[EU] Branch Battle – Team Water vs Team Fire

Greeting everybody! Today we logged onto CPR for the first Branch Battle between Team Water and Team Fire! The event was a huge success! It took place in Inside Mine, Iceberg, Forest, Studium and Docks and both teams put up a strong fight but the winner can be only one! Congratulation Team Water on winning this time and thank you Nell, Joe, Jayden, Wynn, Maya, Ru, Chloe and Barnito for leading! Hope you had fun everyone and see you at the next battle!

Max: 36+

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[EU] Operation: Firepower

Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for todays EU Operation: Firepower! We completed many tactics and bombs in the Snowforts, Stadium, Docks and Forest. The event was led by Nell, Chloe and Wynn. Great job everyone and thanks for attending the event!

MAX: 32+

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[EU] Practice Battle Against ACP

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Practice Battle against ACP, our brother allies. The Practice Battle took place on Crystal and the rooms we used were Docks, Forest and Stadium. The Battle was led by Barnito, Nelly, Jayden & Joe! Thank you ACP for this practice battle!

Max: 48+

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[AUSIA/EU INT] Army Training

Hello Helpers! Today we logged on to CPR for a wonderful event! We did a lot of fun tactics, emotes and beautiful formations! The event was led by Chloe, Slush, and Rainbow! Thank you everyone for coming! Great job at the event today!

MAX: 28+ 

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[EU] Formation and Speed Practice on CPR

Howdy Helpers! Today EU division logged into the CPR for practice event before the battle! The event went marvelously! We did many tactics with enormous speed and synchronization at Docks, Iceberg, Studium, Inside Mine and Night Club! Thank you for leading Nell and Barnito, and everyone for coming!

MAX: 30+

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[AUSIA/EU INT] – Painting Party

Howdy, Helpers! Great seeing you again! We started this day with a great event on Club Penguin Rewritten which was led by Snowy, Diwix and Tori! Amazing job, guys ❤️  We waddled through Town, Stadium, Ice Berg and Inside mine where we had fun with different tactics and numerous emotes! Thanks to everyone for attending! You all did very well!

Max: 33+

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[EU] Practice Battle vs SWAT

Greetings Earthlings! On Sunday we logged in to CPR for a Practice Battle with SWAT. The battle remained unsettled due to the problems in the game that made us log off earlier but we managed to do some strong tactics at Snow Forts and Cove led by Nell. Thank you to all who appeared on our call!

MAX: 44+

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[EU] Cupid’s Helpers

Hey Helpers! Today was all about love❤️ . We logged onto CPRewritten for a fun Valentine’s day themed event! With lots of great tactics and formations led by Nell, Barnito, Jayden and Joe at the Snow Forts, Stadium, Iceberg, Docks and Inside Mine, we had a great time. The Fashion Show at the end was splendid and all participants showed that their fashion taste is exquisite! Thank you all for attending! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Happy Birthday, Club Penguin Rewritten! 😃

Max: 46+

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[EU] Operation: Vigour

Hello everyone! We’re back with another successful event on Club Penguin Rewritten! We logged on Ascent for a great training session led by Nelly and two of our newest Staff members, Chloe and Traffy! The rooms which we used were Snow Forts, Stadium, Ice Berg, Docks and we ended the event at the Nightclub! Well done, Helpers! Thank you for attending and see you soon!


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[EU] Welcome back CPRewritten!

Hello everyone! It’s great to be back! Today we had our first event on Club Penguin Rewritten for this year, celebrating the game’s return! We did various formations and tactics at the Stadium, Coffee Shop and Ice Berg! Thank you all for attending and thank you, Barnito and Diwix for leading!


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