Jellyfish’s Stinky Polls – The Junior Stink

Stinky, Stinky, Stinky! That’s what everyone is. But today, there’s an extra stink among the Juniors of HF… And Ru of course. I mean… Look at her. Yikes! You can smell it from so far away. Obviously, if you want to be a significant member of the Help Force, we need to check on your definitely valid opinions (lmao).

Before we get started, everything you see will hurt your eyes because THESE PEASANTS DON’T KNOW HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT OPTION.
Oh, and the content ahead will contain explicit and satirical language. You have been warned!
Please don’t read on if you take these out of context and think I’m serious.


Starting off this week’s stink-off, I threatened requested the Junior staff and Generals of HF to let me in on some of their shitty opinions <3. Besides that I read the comments and also brought in a few lovely stinks to also do the poll this week! Comment at the bottom of the post if you would like to be a part of the Poll!

Now, let’s introduce our contestants for this week’s bullying!!

  1. There are so many Jr. Staff omg… I present to you, Anish San, potatolover, Nightfury, Walver, Lord Sen, chimoop and Eshal
  2. We then have our generals… Yikes there’s so little it’s adorable. Delitager and rheana. (escape while you still can luvs) Although… It seems like someone forgot to click submit so… well we have one less of a response smh maya.
  3. Cabinet Secretary Clown Helper Clown Ru!
  4. And of course, our commenters from last week Valour (cinnamon, or whatever name he’s going by today) and Trekkaz!

What’s funny is I just know like… half of them, so this is going to be very interesting.

Would you rather be a dog or be a cat?

Once again, we start with an easy question. I am biased. I’ll admit that right now. Yea, yea, writers aren’t supposed to be biased blah blah blah. Do I look like I care lmfao. Dogs are better than cats, they are much better emotional support(cats are too but they also bring on a whole different set of emotions so) Dogs are easily trainable, at least more than cats. The only reason you’d pick a cat is if you hate life, hate people, hate attention, hate everything. I get the hate life part, but like come on, hate attention? We got discord moderators here filling this form. There is NO WAY you would not want attention.

Makes so much sense as to why Ru put “Be a cat” in lol. Attention seeker corny Ru.

Which exotic animal would you eat?

I’m so happy the sensible answers were more. I can’t bully them for that. Ducks and rabbits are common foods in many cultures. I MUST SAY I LOVE BOTH THEY TASTE AMAZING. Alligator meat… I mean it’s not unheard of, it just doesn’t feel right. Let’s see who sai- chimoop… Bestie I don’t know you but WHAT THE FUCK. WHY????? (tell me in comments I’m curious pls)

Horse meat… WHY WOULD YOU EAT A HORSE, MAN!?!… NIGHTFURY???? Explain yourself ma dude. This isn’t right. These are majestic beautiful creatures and you have decided “oh nom nom I love horsie I want to eat horsie nom nom”

Let’s move on before I send a request to the staff to demote these clowns.

What is your favourite Army Timezone?

If I speak from a “when I was staff” perspective. INT would make the most sense because we had a lot more people that would be able to attend as it was a mix of EU and AUSIA and some weird US people that woke up on time??? I’d say now though, it has to be EU because of the priority it has over Tournaments and Battles. This really is getting to be the curry force huh. Nearly 50% on AUSIA lmfao. So many *as Elp would say* Curry Munchers exist here now. AUSIA FTW.

Who even put US HAHAHAHAHA. Trekkaz! Why. What even. DO YALL EVEN HAVE US EVENTS???? brb gonna laugh, genuinely thought this option would never get selected.


If you could ban any Second-In-Command, Which would it be?

I love democracy.

Whoever voted Rooboo and Desi. Hate you fr. To make sure no chaos is caused, I will not be revealing your names to the public. Scorp, you’re gonna get banned hehe oopsies?

Juanita Day

I’m upset. Only 18% voted for no??? DO YOU GUYS KNOW HOW RUDE WE’VE BEEN TO HER FOR SPELLING MISTAKES? THIS IS CRAZY. What kind of a community are we if we keep making fun of people! We should not make fun of people for their flaws and for their choices in life! Not at all! Now say sorry to Jusnita, Hoe daer yuo be bullies! shmae! SHMAE ON YUO!

54% + 27% of pure love for Juanita fr. We love you clown, your mistakes have created the best HF Holiday.

Favourite Admiral

No bullying here, just love. Our admirals are really great and I think calling diwix stinky is true. He stinks more than everyone else. Love you 3 clowns yall are great please coup Wynn.


Make me Commander (Best Stinky Jellyfish)

More than 80% say Yes. Wynn, Snowy… Let’s talk now, shall we? I’m telling you, this is the best decision you can ever make. They Love me. EVERYONE LOVES ME THIS IS SO TRUE AND RIGHT NOTHING WRONG HERE AT ALL. THE VOTES WERE DEF NOT BRIBES. NOT AT ALL.

Thank you everyone for reading this wonderful Stinkfest! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I love bullying people! REQUESTING ALL OF YOU STINKIES TO COMMENT so I can force yall to be a part of next week’s issue of the HF Insi- wait wrong series. You know what I mean. TOODLEDOO


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  1. I want to eat alligator because im smol alligator chonk so i can be chonkier and people can stop wanting to nom me 😀

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