Jellyfish’s Stinky Poll – July 2021

Welcome to chaos and pure bullying! Jellyfish’s Stinky Poll, being the superior post to Lyd’s Daily Diary, is here today to show you guys, how sad and stupid the Generals and Jr. Staff of HF truly are!

Before we get started, everything you see will hurt your eyes because THESE PEASANTS DON’T KNOW HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT OPTION.
Oh, and the content ahead will contain explicit and satire language. You have been warned!
If you take these out of context and think I’m serious, please don’t read on.

To start off, the form was filled by 15 uneducated staff members of HF. As an Admiral of HF, I have legal rights to take away their staff roles and bully them xoxo.

Moving on, I asked the question that matters in a life or death situation, Lizards or Frogs. Now, the obvious answer is lizards, they’re cute, nimble and love to around humans, at least the trained ones. The frogs on the other hand a entitled little jumpy fucks that are very slimy! But, since this was given to the Junior Staff and Generals, the answer was bound to stupid, 75% stupid! I mean we get it plotter you like to be quirky but liking frogs is just sad… I have a confession. While on a trip i found this black and brown frog at a resort and he became my friend, the next day i put him in a pool… I didn’t know there was chlorine in said pool so lil guy died lol… There was just a floating corpse for 2 days after in that mini pool. Whoops :/

This next question, holds the fate of these staff members, and I’m not kidding. It’s Raccoons or Possums! The right answer? Raccoons (yea that’s right Elp). Why you may ask? Well look at possums. Demonic creatures that look like they are formed in a trash breeding ground. Yes Opossums not the cute possums from Australia. I don’t know if you guys will believe this but ALEX of all people told me “I love raccoons but they are trash bandits, I do like Opossums more but don’t tell anyone”. So if he asks who told you, just say a raccoon overheard him 😉

I tried my best to make sure everyone chose at least one right answer but it seems like these beginner staff members have nothing better to do than be horribly wrong! Coming in hot with this next question Turkey or Duck to eat, Lydia thought she was quirky, and decided to choose duck. I don’t know why but she did. Turkey is just bigger birb. Duck is smol birb that tastes mediocre AT BEST. I don’t know how this is even a hard decision to make :weary:

Movies or TV Shows? Even i had a hard time choosing an option because on 1 had you have 90-150 Minutes of pure goodness and on the other you have 90-150 Days of pure goodness but with shorter time. Movies are very predictable tho, unless you know there’s a sequel planned which makes it so you know whats happening in the sequel instead! So, the right answer, TV Shows got picked by the minority of staff?? Clearly these people have no souls… Oh wait they’re staff in an army, of course they don’t… we love being quirky like that. I’m not even going to personally attack anyone because it is my fault for giving a question that clearly will be based on having an rl or not which we know none of us have.

This next question is personal, A pet fish for 10 years or Bird for 1 year. I would’ve chosen bird because you can’t really have fun with a fish… It just eats and poops on repeat, apart from being annoying, something that Scorp is, (yes scorp, you). I had a bird for 10 years and let me just say, 1 year is enough to love them and have fun, you can’t love a fish tho that’s weird. Anyways, seems like everyone had an okay mind for this as 60% of people chose the bird! Clowns like Phoenix chose a fish. I’M SORRY WHAT? Your name is literally PHOENIX, a mythical bird thing, and you chose a fish??? I’ve given up on the next generation of Staff.

I don’t like democracy.

The next question really depends on where you live. Winters or Summers, personally I prefer Winters because where i used to live, we would get rain then, and summers would touch 50 degrees on days so I would rather not. Where I do live currently it’s probably even worse in Summers because its pure humidity… Not hot, just humidity so you become weirdly sticky and sweaty. Winters FTW. People like Ao don’t deserve to do this poll he chose all the wrong answers. Summers suck.

Nothing you can do will change my mind. Rap is not music. ESPECIALLY the current rappers. They literally mumble words on a beat. They don’t even sound right too it’s just weird. Asking everyone if they preferred Music or Rap, 71% said music. These guys are all promoted! The rest of you… well ew.

Well that concludes the world’s greatest poll! Stick around till next month where I get to critiquing the helpers! Please don’t leave the server we need you, I just do this series so I can feel better about myself and deal with my emotions of being bullied by Neo. Don’t demote me pls. Toodledoo!

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