
I noticed when you warmed up to HF, that you were always telling things related to being Jamaican (still do, but idm at all honestly) Is it important and meaningful to you to let others know about your country and such?

Yes it is important :prayge:
After a while i realised that i was the only active Jamaican in HF (kinda like how Mantiuxx is Mexican, etc.) and it gets very boring after a while, so to add to the chaos of the glorious gracious motherland, i found it fun to just speak patois for no reason, because it vaguely looks like English at a first glance and allows for some wacky hijinks. Another reason is because it’s fun to share parts of my culture that people wouldn’t otherwise know, instead of the typical stereotypes. A fun tidbit is that despite not having snow (Snowy where you at????) we have a bobsled team :prayge:

aww, yeah I get that tbh. Its very interesting (and scary) to see you speak patois in chat scaring all the new recruits away
LIKE DURING BLITZ OMG, you were known as the welcome monster too.. have any story behind that?

Yes i love scaring the new recruits, AND OH MY GOD I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT BLITZ, RIP BLITZ 😭
So it was summer, and i was recently promoted to junior staff after bribing the commanders, and finally had perms to see the welcome channel. I was bad at dming, bad at recruiting, but good at shouting at roblox kids to stop saying “!verify”. Welcoming was something I loved because it reminded me of when i was new and was welcomed warmly, and i wanted to help others as well :prayge: :prayge: :prayge:

LMAO- you have to be good at something amirite, which you did the right thing and took advantage of it. Poor newcomers.
And I don’t even think I need to ask about this because it happens so often, but why do you get demoted all the time? :wheez:

Yes hippo thank you :prayge: it was really a fun time, tormenting welcoming people :)))
And about the demotion, it’s pretty simple. I send links once, and Maya The Sus, along with Snowy the ketchup hoarder, demotes me :sadcri:
I just want to send my 500 links with banger songs and i get silenced :prayge:

I- poor Javi, its very simple but chaotic at the same time.. like this screenshot 😭 and how you currently have the visitor role
Also, whenever I see you in chat, you seem to always be spam pinging the visitors role, are you just letting them know for the millionth time that they have no rights?

I love that screenshot so much :prayge: thanks for bringing it from the depths of the mines :)))))
Ok so the main reason i spam ping those visitors is what you said, they have no rights so they will be pinged :needhelp:

yess that screenshot is amazing 😭 and welp its ok cause visitors have no rights
A question that was brought up by truly the sussist person in HF, Maya. Simply, why are you sus?

I’m not sus, but a certain second in command is :wary:

Well said, I 100% agree with you that both of you are sus!
Anyways, thank you for being here gambler! Before we end here, is there anything you would like to say to the readers in this blog? 

Alright fine, we’re both very sussy staff members :prayge:
And thanks once again, for interviewing me, Nervous the Hip Joint Replacement Surgery :D’
And to end this all, i just want to say: Continue gambling, steal all the food in HF, and go study :)))))))))))))))))

And that ends this interesting interview! Thank you so much to Javi for being naive and letting me bribe her with some ayan hats to trap her in this basement to do this interview. Let’s hope she is the opposite of hostile for now and settles down on sending links or else she will drive me crazy with sending me among us in real life links and causing me to have a nightmare about it.. yikes. Thank you to the readers for reading this blog! More excitement, more blogs, and certainly more iconics coming soon! See ya

Help Force Marshal

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