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Welcome back, O great Helpers, to the Faces of the Force! This week we are introducing quite an infamous personality, also known to be mildly funny, knowledgeable, and interesting. Introducing our Commodore member, Zenishira!

Zenishira is one of the troops of the Help Force. He is often seen streaming and talking about games. Zen used to be called TheWiseZen, but then changed to his current username. He lives on two mantras, first being a simple one, “I know that I know nothing.” The other mantra is: “Dubito ergo cogito, cogito ergo sum.” It’s an extremely popular quote by Rene Descartes, and translates to “I doubt, therefore I think, I think, therefore I am.” Let’s dive in straight to see this week’s interview! Insert music for the mood.

Hello Zen! How are you doing today?

Ah, hi potatolover! Am I glad to be your interviewee on this day! To be frank, I wanted to be interviewed by someone for a long time, but no one gave me a chance until now!

It is great to get to know you through this interview! Could you tell me more about your profile picture?

It is the Heavy from Team Fortress 2, wearing the Hong Kong Cone, The Chicken Kiev, and the BINOCULUS! Cosmetics. Team Fortress 2 is one of my favourite games. Or was, until the bot invasion. Apparently some people think it’s fun to ruin games by sending a bunch of bots…

It’s cool to hear that you are into gaming! How did you happen to get to know Help Force? Did you also play CP often before it shut down?

I’ve been playing CPR since 2017, Water Party being my first party. I joined Help Force on October 19th, 2020. I still had my main account, Zenishira, back in the day, and a 90% complete stamp book. Diwix walks in and asks if I want to join a “stamp hunting group”. Back then I was pretty much obsessed with earning stamps, I was a hoarder, I used to buy every single cosmetic that would release, get every single pin, earn every single achievement, pretty much do all that there is to do in CPR. To be frank, at first I thought that I wouldn’t fit in Help Force, I mean, look at me, I am way too edgy, grumpy, rule-breaking and I swear like an old sailor, while they are so sweet that I would just explode into sugar and rainbows.

Some even ponder why I haven’t been banned yet (which, I have, but not because of swearing, but because I do not like football, for legal reasons I am not allowed to share information about the person that issued the ban). Although, when it comes to things like me saying stuff that is uncanny, I just tell them I have Jester’s Privilege.

Editors Note: Zenishira does not have Jester's Privilege, 
and the rules apply in the same way to everyone except Elp. 
Elp is the greatest.

Scorp’s Note: Zenishira said “Who the f**k cares about soccer anymore”, he was banned for excessive swearing.

Been a while since you’ve joined Help Force! Do you have any fond memories of the army?

Mate, my memory is so shabby that I sometimes don’t remember what I’ve eaten on a certain day. The good thing about Help Force is that they know how to hype even the smallest of events. No matter the amount of people, our commanders know how to mobilize us push us to our limits. Sure, I’ve been present at big tournaments and saw HF win, but in the end I just love to seize the moment, be there and stay in unity with the others.

For me, the biggest event is pretty much what is happening here and now. I know it’s contrary to some of my views on life, but with HF it’s true, living the present is better than ruminating on the past. Although if you were to ask me specifically about the past, I would say that the battle against the Ice Warriors, the March Madness Semi-finals marked not only me, but the entirety of Help Force.

I could feel the emotions of our leaders as this was happening, Barney was infuriated, Nell was appalled, that’s why Elp commemorated this day to show that HF, despite being treated unjustly, still strives on. Speaking of being treated unjustly, I still remember when we were at war with the Silver Empire. Other big events that I’ve been part of were the Flash Helpers where we maxed an astonishing 121!

That sounds absolutely amazing! I hope I can also witness a huge event like that soon. So can you tell us more about Team Fortress?

I doubt that there would be a TF3, I mean, we have Half life 1, 2 and uhh… Alyx? Yeah, seems like good ‘ol Gabe Newell didn’t pass his math class, that’s for sure. Also, Team Fortress 2 is one of the most well known class-based shooters. You can play as one of two teams, RED or BLU (the fact that the names are similar to colors are a coincidence), as well as choose from one of nine classes: Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper and Spy! Each with their own mechanics and gimmicks, as well as gimmicks within gimmicks.

