Double Trouble – Scorpion Demon and Desireus

Editor’s Note: This post has been heavily edited to remedy the writer’s absolute lack of writing skills and grammar. 

Bello Helpers! I hope that things are going well for you and you’ve met tons of new friends already. This week, we are back with Double Trouble, in which we interview two people who often cause trouble together. I’m Ru, the former Admiral and the current Cabinet Secretary! I am carrying out Dhanush (rip) and PinguMaliz’s will to keep this trending blog alive. We are joined today by the dynamic team known as Scorpion Demon and Desireus. How did they become friends? Are they chaotic or only about cars?


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Jellyfish’s Stinky Polls – The Junior Stink

Stinky, Stinky, Stinky! That’s what everyone is. But today, there’s an extra stink among the Juniors of HF… And Ru of course. I mean… Look at her. Yikes! You can smell it from so far away. Obviously, if you want to be a significant member of the Help Force, we need to check on your definitely valid opinions (lmao).

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Jellyfish’s Stinky Poll – NOW MORE STINKY!


When Help Force was just about done getting rid of its stinkiness, THE STINKY FOUGHT BACK. Oh? You thought I was gone? Did you think I was done bullying the staff? DO YOU THINK IT IS THAT EASY TO GET RID OF ME? Well, some of that is right. I am *mostly* done bullying the staff. I also included some of you nasty boring helpers in this. No need to thank me, I know this will make you guys really famous so don’t get all worked up.

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPRewritten to take part in the Quarter Finals of the Legends Cup XI against The Water Vikings. The battle went extremely well with all tactics and formations performed with perfect coordination and was led by Vedant, Nell, Joe and Jayden. The Battle resulted in a clean 3 room win for the Force. Also congrats on breaking the max record for Legends Cup tournament as last year, the highest max achieved was 71 in the Quarter-Finals too.


Max: 74+

Comment below if you attended the battle!

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Hey Helpers! Today we all logged onto CPRewritten on the server Crystal for our round 1 match in the Legends Cup XI tournament. Led by Barnito, Nell, Jayden, and Joe, we fought valiantly and secured the victory!
Sadly our opponents the Underground Mafias Army, forfeited the match in the first room, and so now will be moving on to the quarter finals!

MAX: 51+

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Hi Helpers! today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a practice battle with our allies, the Ice Warriors. it was a vert fast, exciting battle! Thank you all for attending! 

Onwards And Upwards #PreparationForDomination.

MAX: 45+

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Jellyfish’s Stinky Poll – July 2021

Welcome to chaos and pure bullying! Jellyfish’s Stinky Poll, being the superior post to Lyd’s Daily Diary, is here today to show you guys, how sad and stupid the Generals and Jr. Staff of HF truly are!

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Greetings Everyone! Today we logged onto CPR for a very special event, for a moment that we were all waiting for the entire week. First, we have a lot of fun with tactics at Town, Snow Forts and Stadium, led by ROOBOO, Jayden and Snowy and then we all participated in a massive VC party! We were singing together and counting down the time till the biggest reveal of the year – introducing The Force Arcadium! Make sure to check out our announcements channel and thank you, everyone, for coming!

MAX: 34+

Comment below if you came to the event!

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Hi Helpers! today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a fun rainbow themed event! We did some amazing tactics and formations in the Town, Snow Forts, and Night Club, Thank you Nell, Joe, Jayden, Scorpion Demon, Mandal, and Amy for leading. and thank you all for attending!

MAX: 45+

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Zipline, HF Blog HQ – After a worldwide pandemic COVID-19 struck the world a new virus is taking over the streets of the CPA Community. Patient Zero, identified to be going by the online persona of Ayan “Pencil” Force, has been confirmed to have been infected with a virus being labelled as GFXOVID-21. Currently, little information is known about this virus except for its R-Naught value, currently sitting at 0.1.

Speaking to HF Public Health Advisor Scorpion Demon, the information that has been found is quite shocking.

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