Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto Battleground of CPAB for a practice battle against our allies the Ice Warriors! The battle initiated at docks and went through several rooms including Iceberg, Snow Forts and ended at an extra room, Stadium due to some technical difficulties experienced by the judges and some of our troops. Nevertheless, through all the hassle we managed to score a 1-2-0 win! GG to the Ice Warriors. Huge thanks to Alex, Diwix and Desireus for leading throughout the battle and thank you to all who attended!

Max: 25+

Comment below the post if you attended!

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  1. I attended!!

  2. I attended, GG Help Force and Ice Warriors! We are the champions! IGN: Elia Discord user: ELIA#1442

  3. i attended @skeppy08

  4. I attended!

  5. i Attended! QuallyDolly
    only attend at the first room .
    didnt got in the other rooms due a loading screen bug

  6. I attended- Choco

  7. I attended woo!

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