Jellyfish’s Stinky Poll – NOW MORE STINKY!


When Help Force was just about done getting rid of its stinkiness, THE STINKY FOUGHT BACK. Oh? You thought I was gone? Did you think I was done bullying the staff? DO YOU THINK IT IS THAT EASY TO GET RID OF ME? Well, some of that is right. I am *mostly* done bullying the staff. I also included some of you nasty boring helpers in this. No need to thank me, I know this will make you guys really famous so don’t get all worked up.

Before we get started, everything you see will hurt your eyes because THESE PEASANTS DON’T KNOW HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT OPTION.
Oh, and the content ahead will contain explicit and satirical language. You have been warned!
Please don’t read on if you take these out of context and think I’m serious.


Like I said earlier, this new stinkier version… Let’s just say I got tired of bullying staff. (Except Wynn) It’s been nearly a year since this series was continued, and I seem to have lost my Admiral status. Of course, with that, you would think I have lost the authority to bully staff, but I don’t care, I’ll just ask Wynn to have Sara on my side I guess? Anyways, I DM’d a bunch of random staff members and had a few members DM me when I was commander(true).

Now, let’s introduce our contestants for this week’s bullying!!

  1. We can’t bring back a series without the Commanders, Snowy and Wynn
  2. Obviously, need the 2ic’s Maya, Scorp, ROOBOO, and Des
  3. Amazing member of the HComm, Mr. Raccoon himself, Alex the Raccoon!
  4. He was on my DM list so Plotter!
  5. Over on the peasant side of things, we have Blogger Maisie, and Arfish!
  6. We needed someone who’s just sad on the inside and outside, so I looked to get a Dynasty member… I got Lisa

Now, these people may have good hearts (I said *may*) but in the stinky zone, they don’t matter.

Would you rather eat an insect or hug a bear?

Starting off simple, I asked them a question that would determine whether they were dumb bitches or just cool. Looks like most of them were cool and wanted to hug a bear! Because who wouldn’t want to waltz into death’s arms?????? Like, I never said “Oh the bear is harmless” but these MFs just went for it huh? Not like we need them anyway. 90% percent of the staff team on this poll just said sure. IT’S LIKE YOU DON’T EVEN CARE FOR THE ARMY?

On the bright side, in order to recuperate from the loss of staff members, I will be stepping in to fill their shoes. First order of business, we are at war with a very specific bear. No, this was not a plan that I made to kill my friends and take over. No, I’m not crazy. Shut up.

Have a pet Jellyfish or a pet Octopus

This next one was a little personal for me. I asked my wonderful friends what they would prefer as a pet. Now, let me just say, there were no right answers to this. Octopi or Octo…pussy hehe, are weird creatures man. They just move their tentacles and do weird shit, why you would want one as a pet is the big mystery of it all.  Of course! Lisa seemed to have picked an octopus… She is a mysterious person when it comes to her life choices so it’s deeply understandable haha. Get help, Lisa. (not help force that joke is way too overused so don’t you fucking dare.)
The other option was a jellyfish. NOW, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD WANT TO DOMESTICATE SUCH A WONDERFUL CREATURE. THESE MAJESTIC BEAUTIES DO NOT DESERVE YOUR LOVE. (I do tho, give me love pls) The fact that so many of you thought of having a pet jellyfish baffles me. The only plausible reason here is, that you thought I wouldn’t bully you for choosing that option. No you stupids, you get bullied no matter what.

Would you rather have Wynn be a dog or cat?

You know how people have those philosophical kinda questions like the tram thingy where it either kills 5 people or 1 person. I did that, except would you rather have the Commanders be a dog or a cat. This can say a lot about a person, like, are you stupid or are you lazy. Are you dumb or are you normal, etc. First up we have Wynn. Now I don’t know if it’s because people prefer cats more or what, but Wynn is no way in hell a cat. She’s like a wholesome dog that won’t ever leave you alone and keeps yapping all day. LIKE WE GET IT WYNN. Wynn has never given me traits of a cat so if you’d rather have her be a cat, you got one energetic mf roaming around.

Would you rather have Snowy be a dog or cat?

