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Hey lovely Helpers! Today on Faces of the Force we are going to have a very special and interesting interview. The Member we chose for this interview has been in the Help Force for a long while whether as a Troop, staff Member or a Commander. Please everyone welcome today’s Faces of the Force, Nell!

Nell joined the Help Force on January 8th 2020, since then she has been active through chatting with others and attending as many events as she can. Eventually Nell became a staff Member, she grinded through the staff ranks until she achieved the Commander rank and later on during her Retirement event, she won the Help Force Icon status. Even after her retirement Nell has been very active and she never stopped chatting with the Troops of Help Force! Let’s head on to the interview to find out more about her!

Hello Nell, how are you today?

I’m alright, thank you for asking. What about you

I’m good thank you! Firstly, can you start by telling us how did you join the Help Force?

I joined Help Force about 3 years ago, at the beginning of January. Juanita recruited me in the game. You might know her as the JTS lady. I was really scared at first lol. It was the first time I ever used discord. It took me a bit to start getting active.

Who do you consider your best friends in the Help Force?

I really bonded with a whole lot of people while being in HF. Many members would come to me for help, chat, and ask for advice. It’s very funny and interesting if you actually take a moment and think about it. So many people from different corners of the world, come together in one place. I love it. And to answer your question, I can say without a doubt that I don’t have any best friends. I have a family.

What was your favorite moment in the Help Force as a Leader?

You’re asking me to do the impossible and to pick one favourite moment from when I was a leader. There were many many moments that I remember with joy and that I hold dear. From my first battle as a leader, to crushing Ice Warriors, the desi parties, the duck takeover… there are a lot of them. Every day was special and I have memories with everyone.

As a leader you made tons of tactics, which one you liked the most and used frequently?

The AWESOME bomb will forever be my favourite just because it annoyed Ayan. I had some hamster tactics at one point that I really liked. Other than that, I preferred making new tactics. All leaders know that fresh tactics are the best.

What do you like to do in your Free time?

Well, I like shopping :OOP: I like to read, clean, and watch movies. I adore movies. I also take care of my plants. Most of the time I go back to my hometown and my farm in my free time to be with my family.

What is your favorite plant? and why?

Orchids. I love orchids. They’re elegant, majestic, calming, gorgeous, they have long-lasting flowers, they are allergen-free, and they are really fantastic. The best thing I like about them is that they adapt well anywhere.

Who is your favorite music artist?

I really don’t have one. I listen to lots of artists. I was a directioner for a very long time tho. And I am going to Louis Tomlinson’s concert this summer :Excited: First ever concert in my life.

If you had two tickets to dine at the best Restaurant in the World, who would you invite to join you from the Help Force?

I would take Plotter
He would be such a great company.
I feel like we would chat all night long and take pretty pictures

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to say to the lovely Helpers reading this post?

Big big hug from me to you. Enjoy your journey in HF and learn to be kind. Also touch some grass from time to time please <3

This concludes it for today People! Hope you liked the interview, make sure to hit Nell up if you would like to know more about her. Also don’t forget to like and comment below if you enjoyed reading the post!



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