CP Knowledge: The Penguin Band

Hope you got your banjos and brown hats ready because in this post we’re going to talk about the Penguin Band.

The Penguin Band had four members, Franky, Petey K, G Billy, and Stompin Bob. They are the oldest band as well as the only band in Club Penguin. Some of their music you can use in DJ3K to make a mixtape for your igloo. Their first appearance was in 2008 during Music Jam at the Iceberg. You could also meet them separately when they aren’t together.  You can see a difference throughout the years because of their player background as it goes from a country theme background to a hip-hop theme background.

Petey K is one of the original band members and he can play all sorts of instruments. He and the band were finally able to be met at the Music Jam 2008.  Two members of the band would split up, and by splitting up, I mean two will be together. You can sometimes see Petey K and Franky, or G-Billy and Stompin Bob. Now his autograph signature always had a face in it new and old. So, if you had an autograph from one of the members of the band, we knew what Petey K’s autograph looked like.

Franky is the band’s lead guitarist and banjo player. You could also find a book called: Franky’s First Show, in the Book Room. He is also one of the newest band members, who played the acoustic guitar. Hopefully, the other bandmates did go too hard on the newbie with pranks. Back in 2006, he made his first in-game appearance during the Western party. During this event, you could dress up like they did back in western times and got to see the Band play.

Stompin Bob plays the double bass as well as the piano and he’s also a lyricist meaning he writes songs. In the original Club Penguin, you could see him with a brown hat, sunglasses, and his guitar. Then, in 2017 he changed up his look a little in Club Penguin Rewritten. He had brown hair, a black t-shirt, pants, and a watch. He is the only member of the band who doesn’t wear shoes, Ayan would be so proud. It’s said Stompin Bob’s stamp is a tricky one to get, after all, you’d need to be in the same room, he was in. Remember they also split up from time to time, so that could be why it was a difficult stamp to get.

On to our last member of the band, G Billy who plays the drums, piano, and the flute. Like the other members of the band his old look was a brown hat but, with drumsticks. Now his look in Club Penguin Rewritten consists of brown hair with a red bandanna, a plaid shirt, jeans, and shoes. You could meet G Billy during the 100k Penguin Celebration when Club Penguin Rewritten reached 100,000 users. Of course, you could’ve met him during the Music Jam in 2017 with the band members. May the band all waddle on making great music.

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