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Spill The Tea – Racoco

Welcome to Spill The Tea! A column full of jokes, gossip, and entertainment! The tenth edition of this column, hosted by Delitager, brings Racoco to the spotlight!

Racoco is an Admiral raccoon living in the Help Force. He is infamous as the food thief. Currently, he owns two properties. The first is his bedroom in the staff headquarters and the second is a trash can where he lives together with his raccoon friends. Despite being caught several times, the food thief continues to carry out his malicious schemes. However, he is also one of the most hardworking staff members. He is always ready to learn new things and do any task that’s required. He is also very friendly and is always ready to help people out! Let us talk to the coon himself now.

Hello racocococo

Hello delilililililili

How are you doing?

Im doing great ty

When and how did you join HF?

I joined almost 2 years ago, on June 24th 2020, after a (very successful) stamp segment on cpr 😀

Amazing, what was your first reaction when you joined?

I’d love to tell you that, but i literally can’t remember. Tbh i think i was kinda scared since it was my first time on discord/in a server. AI also didn’t talk for so long, i don’t know what i did the first like 6 months i was in the server

What are some of your memories here?

that’s such a general question 😭 first thing that comes to mind is that damn cursed Elp takeover people decided to do, it killed my brain trying to figure out which Elp was the real one, probably the most frustrating takeover we’ve ever had in HF

Editor’s Note: It is obvious that Alex went crazy at a very young age, which explains his success as a staff member. 

Sounds like chaos, but it is ok because chaos is good. Is getting 2ic one of your goals?

No not really, i just want to get better at what i already do, there’s plenty of things that i need to learn/practice, then if i get promoted it’s even better, but i don’t mind staying at this rank

Yes true, how did you come up with your name?

uh i didn’t really come up with it, someone decided that it would be a great idea to call me racoco because of all of the raccoon pfps, and i just kept using that nickname till now
i don’t even know who was the first one to call me that, but i’m glad they did 😀

Why raccoons though?

I didn’t even have any connections with raccoons till i joined HF
when i joined the server i also made my first discord account, and i was trying to decide what pfp i wanted to have
and that dumb, cute skater raccoon appeared on my pinterest feed, so i just chose that one

 Wow what a great choice! We know you were shy before, so how did you crawl up till 3ic?

I think i was basically forced to talk more 😭 after i got major/last rank for troops (i can’t remember exactly how the ranks were back then) i was asked if i wanted to be part of the jr staff team, but i was also told that i had to talk more
so i basically did just that, somehow i got more comfortable here and was able to overcome the shyness
i dont know how i managed to get up to the Admiral rank either, but i’m glad i’m still here

What are the challenges you faced while getting 3ic

I don’t really know if i can say that there are any specific ones, just like with every staff role, you need to keep improving in order to rank up, which happens over time
i guess you just need to be patient and be aware of your progress, but there isn’t anything particular which i’d call a challenge related to being promoted to 3ic

What would you recommend to the people who are trying to achieve staff right now?

well i’ll avoid repeating myself, and just say that if you want to be staff, don’t be afraid to try out new things and get them wrong the first times, i’ve done plenty of stupid stuff too and it’s not the end of the world if you do them too 😀 be open to learning and don’t be afraid to ask others questions, we’re all just here to help

Woo awesome, Who is your favourite commander?

Elp is my favourite of course, he’s the greatest after all

Finally, now why do you steal food?

dont lie Deli, you know i don’t do that
contrary to popular belief, i don’t and never have stolen food, only carpets (which are used to make my trash can more beautiful, so i’d say i have a valid reason to steal borrow them)

Where do you get carpets from..?

Uh, from various sources (the staff offices)

wow, ok so why do people say you steal food then?

I’d like to know that too, maybe they just want someone to blame for the severe lack of food for staff in the server

But there has to be at least one time you’ve stolen food

No smh, from what i remember, i have never stolen any food from the server, they’re all false accusations >:(

I sense lies

I sense them too, in your (very) false accusations

Wow smh, is your favourite food salad?

Is this question related to the salad man nickname :sus:
but yes i do love a good salad anytime, definitely one of my favourite foods, they just go with a lot of types of food

Yes it is related to that lol now, are you a spy?

wh- nO?

After that the host died, but a few minutes later she came back!

Okay I am back, how many books have you read in total?

I’ve read too many to count (partially because i’m too lazy to do so) and i could say that they were all pretty decent reads. I do still have a long list of books that i want to read tho, so i’m not gonna be done with that any time soon but, i currently have 17 books that i have bought and want to read. You can get an idea from that as to how many i’ve read. Oh and there are 2 more coming in as well

I’ll take that you’ve read 100+ books. What would be your favourite book of all?

oh god that’s a very tough question
either ‘The 5th Wave’ or ‘All That’s Left In The World’, they’re both amazing books and i read them very quickly because of that
they’re both apocalypse-themed, the difference is that ‘5th Wave’ is a trilogy, so there’s plenty of content and detail to the story
and i absolutely adore ‘All That’s Left In The World’ because it highlights the more human part of going through that experience as well, not just the apocalypse part (it adds romance to the story as well, and it incorporates it extremely well with the character development)

Oo I’ve never heard of them but cool, what are your hobbies?

drawing, swimming, embroidery, reading, puzzles and uh i probably have more but i cannot think right now

Woo amazing, what’s your favourite subject?

in terms of what we learn/ what we do in class, probably english is the most interesting one, so that one

Omg we are the same! So what’s your favourite show?

if i had to choose, it would probably be Yuri on Ice i guess, there’s many that i like so it’s hard to pick only one.

Oo cool, okay we end, would you like to say anything to the readers?

have a gret day people, and no i did not steal the food

An incredible interview with racoco! Thank you for reading till the end, we hope you enjoyed! Come back next week for some more tea!

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