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Song of the Week #14

Welcome back everyone. It’s Plotter, with my humorously fantastic buddy, NeoBlaze! Today we are here with a wonderful song called Layla by Derek & the Dominos.

Here’s what he had to say about the song:

Layla is a timeless blues rock song written by legendary guitarist Eric Clapton and drummer Jim Gordon, played by their 1970 supergroup Derek & the Dominos. The song starts off with its unforgettable guitar riff and continues in its high energy with its passionate vocals. Eventually the two lead guitars burst their souls out in a fiery dance reaching a stellar crescendo, at which point the song’s mood flips around as it shifts into a soulful coda (concluding) section.

Overall it has a unique structure where the stunning energetic guitars in the first half contrast beautifully with the serene piano melody in the latter, which is one if the reasons why it’s one of, if not my favourite song of all time.

I could not have said it better myself! Neo’s opinion was wonderfully phrased. This masterpiece also has quite the intriguing backstory which is definitely worth searching up and reading. The riff is quite a stroke of power in the entirety of the song. The long piano coda section slides in rather smoothly which surprised me. I never thought they could phrase it in such a manner. Rock supergroups date back to the 1960s. Derek & the Dominos was quite different compared to the first few supergroups like Cream or even Blind Faith. It seemed like many people enjoyed the debut album of Derek & the Dominos as the songs were on the radio for quite some time.

The band Derek & the Dominos was an English-American blues rock band that was formed in spring of 1970 which is between March to June. Their former members were guitarist and singer Eric Clapton, keyboardist and singer Bobby Whitlock, bassist Carl Radle and drummer Jim Gordon. However, they had disbanded in 1971 due to a series of complications. They were going to work on a second album but soon disbanded without ever completing it. Hence, they only have one proper album. The album was ‘Layla and other Love Songs‘. The song is available on platforms such as Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. As always, here’s a playlist filled with smashing songs like Layla. Tune in for the next song of the week!

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