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CP Knowledge: Sensei

Welcome to another post of the series CPKnowledge! This series is about the fascinating backstories of the popular game Club Penguin, and the lore surrounding the game! Today we take a look at Sensei, and how this oriental character grew over time.

The Origin Of Sensei

Sensei made his first appearance in the Club Penguin game back in 2008, found digging out the dojo after it got hit by a lightning storm. His appearance originally included just a traditional Japanese straw hat, a walking stick, a white beard and his trademark grey color. Sensei is an old ninja who has mastered Card-Jitsu and all three elements associated with it – Fire, Water, and Snow. He is the teacher of Card-Jitsu in the Dojo. Sensei always sits in the Dojos. In 2013, he went through a redesign, which basically added a robe and sandals to his earlier outfit. Sensei can also be seen wearing his special Fire, Water and Snow robes. It was impossible to defeat him in Card Jitsu, unless you had a black belt (and tons of luck!)

It is said that Sensei was originally a blue penguin, who explored the wilderness of Club Penguin all by himself. During his journey, he learned about the elements and started developing an interest in their power. He built his straw hat by himself as a shield from the sun. Sometime during his journey, he met a young walrus who became his companion. They formed a bond of brotherhood, but eventually the walrus Tusk started getting envious of his brother. They travelled far, and during all those years Sensei’s color turned grey and he grew a white beard.

Sensei and Tusk joined a group of young ninjas who were training to master the elements in the mountains. They were taught by an old sensei, who had mastered the elements of Fire, Water, Snow and Shadow. During this time, Sensei gained a superior control over the elements. Meanwhile, Tusk couldn’t match Sensei’s level due to his impatience and grew even more envious of his brother’s skills. They dreamed of standing side by side, leading and training future ninja penguins.

One day, they chose to have a battle on a snowy cliff, where the future Snow Dojo would be years later. Tusk instigated it by throwing a snowball at Sensei, who threw Tusk against a wall with snow. Tusk used his power to create an enormous snowball, displaying his true power over snow. He threw it at Sensei, but once it hit him, Sensei used the power in the ball and threw it back.

The force of Tusk hitting the wall caused an avalanche, in which Tusk was buried and trapped in a cave in the side of the mountain. Sensei looked for him, but found only a piece of his tusk. He departed sadly, and vowed to teach Card-Jitsu to penguins so they could use the elements wisely. Tusk presumed Sensei had left not caring for him, and turned bitter. He sadly sat buried in the snow, then began to dig himself out.


In November 2009, the sky turned orange. Sensei forged amulets to help the ninjas training further. He launched a scavenger hunt to find fiery objects. He used these objects to build the Fire Dojo on top of the Volcano. In November 2010, a rainstorm hit the island. The surplus water from the rainstorm was pumped into the Ninja Hideout, and a Water Dojo was created behind the waterfall. Thus, aspiring Ninjas gained the ability to master the elements of Fire and Water. It is said that Sensei also taught the superhero Gamma Gal, who later appeared in the book “Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite!”.

In November 2011, he hosted a Card-Jitsu party, celebrating the third anniversary of Card-Jitsu. The party ended up becoming a war between the Fire and Water ninjas.

In May 2013, a snowstorm began in the Dojo area. Sensei warned everyone that they must start preparing to train in the Snow element, but told them to master Fire and Water first. He left the Dojo to find out the cause of this, and eventually came back to train the Ninjas. Rumors spread that the cause of the snowstorm and the attacks on the Dojo were three snowmen minions, who aimed to defeat Sensei and destroy the Dojo.

Tusk revealed himself as the mastermind behind the snow minions. He now considered Sensei as an enemy and wanted to defeat him. In the game Card Jitsu – Snow, Sensei and the Ninjas withstood the attack of the three minions. In the final battle, Sensei and his Ninjas stand up to Tusk, who eventually praises Sensei for training his Ninjas well but claims to be much more powerful, before dissolving into a shadow spirit.


During the Star Wars takeover in July 2013, Sensei played the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi and called himself Obi Wan Sensei. He wore a brown Jedi robe and has a blue lightsaber (though it is not visible on-screen). He taught the penguins to duel with a lightsaber and trained them to become a Jedi Master.

Whenever he visits the island, he always speaks in the form of Haikus. Here are some of his haikus:

The Cookie Haiku
Like the great cookie
We must have honor and strength
And chocolate chips

The Greatest Ninja
The greatest ninja
Never gives up a battle
Or a cup of tea

Many penguins theorized that Sensei is old friends with Rockhopper (the pirate guy). He and Rockhopper are the only penguins on Club Penguin who have natural beards. When Sensei took over Aunt Arctic’s “Ask Aunt Arctic” section in the Club Penguin Times newspaper, he revealed that he and the Captain often sipped tea together. He even tried to teach Card Jitsu to Rockhopper but realized he was as unpredictable as the elements themselves!

From cards to lightsabers, Sensei is definitely one of the coolest mascots in CP. I’m feeling so nostalgic right now, wishing we could have it all back! Cya in the next post!


Help Force Captain

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