The Demonic Retreat – Scorp’s Retirement

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – This will not be the last time I type the words, “ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office”. However, it is the last time I am typing them as a Second in Command. My journey as a staff member is something I’ll never really forget. It is one of the most amazing times I’ve ever had online. Elp is the greatest.

It has been months since I wrote anything personal. I will do my best but if I miss out on something or forget someone, please don’t take it personally.
Update: After finishing writing this entire 5000+ words post in one go, I realize I’m still a great writer, and if I missed out on you I probably forgot you lol

The Journey 

[i.e. skip this section if you don’t like reading!]

From enjoying the glorious gracious motherland under the leadership of Ayan, Elp, Vedant and Nell, to making my own mark and directly helping the army ever since the Silver Rush 2 (and World War 8) and leading tournaments with Wynn and Snowy, there wasn’t a single moment where I regretted being in this wonderful community.

My journey began in April 2020, when I joined the Dark Warriors for CPO coins. THIS IS AN ADMIN SPEAKING, I HAVE A RED NAME SO I AM AN ADMIN. JOIN US TODAY FOR CPO COINS. I got bored with DW and left on the same day that I joined. On that day, I decided that armies were truly annoying. And then on April 28th, I saw AustinFraud advertising a football army. Suddenly, I forgot all about my hate for armies and joined his army. Thus, Athletes became my first real army. I started learning the basics from Austin and a person who called themselves Midoriya. There were many other friends that I made there too, like Sweet, Elsa, Kid, and others whom I don’t really remember now.

Despite being a small army, Athletes participated much more actively in the army community than the dead sm armies we see today. Using his previous experiences, Austin somehow steered us towards our maximum. I personally put in quite a lot of effort back then, despite being new. In fact, the very first sentence that I said when I joined them was, “How do I recruit?”. Owing to my luck and good timing, I managed to get hired as a trial mod real quick. Yep, even back then I speedran ranks. Within a month, I had reached Second in Command (It was a small army, it didn’t take much.) During that time, somehow I learned everything from battles to wars to tournaments. I experienced the bitter feeling of losing to another army over biased judges. I experienced the pure joy of getting in VC with your friends and joking around for hours in a row (it was covid times I had no job).

Incidentally, Club Penguin Online got shut down. Live life to the fullest and take the risks (no, not that kind of risks Riley). Austin almost merged us into SWAT, but then decided to switch to Elites instead. I am so glad that he did, because I’m pretty sure I’d have a much more pathetic story had I joined SWAT. SWAT sucks man, fuck SWAT. Anyways, I joined Elites and experienced a whole new level of competition. I made many new friends there too, some of whom are still my most trusted online friends. There were the leaders and fellow staff members like Luciferstar, Mythic, Simmonds, TechN9ne, Aisha, Gugspugs (Tia) (Te a), Moony, Sophie, Mangoes, Haley, and so many others. How can I forget Daya, the only person who truly matched my skills in recruiting. I also met Zeenie and Belencita there. And starting out as the lowest mod rank, within two or three months I grinded my way to 2ic, once again. This isn’t a small achievement, as Elites was a proper major army.

Sometime during all of this, I snuck my way into media. I joined CPAL as a reporter, but just as I started getting those sweet 10/10 ratings CPAL merged into CPAM (Ayan’s org). Ayan (CEO of CPAM) himself (supposedly) retired right after the merge, so I narrowly missed out on meeting this legend much earlier. However, I had the pleasure of working under Luciferstar, the best goddamn CEO we’ve ever seen (sorry Ayan). I also gained invaluable knowledge from people like Zamb, Emcee and Max. To this day I respect all of these people to what you may call an unhealthy level. (Sorry if I missed out on anyone else who helped me back then).

