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The Beacon

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – Welcome back to The Beacon! Big news, lots of it, since the last edition happened. We’re excited to present to you a brand new version of HF’s special dose of entertainment, let’s dive straight into it!

Editors Note: The Beacon will be publishing much more frequently in the coming weeks.


March Madness Comes To An End 

The infamous army tournament March Madness finally came to an end last Sunday! We managed to beat the Templars in the Semi Finals, which is a great achievement as the Templars are one of the highest maxing armies of our era. The Help Force then faced the Ice Warriors in the finals, and unfortunately lost with a score of 0-1-2. However, we put up an amazing fight, and even maxed 66 – the biggest max of the entire tournament!

CP Rewritten Announces Sudden Shutdown

Yep, you heard it right. CP Rewritten finally shut down in response to the multiple DMCAs sent by Disney. Moreover, the website is currently under the custody of the London Police. As per Club Penguin Mountains, the police confirmed that three people have been arrested on April 12, on suspicion of distributing materials infringing copyright. While some CPR admins seem to have given up hope, others have tweeted that there still might be some hope left for the game.

Ayan And Elp Are Back In The Server!

The Creator of the Help Force, Ayan, and the most glorious, gracious, and the greatest Lice Elp, have both returned to the server. Around a few months ago, the two had left the server following their retirement from leadership. Following CPR’s shutdown, the two made their return, presumably in order to enjoy the chaos. The real reason remains unclear. Both individuals declined our reporters’ requests for an interview.

Ru Steps Down; Cabinet Secretaries Get Introduced To The Ranks

AUSIA Admiral Ru retired this week after two faithful years of service to our glorious motherland. Following her retirement, Commander Wynn announced that Ru and Joe will be reinstated in the staff ranks as the latest Cabinet Secretaries. The role may be awarded by the Commanders to dedicated and experienced staff members, who wish to support HF and bring it to the greater heights post retirement. They have moderator perms, and will help the Staff Team by giving advice and managing the community.

Scorp Creates A Badass Video

What an amazing video!

That’s all for this week’s news!


Did you know that there are certain people who own the Help Force’s food factories? They get the perks of not starving and having food whenever they want, in exchange for a 24/7 work period!

Today, we have with us Mr. Coconut, the person who collects produce from Desireus’ secret coconut plantation and turns it into various food products, including the world renowned HF curry.

What is the location of the plantation?

I would tell you, but then it won’t be a secret, would it? Regardless, the facility has been secured to prevent racoon break-ins and the guards have orders to shoot staff members on sight.

How many bowls of curry do you produce per day?

Around 500,000 to 100,000,000. Depends on whether we have an event or not. The curry bowls either get directly delivered to the Indian staff quarters, or it gets transferred into the daily injections that other staff members are required to receive.

Thank you Mr. Coconut!


The Help Force has a dedicated #art-memes channel for our creative members to submit their entries, and the best of those get published in the beacon! Let’s see who got featured.










Which army did we battle in the first round of March Madness?

What is the name of one of our Project: Vengeance allied armies that recently went on a hiatus?

What was the name of the first tournament that HF won?


Can you find the Marshal NervousZippo in this event picture from our March Madness Finals?



“What is your favourite thing about Club Penguin?”

DM Scorpion Demon#9455 if you want your question to be featured in the next Beacon!


Know any good jokes? Made some amazing artwork or music or memes recently? Have some thoughts you want to share, want some extra sapphires? The best submissions will be featured in this part of the Beacon next time! DM Scorpion Demon#9455 to submit your answers to the Word Search, Hunt the HCOM, Unscramble, Trivia and Question of the Week.

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