Jellyfish’s Stinky Poll

Hey Stinkies! It’s finally here! The best poll known to humankind! This series, coming to you once a month or when I feel like being mean, is dedicated to asking HF’s Staff, Junior Staff and practically anyone the weirdest stinkiest questions! Our participants, taken from a pool of 20 people, have been asked the weirdest questions for the best poll ever.

Before we get started, everything you see will hurt your eyes because THESE PEASANTS DON’T KNOW HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT OPTION.
Oh, and the content ahead will contain explicit and satire language. You have been warned!.
If you take these out of context and think I’m serious, please don’t read on.

Now, I sent the poll to our staff only for this 1st edition, so I’m going to insult them to my heart’s content because they are my friends, whether they like it or not. Also, I was so excited to give my prisoners besties something to do; I forgot to ask their names. I did manage to pull out a few individual responses, though, so that’s great! Our next edition will involve more bullying towards an individual.


The question was, “Jellyfish or Octopi”, and some UNCULTURED HOES decided to like Octopi. Just saying, the plural of Octopus is also OCTOPUSSIES BECAUSE THEY’RE LIL BITCHES.

Now, you need to agree with me, or else there will be consequences. #JellyfishGang in your name in HF rn or get banned. Nell told me I could ban, I would send proof, but she asked me not to. She also told me not to say anything here, but oh well.

Nell said she selected octopus because she likes to eat them. GOOD.

Moving on to the second question, I asked everyone the worlds simplest question, “Clowns or Jesters”. OBVIOUSLY, if you’re smart, you would know, if you select Clowns, it means you are one because these things are not nice and are fucking demonic. If you choose jesters, you enjoy a good laugh now or then, and I admire that. 66% of you get help. Staff cant function when more than 50% is a demon :))

We should ban clowns. Yes, I mean Kailey, not anyone else, don’t worry.

Okay, I know this question can be hard since even I love both, but there’s an obvious answer between “Cats and Dogs”. Dogs. I love both, but cats don’t know how to love another human being without making them feel like complete trash. Ayan, please like this post. I’m hating on cats. This chart thankfully looks fine!

It looks like most of our staff have common sense, yay.

“Help Force or Helping Friends”, the question that should be asked to everyone as verification. Most people selected “Help Force”, but it turns out Ayan actually said “Helping Friends” along with a few others! I think HF may be looking at a rename soon!

Please don’t ban me.

In the battle of long vegetables, “Carrots or Cucumbers” were voted on by the staff, and a lot of them seem to have common sense. 55% do prefer carrots over cucumbers, and that’s great. Clearly, the people that selected cucumbers have a bad sense of eyesight and meant to click carrots. If not, grow up bitches cucumbers is just water eat some real veggies.

That text was blinding, so you know to eat your veggies.

The fact that there’s such a small percentage difference in “Tissue Papers or Re-Usable Napkins” surprises me. Like, why aren’t you guys hygienic? Re-using napkins? FOR WHAT REASON? To wipe that snot and food off your face and then TO PUT YOUR FACE IN IT AGAIN 5 MINUTES LATER? Grow up already and use tissue papers. It’s cheap for a reason yknow.

Snotty people like Elp and Lydia, 2 very disgusting people, use Napkins. Do you want to be like them?

Before you continue reading on, Plotter, if you read this. I apologise. It turns out your ukulele is trash and everyone wants to delete their ears. In a poll between “Guitars or Ukuleles,” the Uke seems to be drowning in unpopularity. Sucks to suck, plotter, but I guess you can get banned now, toodles!

Guitars are fun tho I see how it won, lol.

I know I misspelt it. Shut up

The final question I asked is a joke for sure. Elp’s prison cells are NOT in use, I promise. But mine is lol. Anyways, whoever answered that I have you ‘hostage’, know that nobody knows who you are because I didn’t ask for names, and it also isn’t true so… I’m coming for you.

Alright, this is the end, I hope you enjoyed reading and if you didn’t. Fuck you, I didn’t ask for your opinion. Joking aside, thank you for tuning in to the best poll to touch the internet since 2023. If you did enjoy reading, do give this post a like and comment who you would like to see insulted and dragged through the electrical jellyfish torture chamber next! I don’t know when I’ll be back, but once I find some new prisoners besties xoxo, I’ll get to asking the questions!

8 Responses

  1. kill cats 👍

  2. shut up aiyn

  3. also, amazing poll
    yes, octopus is delicious

  4. I would like to see Osama or Red on the jellyfish torture chamber ^.^

  5. I would like to see Osama or Red in the electrical jellyfish torture chamber UwU

  6. Who even is 2k76, like grow up already. Although cats ftw suck it jayden

  7. Ah yes, the content i stayed back here for

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