Some classes, like Demoman, have alternative styles of play, he can choose to bomb his enemies with grenades or say “Screw that!” and get a sword and shield and CHARGE at his enemies. The characters themselves are full of lore as well, the Meet The Team videos and the Comics give a lot of insight regarding their lifes and views

Ah I see! so I believe this is a multiplayer team-based game? You could do well alone, but you need to play as a team right?

Well, yes and no. You see, TF2 does allow for some people to adopt a friendly approach. Some might call it idling, some might call it fun, but I personally believe that a Heavy giving you his sandwich would be the most wholesome thing to happen.

On the other side of the spectrum you have the competitive players, those who wish to hone their skills to the highest level. They play in tournaments and earn medals. Fighting 1v1 against one of these guys would be asking for trouble. There’s one specific gamemode I would like to mention and that is Mann vs Machine or MvM for short, where you have to play co-op, in a team of 6, against a horde of robots. At the end of each round you have to carefully choose your upgrades to suit your team’s needs.

Although fun, MvM can have some of the most toxic people, due to the fact that, after you finish a tour, you have a chance for a golden weapon to drop, the rarest and most expensive of which is the Golden Pan, which has an estimated cost of $5000! Yeah, pretty much gambling with people. But all in all, like LazyPurple said, “TF2 is a Timeless Masterpiece”

Yet the bots have invaded 🙁 That’s really sad to hear, it sounds like you are really into the game! Are there any other games that you are currently playing?

I could call gaming a part of my life, I’ve had my first PC at 6 years old, since then games have come and gone. Trying to name a favourite game would be like naming a favourite child as a parent, especially if I have to compare different genres, but I personally prefer retro-games. Whenever I feel bored I open up my emulator and play some classics like Castlevania. I also like Roguelikes (and some games that people would call “roguelites”, although it pisses me off that people would make such and ambiguous term for a genre which is basically “game with procedural generation and permadeath”).

One of my favorite Roguelikes would be Dwarf Fortress, although its main game mode is a city builder where you have to sustain a civilization of drunken dwarves and protect it from things such as monsters, goblin invasions and the like. Among “roguelites”, I play The Binding of Isaac, Barony and I also used to play Spelunky until I gave up trying to beat the last boss. I like games that provide me with a challenge to overcome.

What do you consider important? The difficulty of a game, or the freedom that it allows you?

I would say that a challenging game would be one where I would actually have to think, use my brain and strategize or learn to adapt in the moment. In contrast most Mobile games aren’t challenging at all, you just push a button and win, I want my kind of games to have multiple buttons you have to push in a certain way, in a certain order, with a certain timing in order for you to manage to nail just one combo (and I am talking about fighting games, I play a lot of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Heritage for the Future, actually that’s the only fighter I play).

Regarding games with a storyline, I would say that I enjoy them, as long as they give me enough to interact with. RPGs in general have good storylines, or at least they should focus on storyline, since that’s in the name “ROLE playing game” you’re playing a ROLE, get it? Lastly, when you mentioned “games where you freely do what you want to do” I am thinking about sandbox games, those are really fun when you get a group of people that are just as crazy as you are. Fooling around with different concepts and ideas can induce laughter and tickle my funny bone.

Oh I know sandbox!! It’s absolutely amazing because you really have just this whole box of tools where you can literally do anything! I think geometry dash is also up on that level, the levels people create are just mind-blowing. Is there anything you would want to share to our fellow helpers and members of the help force!

“Man is master of his own destiny.”

That’s it for this week’s face of the force! Thanks for making it to the end, with such amazing interview music to fit the mood! Remember to run into Zen and give a friendly hello! Pop into his streams to watch him play some retro games from time to time as well. Remember to leave a comment below if you enjoyed reading, see you next time fellow Helpers!

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