Origin of the Name: Desireus

ZIPLINE, Help Force Headquarters- In an online community like ours, names are quite an important aspect of anyone’s profile. They are the first impression of an individual. Help Force staff members are the representatives of the army, and the impression they make is extremely important. In this third edition of this post, we will be delving into the story behind the names of one of our amazing staff members.  Continue reading

Army Spotlight: Water Vikings

ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital – Hey Helpers, welcome to a new series where we will take a look at the armies that have directly been a part of the Help Force’s history! In today’s post, we meet the Water Vikings, our newest allies. For more than 11 years, they’ve been one of the most important armies in the community, reaching #1 numerous times.

The penguin on the left is WV!

CP Knowledge: Rookie

I hope I don’t mess this up. Welcome to another CP Knowledge post where I will be talking about Rookie.

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CP Knowledge: The Penguin Band

Hope you got your banjos and brown hats ready because in this post we’re going to talk about the Penguin Band.

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CP Knowledge: Aunt Arctic

Grab your notepads, because in this week’s post we’re going to talk about Aunt Arctic.

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CP Knowledge: Rockhopper and Yarr

Someone say, pirates? Look no further for in this CPKnowledge series, I’ll be talking about the Red bearded Penguin known as Rockhopper along with his friend Yarr. This pirate sailed more seas than you could imagine, along with his puffle friend Yarr.

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Junior Staff Applications Result – Mass Promotions

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – Following the recent Junior Staff applications, a whopping total of nine people received promotions to Junior Staff. These people are beanieval, Elia the frog, katie, LunaRay21, Archana, Choco, Jo, Winter Storm and Rubbi Nubbi! How will they handle their new responsibilities, and how will this impact the Help Force?

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Faces of the Force – Selene

Welcome back fellow helpers of the Help Force! This week on Faces of the Force we have a friendly and charming Helper! She is a new member who has her charms shining in just four months! She is showing lots of potential, since she is ranking up to being a colonel. Introducing this week to the Faces of the Force, Help Force star Selene!

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CP Knowledge: Herbert

Welcome back to another post of CP Knowledge where I’m going to tell you the history of a mischievous duo, Herbert and Klutzy, how both of them met on Club Penguin, and how their partnership turned into a massive takeover we’ve all heard and seen about, and that’s how Operation Blackout, PSA, and the EPF came known when Herbert realized he could take over the island with the help of a crab.

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CP Knowledge: Sensei

Welcome to another post of the series CPKnowledge! This series is about the fascinating backstories of the popular game Club Penguin, and the lore surrounding the game! Today we take a look at Sensei, and how this oriental character grew over time.

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