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Jellyfish’s Stinky Polls – Extended Stinkification

Welcome back to another edition of the stinkiest polls in Club Penguin Army history. Despite it being two years since he retired, Jayden’s stink still prevails strong enough for these polls to continue. However, in the previous few weeks he consistently wrote a total of zero posts, which invited a host of complaints from people. I am not saying complaints are bad, after all that’s just a normal thing for every single stinky Helper out there to do the moment something happens. But since I got annoyed by the complaints, here you go, a substitute for the Jellyfish’s Stinky Polls.

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Enforcer’s Demonic Polls

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – Recently, I stepped down from my position from Second in Command. Since Jayden, another retired 2ic, is busy with his exams, a thought occurred to me – would people even notice if a different retired 2ic wrote Jayden’s column? Thus, I decided to conduct this experiment. As expected, no one I DMed questioned why a different person was taking the poll this week! Except Ru. Fucking. Emma. Always noticing everything. Screw you, Ru, I had a legendary joke planned.

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Jellyfish’s Stinky Polls – The Junior Stink

Stinky, Stinky, Stinky! That’s what everyone is. But today, there’s an extra stink among the Juniors of HF… And Ru of course. I mean… Look at her. Yikes! You can smell it from so far away. Obviously, if you want to be a significant member of the Help Force, we need to check on your definitely valid opinions (lmao).

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Jellyfish’s Stinky Poll – NOW MORE STINKY!


When Help Force was just about done getting rid of its stinkiness, THE STINKY FOUGHT BACK. Oh? You thought I was gone? Did you think I was done bullying the staff? DO YOU THINK IT IS THAT EASY TO GET RID OF ME? Well, some of that is right. I am *mostly* done bullying the staff. I also included some of you nasty boring helpers in this. No need to thank me, I know this will make you guys really famous so don’t get all worked up.

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Jellyfish’s Stinky Poll – July 2021

Welcome to chaos and pure bullying! Jellyfish’s Stinky Poll, being the superior post to Lyd’s Daily Diary, is here today to show you guys, how sad and stupid the Generals and Jr. Staff of HF truly are!

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Jellyfish’s Stinky Poll

Hey Stinkies! It’s finally here! The best poll known to humankind! This series, coming to you once a month or when I feel like being mean, is dedicated to asking HF’s Staff, Junior Staff and practically anyone the weirdest stinkiest questions! Our participants, taken from a pool of 20 people, have been asked the weirdest questions for the best poll ever.

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