CP Knowledge: Rockhopper and Yarr

Someone say, pirates? Look no further for in this CPKnowledge series, I’ll be talking about the Red bearded Penguin known as Rockhopper along with his friend Yarr. This pirate sailed more seas than you could imagine, along with his puffle friend Yarr.

Long ago, where many red puffles had inhabited this island. Then a pirate named Rockhopper had claimed this island as his. He named the island, Rockhopper Island. On the island, Rockhopper met his lifelong friend, a red puffle named Yarr. From then on, the two became inseparable, Yarr went with Rockhopper on his ship, the Migrator, and together they sailed the seas. Many say that every time Rockhopper said,” YARR!!” the red puffle would run to his side. Thus, how Yarr got his name. It is believed that Yarr is the reason we could use our red puffles to go surfing on Club Penguin.

During Rockhopper’s arrival, he and Yarr were still at sea when the two saw this island. Wondering what this place was, Rockhopper decided to dock there without realizing how welcoming all the flightless birds were. Rockhopper decided to let the welcoming flightless birds board his ship. He had items from the different islands he had visited for sale. He also kept a journal of all the places he’d visited maybe one day we’d be able to see where the Pirate had traveled when he wasn’t on Club Penguin. In the Captain’s Quarters, there is a treasure hunt where you and another teammate play to find the most treasure. In other words, you got to play Pirate each time Rockhopper came to visit.

Rockhopper visited Club Penguin for a lot of special events, mostly the Holiday Parties. With the Holiday Parties came Coins for Change where you’d donate your coins to become real money for different charities. He could be seen with a Coins for Change pin at that time. After all, he did love to help those in need as well as the environment.  Another event Rockhopper came to was the Pirate party.

During this event, you could be a pirate, do a treasure hunt, and battle some crabs. When you battled a crab, your sword got upgraded from a wooden sword to the Jeweled Cutlass sword and you could also use these swords to duel your fellow flightless birds. With the Jeweled Cutlass Sword, you could try and defeat the boss of the crabs. There were also special items that were given out like the golden pirate hat, golden sweatshirt, golden car, and more.

Unfortunately, things had come to an end for Rockhopper and Yarr in their last event, the Waddle on Party. This event for those who don’t remember or live under a rock is when the original Club Penguin had to shut down. Who knows, Rockhopper and Yarr could be trying to find a new place like Club Penguin? May Rockhopper and Yarr Waddle on forever in our hearts.

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