Not that I needed much help ofc, once again I speedran my way and earned an editorial position in CPAH very quickly. And I cannot stress how much this accelerated my growth in armies. The constant exposure to all the latest scandals, exposes, interviewing various people and always keeping an eye on every single army for any sign of a fresh topic taught me a lot. However, despite all my achievements (including a nomination for best staff member in cpah summer 2020), in the end it was the people around me who made it special. The people, my friends, are the reason why I still consider Elites as the best army I’ve been in (sorry HF). Later, Zamb and Koloway also joined the leadership, which made it even more fun.

During this time, I encountered a lot of armies, but the one I grew to hate the most would be SWAT. This mainly happened during the time when SWAT declared war on the Superstars on the newly released CPAH map. Superstars, led by some of my friends from the army Skaters, such as Kook, Overlord, and a few others, basically couldn’t match SWAT’s size. So during this time, I joined the army under an alt and started leading their battles during the war. Yep, despite being allied with SWAT as an Elites low mod. Also yep, despite being a literal irrelevant low mod I led a goddamn war. Soon, Kook managed to rally a few more armies together, who allied with Superstars. The Doritos also began sending aid to the army, and we did win a war. However, in the end we couldn’t hold up against SWAT as in the end Superstars didn’t really have any troops of their own and the allies could only help so much. I definitely learned a lot from it though.

Elites eventually died due to everyone slowly getting busy with school. Due to my involvement with the league, I had a chance to monitor all the new armies that I could move to. I felt interested in joining the Red Ravagers, but after spending a day there on a trial basis I realized they weren’t really much of an army. RR and Athletes basically were the same in size, but Athletes were leagues above in spirit. I realized that after Elites, I’d never feel at home if the army wasn’t like Elites. And thus, I moved to the Army of CP. ACP was the only one that seemed good enough back then. CSY was truly amazing as a leader the entire time I was in ACP, and till this date Max continues to radiate awesomeness. I made many other friends in ACP too, such as Cubby, Daniel, Chicken, Aurora, and so many others. I lost contact with almost all of them either when I retired or when they retired, except Sanya cuz he’s still active in HF sometimes (truly amazing person, salute him if you see him in chat) and of course Max.

After around a month in ACP, I retired due to studies. When I did get free time I decided to not rejoin ACP but go to Red Ravagers instead. This gave me a lot more freedom than I ever had in my previous armies. There was nothing to achieve or learn through it, it was more like a vacation time for me. I also had one of the craziest fun times there. RR is basically not an army but more like a crazy hangout server. Somehow, we managed to defeat the major army Templars in Legends Cup 2021. There, I met Nefe, Action, Boh and Max (the RR Max). Sometime after I joined HF, I defaced RR due to reasons I won’t reveal here. That’s about the only time I’ve done something immoral in armies. I was a bit concerned when they started recruiting from OF, but it doesn’t seem like they got any recruits from there either.

The way I joined HF is a story I always enjoy telling. I don’t remember when exactly, but sometime in 2020 Luciferstar introduced me to a game called At War. After taking like 5 minutes to teach me the basics of a game so complicated it took months to truly learn it, he asked me to join a match with Ayan and some other guy present. I narrowly missed out on meeting Ayan when CPAL and CPAM merged, cuz he retired at the same time as the merge. I heard his name quite a few times in CPAH, and from his posts, I thought he would be busy preparing for exams. Nope. There he was playing an online war strategy game. He actually came off as pretty cool, but by the end of 2020 we stopped playing the game. Then I met Vedant while I was reporting on a certain staff controversy *coughs* that occurred in HF.

In 2021, while foolishly under the impression that Ayan left to study for exams, I met him when he tried to recruit one of my alts for HF. We talked a bit, and I realized that I had much more in common with him than I realized. Soon after this, the Silver Empire troop stealing incidents became a really big problem for RR. It was completely immoral. Thus, RR decided to go to war with them and teach them a lesson. Ofc, the leaders chose to ignore the fact that RR maxed 10 and that was less than half of SE’s max. Somehow, we heard that HF also hated SE due to the troop stealing. I managed to convince them to let me talk to Ayan. And thus, an alliance war started. Faced with two enemies (mostly just scared of HF’s size), SE ran away and the end the war was postponed. However, during this time, I was beyond impressed by the way Ayan rallied his army into the war. And by the level of chaos Elp could cause. I had met Elp before in an interview (I’ve basically met literally everyone from 2020 in an interview). However, I truly experienced his chaos in that alliance gc. I also met two amazing leaders, Vedant and Nell in the gc. Vedant always worked hard for HF, and actually knew how to be an actual leader. I didn’t really understand much about Nell back then except that she had a very chonky hamster, but she seemed pretty badass too.

