Greetings Helpers! Today we logged on CPABattleground to witness the parting of our Commander and Ketchup Lover, Snowy. We all got into our Pizza outfits to honor her departure. We also had a small practice battle with our allies the Ice Warriors where Snowy got to melt them one last round. We thank you Snowy for her service and wish her all the best in future endeavors. Huge thanks to everyone who attended, till next time!

Max: 33+

Comment below if you attended!

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Ketchup Kronicles: An Article On Why Ketchup Is So Significant In Help Force

You might be wondering, “Ketchup? What does that have to do with Help Force?” Well, the cause can be summarized in one word: 

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[BREAKING] Glorious Commander Not So Gracious

Scorp’s Office, Zipline – What a drastic turn of events! The evidence submitted by a generous, anonymous contributor has brought some gruesome details to light that directly involve the only US Commander of the Help Force, Snowy. The glorious commander is not as gracious as we thought she is! I will be covering this whole situation with live updates to provide you with nothing but the truth!


This is a live coverage timeline, with the latest updates at the top.

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Double Trouble

Holaa Helpers!! Welcome back to the latest edition of Double Trouble, a series where Pingu and I interview the besties of Help Force! But as Pingu is on a break, I got some special help from THE SUS QUEEN MAYAA!!

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[AUS] Winter Awards Gala

Greetings, Helpers. On February 27th, 2022, the Help Force logged on to our capital Zipline for a Gala party! Most people showed up in their fanciest outfits… while some others decided to go for something more creative and unique. While the penguins certainly looked quite aesthetic, the main attraction of the event was the unveiling of the Golden Helpers award winners for the year 2022! A huge congratulations to the winners, you can find the details of the award in this post. This event also saw Wet Water, Ally, and Archana inducted into our Hall of Fame as Power Troops. A huge congratulations to the trio! Thank you to Wynn, Snowy and Scorp for leading.

MAX: 46+

Comment your Discord name and rank below if you attended!

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Hey Helpers! As winters are here, we all decided to go sled racing becoming an obvious choice between the bonfire and warm cocoa on CPRewritten – Ascent. The event was smoothly led by Snowy, Maya, Nervous, and Runa where all of us were excited to waddle on and hike to the Ski Hill through Town and Docks. In the end, we all sat on our sleds and competed against each other resulting in tumbling and crashing except for Nervous and Chrissy who won the Sled Racing Tournament.

Have a glance at it below and make sure to join us for future fun events! 💙

MAX: 20+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Dreams And Aspirations

The New Year has begun, Comrades! Thus begins the month of accidentally writing 2021 instead of 2022 in your dates. To start this year off on a fresh, positive note, I have compiled the New Year Resolutions of a few Help Force members!

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Double Trouble

Hey Helpers! Welcome back to the latest edition of Double Trouble, a series where PinguMaliz and Dhanush interview the besties of Help Force! Today we will interview Maya and Snowy, find out how they got to know each other, and also how well they know each other! Let’s begin by getting to know them a bit better.

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Hola Comrades! We logged on today for a friendly battle with our awesome allies, the Ice Warriors! Brr, it was kind of cold but it was fun to finally have a joint event with our allies after such a long time. After some exquisitely hermosa formations and tactics, we spent the rest of the event playing Cart Surfer! Thank you to Rooboo, Snowy, Maya and Diwix for leading!

Make sure to comment your Discord username and rank if you attended!

MAX: 22

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PokéStaff: Pokédex Entry #2

PokéStaff is a series of posts that will revolve around the theme of the popular video game/ anime Pokémon. Let us continue with our journey of classifying the staff members as Pokémon based on their personalities!

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