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Veteran’s Lounge: Kendall

Welcome back to Veterans Lounge brought to you by the Cheesiest Demon, The Scorpiest Mac…. MAISIE AND SCORP! Each week we will be interviewing our valued veterans, where they look back on their leadership, sharing memories, advice and secrets (like how to retire)! This week I spoke to Kendall, Winner of Best Sleep Deprived in the De-lice-ious awards 2020, Retired Admiral of HF, GOTW Specialist and of course HF Achiever!


sooo i am kendall, formally known as Sleepy when i was an active troop in 2019 and 2020, and was a staff member in late 2019 and someway throughout late 2020. Now im retired and i do nothing but play video games all day, work, and listen to music 🙂

Let’s start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start) how did you begin your HF journey, who inspired you? What were your hopes and dreams when you became staff?

I began my hf journey with the goal in mind of rising throughout the hf ranks to accomplish anything that i could, as well as try to make friends along the way. When i was a troop, Moon and Aoao inspired me as they were old US staff at the time and i looked up to them a lot. Especially since i would often go to their recruitments and interact with them in chat during the time. My hopes and dreams when in became staff was to grow hf, make chat active and fun, while increasing our maxes. Of course i wanted to raise throughout the ranks but i found out as a staff i made a lot of new friends and they became important to me.

So. Kendall. You mention all of these people which leads me to a very important question. Who is your favourite staff member, past or present.

That’s a tough question but i would have to say Hannah. She was my best friend in HF and i certainly would not have been in hf as long as i would’ve if she wasn’t there. We actually were trial moderators together and slowly ended up as friends. I consider her as my inseparable duo partner back when we were staff together.

We are all about the tough questions today! Next tough question is what is your favourite memory from the server?

hmm its hard to pinpoint an exact memory from that long ago, but i would have to say all the chaos that would happen during the US timezone back when i used to staff. This chaos included a wide range of things from spamming gifs of nikocado and big ed plus other obnoxious things that were completely random. This included vc parties where me and my friends would listen to dumb stuff with the music bot

Amazing – sticking with the theme of favourite what was your favourite event you ever took part in?

I think i would have to say the battles of the legends Cup X tournament , partially because these events were the first ones that i attended as part of a tournament. The hype was insane and all the troops and staff were excited. The experience while taking part of those battles were nothing i’ve ever felt before and i think that’s what makes them so memorable

Hf is mad good at hype, moving away from your favorites since this isn’t favourite lounge, what is your proudest achievement in HF?

my proudest achievement is probably how far i made it in hf. All the way from just a troop, to being part of the staff team working among other amazing people

Since you have been here for so long, what was the most important advice you learnt from your time here? And who was the wise one who imparted such knowledge?

Most important advice was that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it, I’ve learnt that ever since I was a troop all the way up to where I am now. I think all the leaders that lead HF during the time I was active have given that advice one way or another. Those people including Ayan, Spotty, Tistle, etc that parted wise knowledge

Delightfully put, if you had to add to such wise words, what would your advice be to aspiring troops?

Whatever your goal is as a troop, whether it’s to make it to the staff team or help out the army in general. It’s important to keep in mind to just have fun and cherish time your having. If your aiming to become part of the staff, make sure to stand out and bring out everything you can. The important thing is really to just have fun and get along with others.

A worthy addition to the knowledge hall of fame! What is the worst song that could be played in VC for you?

raining tacos 1hr on full blast, i have horrors of whenever elp used to put that on in vc

Oh Lordy, next question, who is the greatest?

oh no i have an idea where this question going
i might as well say elp is the greatest!

Congratulations! You made it to the end of the interview! Do you have anything else you wish to say Kendall?

i love sleeping : ) p.s. shoutout to taylor my pregman

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  1. Amazing post maisie!

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