I retired from Red Ravagers soon after the war cuz I was honestly bored of the vacation vibes. And the constant fighting among the staff. It gets tiring when you do all the work without being the leader, plus none of them were interested in growing the army. During this time, I almost got convinced to make a new army. Fortunately I did not go through with it, and joined HF as a Commodeore instead. After several talks with Ayan, I realized that working under him would be the best for me. I am glad that I trusted my instincts back then and joined HF. Thanks to my previous experience in armies, I speed ran all the ranks until I reached General. This really came across as strange to many HF locals, because they did not know who I was outside of HF. It resulted in some really hilarious situations of jealousy. I was a HCOM level guy with tons of free time competing against new troops. During this time, I also got to know Vedant and Nell much better and realized how lucky I was to get to be under the leadership of the Quadrata – Ayan, Vedant, Nell and Elp. Them taking taking HF to #1 during the Silver Rush war and then keeping it at the top 3 was a truly amazing sight.

I achieved a lot of things in HF, learned more here than in any other army I’ve been in, contributed here more than any other army. If I had to describe my Help Force journey, it would possible take another 5000 word post. Hmm maybe that’s an idea for the future. For now, I’ll just try to wrap it up neatly.

After getting General, I pushed myself to give everything I could, even when I retired for a month. I gotta say, I did not really make efforts into forming a lot of friendships in the server. Despite that, I’ve gained so many friends here and formed so many memories that it never ceases to surprise me. People like Ru, Amy, Wynn, Snowy, Ayan, Elp, Vedant, Nell, Alex, Diwix, Desireus, Jayden, Maya, Nervous, Vixx, Stemv, and so many others… they made the journey what it was. My efforts always paid off in the end, with me getting promoted regularly. In the end, I also managed to be one of the top 5 Golden Helpers of the year, despite me being in the army only for 6 months. There are too many achievements to list down one by one, but I couldn’t have done any of it without the Helpers. As long as there are people who care about the server and are willing to work for it, Help Force will never stop being the best.

The Future

In January 2022, I had a plan for this entire year. That plan did not involve me leaving the army, in any case. Its the same as it was the last time I retired. I am not leaving because I don’t care about HF. I’m just someone who can’t shamelessly keep a rank despite not deserving it. I’ve seen people who lost interest in armies stay in powerful positions, and they just killed off their armies internally for their own ego. Maybe I will serve as an advisor, maybe I won’t. But, to all of you aspiring staff members and Commanders, I promise you one thing – I’ll be here to help you. I promise that I won’t turn into one of those typical bitter veterans who make things suck for the new people by mocking their efforts. If you ever need help, or advice, regarding any army aspect I can definitely help you out.

Throughout this time, I’ve learned one thing – the connections you have with the people around you really matter. The friendships in this community are the only thing that will stay after everything else goes to hell. But that doesn’t mean you should blindly surround yourself with as many people as you can, without forming any real bonds with them. Surround yourself with people whom you genuinely trust, and as long as you have them you won’t need anyone else. People who won’t lie to you when you fail, and won’t feed your ego when you succeed. People you can depend on to do shit for you when you’re not able to. Oh and I also learned that music makes everything better. And that SWAT will always be trash.

