Hi everyone! Today we logged onto CPAB, Ice Breaker for a funny, dinosaur-themed practice battle against our allies, Ice Warriors! Sadly the game couldn’t handle letting all those dinosaurs out and crashed for many people. Thank you for everyone who stayed with us till the end and thank you ROOBOO and Snowflake for leading!

MAX: 25+

Comment below if you attended! 

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15 Responses

  1. attended katiee#6455 crashed a million times but was fun haha

  2. attended!

  3. attended! crashed once, the emoji spam was lit 👹

  4. I attended if you count the loading screen lol

  5. Attended

  6. I was there, first time

  7. […] Julyyy! We started off the month with an intense practice battle vs Ice Warriors! [EU] BATTLE: HEAR THE ROAR which was led by Snowflake and ROOBOO had a max of 25+! It was a very fun […]

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