Double Trouble

Holaa Helpers!! Welcome back to the latest edition of Double Trouble, a series where Pingu and I interview the besties of Help Force! But as Pingu is on a break, I got some special help from THE SUS QUEEN MAYAA!!

Today we will interview Wynn and Snowy to find out how they got to know each other, and also how well they know each other. So let’s get right into the interview!

Welcome to the Double Trouble Wynn & Snowy, idk why I am doing this interview but anyways

(Blogger’s Note – Maya smh you are doing this cuz you were asked to do it)

Snowy: Thank you for having us!

Wynn: I don’t know why I’m here at almost 4am either but thanks I guess

First question, How do you guys feel being here together

Snowy: I think we’ll do well

Wynn: I’m scared as hell

Lol, of course Wynn is scared, Snowy has done this before but do not worry Wynn. Next question, how did you guys first meet?

Snowy: We met in January last year, during the drama

Wynn: Honestly I don’t know when did we first meet, I remembered snowy from the chat in US times but yes, we started actually talking in January.

Yea I remember Snowy ranked up pretty fast from helping with that, next question, What’s the best thing in which you guys did together?

Snowy: I think being commanders together, it’s been pretty crazy, but I can’t imagine another person I would want to be leader with

Wynn: Definitely, being commanders together is the greatest and most crazy ride, but January drama was also pretty insane

Wynn loves her drama. Next question: Who would retire first if really big chaos/raiding happened in the hf?

Snowy: Retire?? I live for the chaos

Wynn: None of us

Next question: Who is your fav 2ic?

Snowy: Me, When I was a 2ic

Wynn: Snowy is so great she qualifies for both ranks at the same time, so still snowy

Next question: What’s something funny that has happened with you guys and your hcom?

Snowy: I joined HF, that was pretty funny- biggest joke of my life

Smh Snowy. What’s your fav memories with each other?

Snowy: Meeting the nap king

Wynn: Lmao definitely

Snowy: But I think that everything we did together can count, from organizing blitzes to leading in the war to being commanders

Wynn: Honestly though, it’s hard to choose anything but leading with snowy makes being a commander a better memory

You guys make a great duo. Next question: What’s something funny that happened behind the screen for commanders that staff and helpers don’t even know about?

Snowy: Everything is behind a screen

Wynn: Food Buffets

Snowy: A computer screen

Wynn: Everything is behind the screen and everything is funny, you have no idea

Smh Snowy, I like Wynn’s answer,

Next question: Why don’t staff get fed food or do they secretly get some? 

Snowy: They get no food bc they don’t need it

Wynn: Not from us

I- from who then?

Wynn: Contraband

Snowy: That is classified information, If we tell you we have to kill you, So ur choice

Wynn: NO DONT GIVE HER A CHOICE, She may choose death over starving

LOL Next question: What is one thing you adore about each other

Snowy: Just one? I demand a list of 8, minimum

Wynn: I love how both sensitive and strong she is. She’s a great friend that never failed me, Also she’s funnier than me, which this interview is proving

True Wynn, snowy never fails to entertain us

Snowy: I love how determined she is, and how much effort and work she puts into HF, and how she always goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy and everything is okay. She’s very smart and certainly one of the best leaders HF has had after Pavle

Aww, so sweet very nice answers

Next one: This is just for Wynn so shush Snowy

Snowy: Make me >:(

We know Snowy is one of the oldest troops and before you. Wynn, the question to you is that, what was your first impression of her?

Wynn: I cant remember our first meeting, I just know I liked her but didn’t really have many occasions to talk to her. When we got closer because of drama I noticed how brave and smart she is. And of course funny. One of the first longer talks I remember was a discussion about cute girls lol

Aww lol, I think Snowy and my first talk was about sleeping but that’s sweet too

Next question: Whenever you two VC together for normal events, you both laugh a lot while handling the event which makes us laugh too. Do you both have some kind of telepathic connection?

Snowy: I cant help laughing :'( I really cant

Wynn: Omg we need to do that more often

Snowy’s cat takes over the events too

Snowy: Yea she does

Wynn: Me neither, its just such a positive vibe

Lol it helps brings the spirit and energy for events though

Next question-What would you want your relationship tag to be? Snowynn or Wynnow or something else entirely different?

Snowy: Snowynn

Wynn: I honestly don’t know

Next question: Is there a song that you both together are fond of?

Snowy: I think we both like exile by Taylor Swift? I like American Pie too, she mentioned liking that one once

Wynn: Oh ye, its a good one, Yep, I was listening to American Pie on repeat, Oh and also the songs that she used to play before the events, I stole them

Wynn loves her songs

Next question: Which was one of your favorite moments in HF when you two lead together?

Snowy: Retiring

But that did not happen yet-

Snowy: As far as you know

Wynn: Are you sure?

Snowy: You’re not allowed to publish that last part

(Blogger’s note: Maya is not allowed to publish it but I am :D)

Guess we’ll see. Before we end, would you guys like to say anything to the readers?

Wynn: I read leaders

Snowy: Get out while you still can Congrats on making it through the interview, have a cookie on us

A very fascinating interview, that’s for sure. Lets thank Maya for taking this interview and make sure to spam the comments with #WynnNeedsSleep It’s now time for the second part, a friendship test to discover how good friends they actually are 😀 The test consists of six randomly selected questions with two, three, four, or zero alternatives. First, they’ll answer the questions with what they prefer, and then they’ll answer again, but with what they believe the other person said! At the end, they will also receive a score depending on how well they did!

First question: Do you prefer singing, dancing or neither of them?

Wynn: Singing

Snowy: Neither

When heating something up, will you put it in the microwave, oven, or on the stove?

Wynn: Microwave

Snowy: Microwave

What’s better, many small weekends or a long vacation for a few weeks?

Wynn: Long vacations

Snowy: Many small weekends

Would you rather go to New Zealand, Greenland, or Brazil?

Wynn: New Zealand

Snowy: Greenland

What’s the best way to travel? By car, plane, train, or bike?

Wynn: Train

Snowy: Car

Ice cream flavours – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or mint chip?

Wynn: Strawberry

Snowy: Strawberry

Now that we know what Wynn & Snowy like time to put them in the test!

What do you think Wynn/Snowy would prefer, singing, dancing, or neither?

Wynn: Neither

Snowy: Dancing [Correct Answer- Singing]

What would she prefer to use to heat something up microwave, oven, or the stove?

Wynn: Microwave

Snowy: Microwave

Where would she like to go to New Zealand, Greenland, or Brazil?

Wynn: New Zealand [Correct Answer: Greenland]

Snowy: New Zealand

What do you think Wynn/Snowy prefer, many small weekends or a long vacation for a few weeks?

Wynn: Long vacation [Correct Answer: many small weekends]

Snowy: Long Vacations

What does she prefer to travel by? Car, plane, train, or bike?

Wynn: Plane [Correct Answer- Car]

Snowy: Train

Okay last question, what flavor of ice cream does she like? vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or mint chip?

Wynn: Chocolate [Correct Answer: Strawberry]

Snowy: Chocolate [Correct Answer: Strawberry]

Woo that’s it for today guys and now its time for the score!! After doing some calculations I suck at- I finally got a perfect result and the score which Snowy & Wynn got from their test Is 56.2%!!  We will be back next week with more exciting interviews!

Until we hunt for another pair of besties, signing off for now!

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