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Welcome to the brand new column, Word Of The Week! A new emote is now in the Help Force Discord server, :wordoftheweek:. Every time that emote is used, I will look at the words used in the messages above and below it, and select one of the words as the word of the week. However, the twist is that there can be multiple words in a week! So if you see a word that you like, make sure to use the emote! Now let’s move on to our first word of the week, which I have selected from the latest event!


Corn is defined as a tall plant grown in many parts of the world for its yellow seeds, which are eaten as food, made into flour, or fed to animals. It is also considered as another term for maize. Informally known as something banal or sentimental. It is also defined as a small, painful area of thickened skin on the foot, especially on the toes, caused by pressure. Corn also means something really inappropriate that won’t be discussed here.

Wynn loves corn! No Wynn doesn’t love the small painful areas of thickened skin, Wynn loves the yellow seed like food. She loves it so much that one fine day, she declared her undying love for corn. Out of nowhere she decided that Desireus’ coconuts were a threat to her corn, and launched an anti coconut movement. Wynn also recruited several members into her corn revolution, and soon created a corn role that was given to her loyal followers. Even the server soon lost its help force name and became corn force! This was soon remedied by the ever resourceful Second in Command Scorpion Demon who converted it into an Elites revival. Much more interesting and chaotic for sure.

The corn revolution reached new heights on June 11th as we conducted a corn event! Everyone wore popcorn trays and Jayden showered the army with corn puns. Scorp showered the army with even more corn puns. There were lots of corn puns hehe. And everyone was given free corn! Such is Wynn’s love for corn that she broke her own rule and decided to distribute free food on a mass level. During this event, the anti coconut movement reached new heights. Desireus was forced to allow the peasants to start cultivating corn on his coconut plantation. Of course, these peasants are uneducated and don’t know that the environment in which coconuts grow is very unsuitable for corn but they will launch desperate attempts to enforce corn supremacy anyways. Stupid peasants.

There are still questions that I have about this corn movement. The whole concept of having an army based on corn is questionable. Corn is questionable. It is nice when it is roasted and eaten during monsoons but it is very questionable as an element of CPA. Thus I decided to steal some of Wynn’s corn and thereby force her to enter my special interrogation chamber (smirk) so that I could ask her some questions about corn!

Why did you begin the corn revolution?

The ultimate goal is to make everyone slaves to the corn and then use the corn to control the slaves. Those who oppose the corns will be hit in the head with coconuts. They will be forced to become slaves to the corn. Since I control the corn I will eventually control all the slaves. Help Force Best Force!

Will staff be fed corn on a daily basis from now onwards? 

Yes. However, the quantity will be measured very carefully to make sure they do not get too much food with respect to their body weight and height. In the end, staff are already slaves, but adding a further layer of corn security will bring great rewards to our glorious gracious motherland.

Will corn remain as a major trend of the army or will corn eventually die out?

It will never die out. I plan to make corn the main currency in the future, replacing sapphires.

Why corn?

Corn is sweet. Corn can be used to make corn mazes to trap the people we don’t want in HF. It is great on pizza. And it has the wow factor that I required from the new slave control system.

That’s all for today’s Word Of The Week!

Scorpion Demon

Help Force Second In Command

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  1. very corny. corn4ever ~katie

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