Top Five Web Posts – June 2022

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – As we wave goodbye to June, we take a look at the Top Five Web Posts of the month. Which post took the #1 spot?

This month saw a whopping total of 2459 views, despite just 45 web posts being published! We organized a special committee of judges to reach a decision on the rankings. The posts were selected on basis of the total number of views. However, please remember that this ranking doesn’t mean that the other posts aren’t good enough. The collective efforts of every single member of our talented Blogger team makes the website into the amazing place that it is. Every single post is a golden example of the spirit that runs through our glorious gracious motherland! Now, without further ado, we present to you the June 2022 Top 5 list.

5. Zipline Comic #1 – Dig To Flip!

Considering that CP has so many stories and absolutely adorable illustrations, comics in the community are always appreciated. However, Help Force never had its very own comic until the very talented Mr. JonathanJohnJohnson came along. As of the time of this post being written, he has released two editions of his Zipline comic. His artwork will leave you begging him to make more for sure! Also, his comics are well scripted and relevant. This new series is definitely one of the best to read!

4. Spill The Tea – Racoco

General Delitager’s Spill The Tea is arguably the most popular column right now. Her posts are often filled with clever puns, hilarious interviews and lots of enjoyable dialogues. As a Blogger, I’ve found that Delitager always puts a lot of effort into researching her victims, in order to produce some excellent interviews! Unlike some of my own columns which had specific posts being successful and others not even getting 10 views, Delitager never fails to hit the mark – except for the one horrible post about a fictional person named Embise. Her engrossing post featuring Racoco, without doubt, has earned its spot in the Top Five!

3. Jellyfish’s Stinky Poll – NOW MORE STINKY!

This is where I begin to doubt the sanity of the committee. Jellyfish’s Stinky Polls have absolutely nothing that the other bloggers should be jelly about. Just kidding! Jayden bringing back his polls is one of the best things that happened this month. Despite the blatant bullying, these posts are fun to read while being jelly-gant at the same time! Can’t say I much appreciate all the stink though.

2. The Greatest Essay

Ah, the Greatest Essay. If only we knew who the author of this essay was! What a shame that they’ll never be famous for their invaluable contribution to the Help Force. I’d say that this web post alone makes the anonymous writer more worthy of HF Legend than any other existing legends. A two thousand word essay about the greatness of Elp! Who would’ve thought someone would actually write this down. However, the thing that I appreciated the most about this post is that the writer took great care to refer to reliable sources. “Trust me bro”, what an amazing source!

Notable Mentions:

The Help Force Vibes – Chimoop

NervousZippo’s brand new column, the Help Force Vibes, started off with Ally aka Chimoop. The column that explores the various personas you find in HF gained a huge number of views for its first edition, with the second one still rising! Hopefully, we’ll get to see this column evolve even further over time and compete for the #1 spot.

Veteran’s Lounge – Elpiojo123

The Veteran’s Lounge is a column written by Maise and yours truly that focuses on the boomers of the army. However, the post that gained the most views was the one that featured Elp as the guest. This is no surprise as the web post’s meta promised that Elp would reveal a secret method for the staff to escape enslavement.

1. The Demonic Retreat – Scorp’s Retirement 

The post that grabs the first spot – my retirement post. Honestly, this was no surprise as retirement posts are always wildly popular. In comparison to other posts, the Demonic Retreat had drastically more views and votes from the committee. In the post, I included the entire story of my journey in armies before I joined HF. I really don’t wanna praise myself too much for this post, as the post itself does all the talking. I’d just like to thank everyone who voted this (which would be the entire committee) and everyone who looked at the post so many times (seriously though, there’s other posts too but you keep reading this instead).

There is no doubt that this month has truly been amazing for the Help Force. We even placed #2 on the Top Ten once, and a lot of new web posts and talented people made their way into the website. This listing was created just as a fun post and not as a serious ranking, so if you feel it should be in some other order then let us know in the comments below! Cya next month for the Top Five July ranking 😀

Scorpion Demon

Help Force Web Head

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