Faces of The Force – Slushie

Hey there Helpers! Welcome back to the Faces of The Force series! If you’re new here or don’t know what FoTF is, its simple. Every week we do an interview from a non-staff/regular member of the Help Force, Every active member of the force has a good chance of being a FoTF, so today I present to you, this week’s Face of The Force, Slushie!

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Faces of The Force – Kimi

Hey there Helpers! As you all know, we’ve recently brought back the Faces of The Force series. Each week we will be interviewing an active HF troop and writing a post about them. From now on, we’ll be posting this series every Friday, so make sure to keep a lookout! And now I present to you all, this week’s Face of The Force, Kimi!

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Faces of the Force – Roxy

Hey Helpers! Welcome back to the Faces of the Force series. This was an important blog that took the interviews of regular/non-staff troops. The last FoTF was publishied in January, but today, Marshmallow and Komal bring to you, a revival of Faces of the Force!

The most important and powerful thing about HF is the active members of the army. These troops are what keep the army alive and allow it to survive. These troops can often be seen attending many events, segments, and recruiting lots of people. They are also very friendly and enjoy chatting! Without further ado, we’d like to introduce this week’s Face of The Force, Roxy!

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Faces Of The Force – Penelopea

Hey Helpers, welcome to today’s post which is yet another face of the force, but with a different host! As you may have noticed, The Help Force has not celebrated our active troops via Faces Of The Force for quite some time, so i have volunteered to continue the blog!

This week’s face of the force, along with all the past ones and the ones yet to come is based off activity in the server alongside progress in ranks and the points leaderboard.

Penelopea is one of the newest additions to our army and she’s always near the top of the leadboard. She’s even the current GOTW!
You wont be surprised to see she has gotten Face Of The Force as she’s always active in the server. Here’s the interview i did with her:


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Face Of The Force – Strength

Hey Helpers! Welcome to this week’s second Face Of The Force!
As I told you before, I’m doing another one to make up for the lack of them. Next week Face Of The Force should return to the normal schedule (At least until Christmas break)!
Not every member has to be in the Force for ages to be important. Sometimes you can join and become someone worth looking up to almost instantly. This is the case with our current Face; Strength!
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Face Of The Force – SleepyKendall

Hey Helpers! It’s been a while! But welcome to Face Of The Force!
Sorry for the rather long delay, I’ve been pretty busy lately. However, I’ll always return to this! Face Of The Force is how you guys know we appreciate you. I can’t tell you guys how important you are to the Force enough. You’re everything. And to make it up to you, I’ll be doing another Face this week! So keep a lookout for it!
Enough of the sappy stuff, let’s get onto this week’s Face!
Some people take to HF like a fish to water. One of these people is our Face. The first Face Of The Force for this week is none other than SleepyKendall (Kendall)!
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Faces Of The Force – Fxizaxx

Hey Helpers! Welcome to October 18’s Faces Of The Force! 

You guys have come from so many different places. Whether you found us recruiting on CPO and were introduced from to armies because of us, or you joined us through another army. You’re all as valuable as the army itself.

For this week’s face, we’re looking at someone from the latter way of joining. She has joined Help Force and had been giving it her all ever since; Fxizaxx (Faz)!

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Faces Of The Force – ROOBOO

Hey Helpers! Welcome back to this week’s edition of Faces Of The Force!

To be a vital Helper, you don’t have to spend your life on Discord. To be a vital Helper, you don’t have to talk 24/7. All that we require of you is your attendance, following of rules, and Help Force spirit! We notice each and every one of you and all the things that you do for the Force.

This week’s face is a little less known than last week’s. However, this week’s face has worked just as hard to be the best helper they can be. This week’s Face is none other than ROOBOO!
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Faces Of The Force – Katty

Hey Helpers! As you may have noticed, I am not Beni. You may have also noticed, there hasn’t been a Face Of The Force in a while. Beni has trusted me with resuming this very important blog that she hasn’t been able to write in a while. 

You helpers deserve to be recognized for your hard work. After all, you’re the gears that make the Help Force machine work. As a mod, all I do is add oil once in a while to make sure you’re running smoothly. You guys are everything to the force. This is why Faces Of The Force is being picked up.

For my first face as the writer of this blog, we’re going to someone you all should be familiar with, our current reining GoTW: Katty!

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Faces of the Force – Tsanami

Before I even begin this week’s Face of the Force, I can already hear Helpers saying “Did Beni only pick Tsanami because they’re a CPO ship?“. The answer is absolutely not. I would never want to abuse my abilities as a writer for this website like that. However, I must state that being in a CPO ship with Tsanami has brought me close to her, and that is how I know she deserves to be this week’s Face of the Force. Tsanami is, like other Faces before her, an incredibly active member in HF. What some of you may not notice, however, is just how devoted Tsanami is to Armies in general; a Head Party Planner in Royal Family, the sole Leader of Crimson Guardians, and a Master Commander in Help Force. Everywhere in the NAA, you’ll see Tsanami either attending every event she can, cracking jokes about her CPO family (especially me), and mothering everyone around her. Tsanami is a special and important person because of how devoted she is, not only to Armies, but to people in general. Tsanami is one of the more adult members of Help Force, and she uses that platform to help and engage those younger than her and help them through whatever they may be going to. Tsanami is someone that ought to be admired, and it is my distinct honor to call her this week’s Face of the Force.

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