The People

I would like to thank everyone who supported me, stood by me, was a staff member/troop with me and trusted me. I do not apologize for anything that I have done that may have hurt you, I most likely meant it so deal with it. I would like to not apologize to all those people whom I banned/muted with/without reason, you were being annoying af 😀

In these two years of being in the HF, there have been several people who had an impact on me. I have listed and written a few words about some of them. Sorry if I missed out on anyone:

Ayan: Thank you for being such an amazing friend and giving me chances when you had no reason to. Thank you for including me in your team of CPAHQ spies, along with Wynn and Snowy. We’re getting close, we’ll completely wipe out CPAHQ soon. You’ve taught me a lot of things, but the worst one was At War. I’ll never forgive you for ruining my confidence in my logical reasoning with that game. You are a true CPA legend. If you ever need help stealing money from HF donations to buy some decent glasses, let me know. We’ll frame Wynn and say that she used it to buy corn. And I’d like to end off by saying that it will always be sad that in your case, the diagnosis is not erectile dysfunction but just smol size ✏️. Now that I’ve gotten out of CPA, maybe I’ll finally get a decent WiFi and play CS with you once your exam ends. (He’s finally studying for real now LOL).

Wynn: Thank you for trusting in me and being there for me. It’s been an honor serving under you, and I just know that you’ve got what it takes to make HF #1 in the coming months. Please, stop with the corn it’s making HF fall down the Top Tens. I hope you achieve everything you want to. I promise that even though I’m retired, I won’t stop arguing with your decisions and making up completely ridiculous plans to annoy you. Thank you for being one of the few real friends I have here.

Elp: “Elp is the greatest, always was, always will be.” Thank you for giving me a chance to be your slave, I enjoyed making the few graphics I actually finished for you, and designing The Greatest Shop ofc. It would be nice if we get to stay in touch after this. Your chaos will never stop being the greatest.

Snowy: You were always the voice of reason in times especially when I refused to listen to reason, and I gotta say that’s one of the most important things anyone has ever provided to me here. Thank you for always supporting me and being there to help. I may have failed in my quest to eradicate ketchup, but I have set the foundations for ketchup to be banned. You just need to find a slave who will finish the job for you. Don’t mess this up. You’ve shown me how important it is to have real friends, and not fakes who will praise you no matter what the fuck what you do.

Gru: AYYYY TIS YO HOMIE RUEMMA! Idk how two people as different as us could have this strong a friendship. Opposites do attract, my smartness somehow managed to make use of your dumbass nature. Thanks for helping me cheat in those math exams. The Marine Drive plan will be real very soon, we’ll both work towards it. I am glad that you retired before me so I could finally take reigns of AUSIA and fix the mess you and your horny buddies made of it. Jk why did you have to retire smh could’ve waited for a while. See ya around!

Desireus: You’ve been like a brother to me for all this time, and I think one of the best parts of our friendship was that we don’t even need to talk to know what the other is thinking. Thank you for leading AUSIA beside me, I couldn’t have done everything I did without your help. You’ve come quite a long way, and while no one was watching, you silently grew into an even more powerful person than me. It’s your turn now, to be the face that represents entire AUSIA and takes it to #1. I already know you’re gonna do a better job than any AUSIA leader before you, and I promise I’ll always be here to help when you need me. Also, :salt:.

Amy: As always, this ain’t a farewell to you cuz there will never be a farewell for us three. We don’t get to talk as much as before, but you’re still one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Green is still cringe.

Delitager: My disciple! Thank you for being such an amazing student, even though I suck as a teacher. I just know that if you stick with this place, you’re gonna be at the top one day. You’ve got the potential to be the force that drives HF onwards, so keep this going for me. Did you know that even though I recruited thousands of people, you are one of the two recruits who ended up becoming staff? Amazing, right? The other recruit was Belencita btw, she’s in ACP. Believe in yourself, and be the next Scorp (less rude). And please stop saying m and w and a and whatever other shit you say when you don’t have anything to say.

Zeenie: Most of the HF people probably don’t know you, but you’ve been too important in my life to not mention you here. I won’t say much since it probably won’t make sense to the ones reading, but thanks for being an amazing friend and always appreciating food with me.