Snowy on the other hand can be both I think… She has that energy of a dog but also THE LAZINESS OF A CAT. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG SHE TOOK TO SUBMIT HER ANSWER FOR THIS POLL??? I sent this poll on Saturday and as of writing this post on a Sunday afternoon, it’s still not done… She forgot… to hit “Submit form” LIKE HOW DO YOU FORGET TO SUBMIT THE FORM LUV[Update, it’s Monday morning, she finally sent it]. Besides that, when I reminded her to submit it… she said she was going to sleep. Now if that doesn’t give cat energy idk what does.

Also, I give you form fillers one job. not to click on a certain option… AND WHAT DO YOU DO? SKEW THE RESULTS BY THINKING YOU’RE REBELLIOUS AND DOING WHAT I TOLD YOU NOT TO. I will be individually stabbing each and every one of you who selected that option 🙂 Although I do agree, Snowy Ketchup.

Watch TV/Social Media all day or Be outside all-day

Now, I should have expected this to be the result. I asked a bunch of terminally online club penguin nongrass touchers if they would be at home watching TV or enjoy life outside like a normal person. My bad. Just so you know, each and every one of them is lying about wanting to be outside. “Oh, Mr.Stinky why do you say that?” Well firstly, if they wanted to go outside so much they wouldn’t be doing this poll because come on, you’re on discord all day who are you trying to lie to. And, half the people I asked are discord moderators. They have a reputation for not touching grass you know.

The fact that no one put Watch TV is the funniest thing to me like damn yall cant be honest, huh?

Clowns, Yes or No

The only people that said yes to clowns are clowns themselves. These creepy-ass-painted things are terrifying I don’t care what anyone says. Like okay maybe a few at the circus are fine BUT THE REST NO FUCKING WAY. Like, even their names are creepy. Y’all are clowning for saying yes to clowns. As much as I bully people, Arfish and Wynn don’t deserve it, they said no like good people. Okay, well maybe Wynn deserves it, I’ve known her for way too long now I need to be rude to her. WynnSux.

Choose one of these animals to be able to talk

This one was interesting because the only right answer would be horses. They seem like they’d be really nice and possibly rich. It’s good to see other people have common sense. Because let me just say if I’m talking to a cow or pig, I would get very upset because I would rather eat than talk to them you know? I mean yea sure they’re nice (probably) but knowing an animal can talk to you when you have them cooked in your hand feels scary. I wonder if people eat horses. Also, horses would radiate BDE and that’s cool ig.

Grilled Cheese or Mac n Cheese(RIP Maisie)

Alex brought up a very interesting point, what if people don’t like cheese. Now firstly, I feel very bad for you because cheese is great. Secondly, sucks to suck. Now, the obvious answer would be Mac n Cheese. Why?  Well, a mac n cheese doesn’t always have to just be pasta and cheese, you can have so much variety with toppings, cheeses, types of pasta, and even the sauces you might use. Oh, and it can either be baked or cooked that’s your choice. But grilled cheese…. the only variety you have are different cheeses or different types of bread. That’s it??? Yea, I know it sucks huh? Scorp, Alex, Wynn, Plotter, Roo… you guys have never really had good mac n cheese, right? That’s the only explanation as to why you prefer grilled cheese.

Sentient Robots or Killer Clowns

Here’s where you start to think logically, Killer Clowns are usually psychopaths, they take time to dress up, and proceed to kill their victims by torturing them with fear that a killer clown is after them, so uhhhh big no to that </3

Sentient robots on the other hand, well unless they learn to torture are just going to kill you and that’s better than going through mental torture right? Well, at least that’s what most of you picked! Good job HF, you have *some* common sense. Except for… ALEX??? Alex wtf man I thought you were smart and cool :/

Oh well, that’s one less raccoon in the trash.

Was this the best poll you’ve ever done

As is tradition over at the stinky polls, I ask for your most valuable and needed feedback and well the polls have spoken. The “for sure” option was the most sarcastic option and no one selected that so yay! I am AUSIA Daddy and I am Best Daddy so tyvm.

Thank you for tuning in to the best series since….. I don’t even know man, I haven’t been on this site for a while I have no idea what the best series has been for a while. If you would like to be a cool person and be a part of the poll, Let me know by either commenting below or by DM’ing me 😀 The urge to say toodledoo again because I said that in the last Poll post is crazy rn… TOODLEDOO.


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