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Origin of the Name: LunaRay21/Selene

ZIPLINE, Help Force Headquarters- In an online community like ours, names are quite an important aspect of anyone’s profile. They are the first impression of an individual. Help Force staff members are the representatives of the army, and the impression they make is extremely important. In this edition of this post, we will be delving into the story behind the name of one of our Marshals, LunaRay21.

Some of you may have known her as LunaRay21 others may know her now as Selene. Let’s see why she chose her name.

Selene or LunaRay21, would you like to be a part of the blog Origin of the Name?

You can call me Selene, and sure why not?

Okay Selene, what inspired both of your usernames?

Well, not a lot of people know this but, originally my user was supposed to be Luna which means moon in Spanish and Roman, of course, it was taken, so I added Ray to it. In other words, it’s MoonRay lol. Selene was inspired by Greek mythology. Selene is the Greek Goddess of the Moon and a Titan Goddess, as you can see, I love names with meaning behind them instead of boring names without meaning.

Haha, you’re right wow didn’t think of LunaRay as MoonRay, and Selene as a Greek Titian, get out of here that’s pretty cool.

Thank you! To be honest I had changed my user from LunaRay21 to Selene because my dog is Luna with the middle name of Ray. Don’t want me on VC fussing at my dog and be like why is she yelling at herself lol.

Lol completely understandable, so has anyone ever spelled your name wrong?

Yes, ask Choco who calls me Spleen instead of Selene. I don’t think anyone spelled my name wrong when it was just LunaRay.

Last question, have you ever thought about changing your name, I mean you already have from LunaRay21 to Selene if so, what would your next username be?

I think Selene will stay, but if I change it, it’ll probably be a Greek or Roman Goddess name cause I’m into you know deities and Goddesses.

From LunaRay21 to Selene (NOT SPLEEN CHOCO) she hasn’t moved away from the moon theme, which I like. Well, there y’all have it you get to know a little bit more about me Selene or LunaRay21.

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