Faces of the Force – Rev

We are back with another weekly Faces of the Force! This time around we would like to introduce you to a very special guest! This week we have cordially invited rev, a familiar face in Help Force who you see many times talking to everyone!

Rev is a libra who likes the color pastel blue and food. He absolutely dislikes memes from Tiktok, so don’t be sending him anything! Rev is a Specialist in the Help Force, mostly known for his hype and inability to attend club penguin (rip) events. He is a friendly face of the force, as he enjoys getting to know more people. Let’s find out more about rev and his activities in Help Force!

Hello rev! How are you today?

Absolutely grape, you?

Oh doing great as well! How did you get to join help force?

If I can remember, I was recruited I‘m on a second account as my first one poofed

Do you remember who recruited you?

Not at all sadly

Must have been a long time ago! Do you remember how long you’ve been in help force?

My first account was here since a year and 8 months ago, this one is reaching 5 months

Oh no! It must be quite devastating to lose your account

Indeed, I did lose friends

It won’t happen again anymore right?

Well considering I lost 2 already, it will most probably happen to this account

Dare I ask about your username (revioli) and if it has a special naming?

Ah yes, it’s a nickname choco made

He just pinged me with “revioli” and bam that’s my name

Could you share any fond memories of a Help Force event?

Sadly, I’ve never attended a single one in my stay here

Screen time is a wreck

I see, which event would you have contributed most in?

 I would’ve loved to attend the march madness battle

Speaking of which, which event do you think has the best uniform?

My personal favorite was the puffle O’s costume

If I can remember, I think it was the Commander’s Outfit one

What is your favorite pair of clothing?

like irl? just a red shirt, black pants and a jacket I have simple taste lel

Any favorite food that comes in mind?

yes, satay my favourite to eat in singapore

Could you share a little bit more what that is exactly?

grilled meat on a stick, simply

I could definitely use one (or more) right now haha

Can I ask what is your favorite movie?

I don’t watch movies much, but the one I like the most was MHA – Two Heroes. It’s basically an extended episode of anime

I understand that you are an anime fan?

mhm, pokemon too

What is your favorite pokémon?

Growlithe or dusk form lycanroc

Which club penguin game do you find yourself playing the most?

Surfing waves, always! Favourite as I find combos satisfying lol

If there is any country you want to visit, where would it be?

Tokyo, maybe? I’ve heard how wonderful it is there from friends so I wanted to try it out myself

Any last remarks to share with the members of the help force?

Yes! Remember to unleash the power of helping!  :salute:

That’s the end of this week’s Face of the Force! Thanks as always for reading until the end! Go and get to know Rev and learn about his favorites! Remember to leave a comment below if you enjoyed reading, see you next time Fellow Helpers!

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