Nefe: You’re the overall best human I could ask for. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, and I hope you find the strength to apologize to me for your poetry soon. You’ll always be the best sibling I’ll ever have. Except that one cousin I told you about. I hope you always stay happy. Nah jk fuck you.

Racoco: Alex, you have a lot of potential in you. Thanks for all those fun times, and for working with me. I’m sorry if my irrational behavior bothered you but I just can’t help saying this: STOP FUCKING STEALING THE FOOD! I hope you soon rise to even higher ranks, just believe in yourself cuz you got what it takes.

Maya: Continue being sus, Queen Maya! Thanks for helping me out anytime I asked, you were always there to work on whatever crazy ideas I had. US Discord recruitment team when kek. Keep making amazing posts, you’re doing a great job! And don’t retire too soon, stay and help HF reach #1 again.

Based Diwix: I still remember that you were the first person to approach me and try to make me feel welcome when I first joined. Thanks for always being there for me bro, and I hope you’ll keep Bose DK going strong. You’ll need to start looking for more Indian members for it now that I’m gone.

Zamb: Thank you for being the first one to actually teach me how to blog and design stuff. You’re the reason I currently work for three different clubs in my college as a designer, one club as a content writer. Without your guidance, I wouldn’t have reached the level where I am now.

Luciferstar: Even though we aren’t really in touch with each other these days, back then you really inspired me a lot and were always ready to help out no matter what. And above all, you’ve always been a good friend to me, thank you so much for everything.

Mythic: You would’ve been an amazing leader had you actually attended the events :/ jk tysm for guiding me through those times, you were truly an amazing leader and an amazing friend.

Max: You’re the person who’s taught me the most in this community, despite how I annoying I was initally (probably now too). Thanks for all those times, I miss CPAH so much. If I ever get a bit of free time in this hectic college life, it would be an honor working for you again.

Akira: Hello akira, ur awesome. Don’t listen to the idiots, don’t listen to the negative people, you’ve got what it takes to be the best. I trust in your loyalty to HF, to making it grow into the best army out there. Keep doing the amazing work you do

Vedant: Along with Ayan, you inspired me to join HF, made me feel like this was a place I could call home. You are one of the reasons HF has felt more like home than any other army I’ve been in. Thanks for bringing together the community in such a beautiful way, and always keep rocking.

Nell: Your hamster was the real reason I joined HF, when I saw it in that alliance gc I just knew I had to steal it. Sadly Neo kept eating it for dinner. Thanks for being so supportive and doing so much for HF, even if we don’t really keep in touch these days I owe a lot to your guidance.

Stemv: Hanging out with you is never a dull moment, thank you for all the memories and I know we ain’t falling out of touch with each other. After all, that piece of land in the village is waiting for us, kheti chalu karni hai 4 saal me.

32op, Ally, Plotter, Dhanush, Snowflake, Cocopoco, Rooboo, Vixx, EarthlyGodly, Amelia, Jayden, Janez, Earthly, Lisa, Yoduh, CSY, Cubby, Daniel, Chicken, Kailey, Sanya, Javi, gugspugs (tia)(te a), Aisha, Moony, Mangoes and many others – thank you all for the memories.

And ofc, a final note to everyone who’s rejoicing because I’m retired – thanks for giving me the chance to prove that you’re incompetent idiots who can’t even shit talk their rivals properly!

In the end, the Helpers are the ones who make everything that this army has achieved possible. I would like to thank every one of you for taking all those hours out of your busy daily schedules to come together and have fun at the events, and I do not apologize for all the puns. To the staff members; current staff, ex staff, and wannabe staff; you are the pillars of this community. Without your dedication and efforts, HF would stop being what it is. I’ve done all that I could’ve done, I’ve given everything I had to give to the army. It’s your turn now, become the next Commanders, the next 2ics, the next force that pushes the Help Force to the top. And I hope you enjoyed the show at the end of the event 😀

Signing out,

Scorpion Demon

The Only One With A Dark Blue Sig, I’ll Continue To Have It, Cry About It

Former Help Force Second in Command

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